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'Jessica Pearson' walked through the elevator doors of the NYPD 12th precinct. She was immediately hit with a long forgotten smell of must, wood, metal, and gunpowder. A shiver ran up her spine and there was a pang in her chest as a buried memory attempted to fight its way to the surface. With a deep breath, she ignored it.

Stupid ass Harvey and his stupid ass bets.

Oh well. She had sided with Louis for once and made a bet with Harvey on whether his kid associate would hold up strong in a court by himself. Shockingly, the young man had suppressed his own caring nature and was able to convict a child molesting monster in a mere week. She was proud of him, in an indirect way, but somewhat pissed that she had managed to land herself with a case that she would usually have assigned to Harvey. The police had put a long time client of Pearson-Hardman's in the interrogation room, and she hoped to hell the man had just been intimidated enough to call them in. Homicides were not dealt with at her law firm, but the client was rich, and it would not be good business to turn him down.

Lost in her thoughts, she stumbled and went flying into a middle-aged man who was talking to a young woman with bright red hair in the middle of the hallway. As soon as her body touched his, she inhaled, and was shocked by what she smelled. That earthy scent took her back twenty or so years, to bloody battlefields littered with the dead and dying, bonds formed desperately that couldn't ever be broken, a life of crime, but yet full of justice. She couldn't see his face as his back was still turned to her, but when he spoke, she almost stopped breathing.

"Whoa there-"

She cut him off. "Sir?"

'Castle' nearly fell over as a body slammed into his back. He was in the midst of yet another unsuccessful attempt to talk Alexis out of going to Stanford early. He rolled his eyes hoping that the woman (and he could tell it was a woman…her "attributes" were pressing up against his back) wasn't some deranged fan that was looking for an excuse to talk to a famous author. He rolled his eyes at Alexis and readied himself to turn around.

"Woah there-"


'Castle' froze. That voice. That voice. One of the many that haunted him, yet one of the ones that he didn't dare hope to hear again. He whirled around, and had to blink several times to assure himself that his eyes weren't fooling him.

"Zoe?" He hardly dare to breathe her name, lest it turn out it was just his over active imagination playing tricks on him.

But suddenly she was in his arms. And she was solid, real, tangible. He held her tighter than he could remember holding anyone in his life. Fifteen years. Years. It had been that long since he had seen his best friend, his first mate, the one person who would ever understand the real him. They were both shaking, he could feel her shaking as she buried her face in his shoulder, and his hands were turning white from clutching her so hard. She was murmuring his name, his real name, and he was mouthing hers.

Nothing mattered but the fact that she was there, they had found each other again. He didn't care what had brought her here, and he didn't notice the stares he was getting from the officers (and not to mention Alexis) who were starting to crowd around. The only thought that he could register was that she still smelled like her, like home.

It took several minutes for them to break apart, but by the time they did, over half the precinct was staring at the two of them. Beckett was at the front of the crowd.


It took a good ten seconds for 'Castle' or, rather, Mal, to look up from Zoe's face to answer.


"Mind telling me what's going on?" Even though Beckett's tone was teasing, her eyes were hurt and jealous. Sensing the tension coming off the detective, the crowd started to break up.

"Beckett, I'd like you to meet my best friend in the entire world," Beckett could've sworn she heard the woman who was just starting to let go of Castle mutter "Worlds."

Castle continued. "We've been to hell and back, and abou' fifteen years back, I thought I'd lost her for good." His voice had slipped into a slight accent at the end that Beckett couldn't quite place. "Katherine Beckett, I would like you to meet one of the most extraordinary women that have existed-"

His friend cut him off. "I'm Jessica Pearson," 'Castle' snickered, and 'Jessica' glowered at him, whispering "What? It's a perfectly legitimate name?" to which he replied, "Yes, but you were always too obsessed with her." She glared again before continuing to Kate. "I'm the lawyer for Martin Steinback."

Kate smirked. "That sorry S.O.B is right down the hall. I'm sure Castle would be happy to take you there."

Beckett turned on her heel and walked away. At least Castle's miracle woman wouldn't be able to save that asshole from the fate that was coming towards him. She did not have a doubt in her mind that man was their murderer. Though she hated to admit it, Beckett was already jealous of this new woman that Castle seemed so close to, and she was looking forward to watching her fail.

As soon as Beckett was out of sight, Malcolm Reynolds (now only formerly known as Castle) pulled Zoe into the empty conference room that they were standing in front of.

"Zoe, how the hell are you here?" Now that he had gotten over his initial shock, he had to know. Had she been here all this time? Had he lost himself for nothing?

Her face turned hard at the memories that had taken place a decade and a half ago. "We tried to mount a rescue mission, sir. You told us not to, but I remembered our code. We couldn't leave you to what we thought those bastards was gonna do. So me and Jayne, we went in after you. We split up to follow the plan, and Jayne immediately got himself knocked down into a disposal unit. I was trying to get him out when I got myself carted off by the Alliance. They sent me back here, but I never found out what happened to you. I just wrote you off as another casualty."

Mal looked amused for a minute. "What happened to not risking your ship?"

She smirked. "When it came down to it, a ship's not really to much of a home without her captain."

"Did they send you here with a handler?"

She grimaced. "Yes. My 'husband.' Don't worry though. As soon as the Alliance started to stop contacting us, he decided that I was well enough stuck here, and left. I'm assuming you were sent here with one as well?"

The ex-sergeant smirked. "Yes, she was sent back as my 'mother.' Don't worry though, the woman isn't a threat to us, considering she was secretly helping us through the entire war. Now, she's a professional actress of course." He grinned suddenly. "Speaking of career changes- 'Jessica Pearson the lawyer?'"

Zoe glared. "And what's wrong with that, sir?"

Mal was trying his best not to laugh. "Nothing. Nothing at all. Just the fact that you took the name and career of that old lady that we met on that one job that time on Persephone."

Zoe looked indignant. "She was an intelligent woman who had a remarkable career! It seemed fitting. And I always did want to try me some lawyer-ing. Only the war interrupted it a lil' bit. And besides, my name and career are no more of a joke than yours. 'Castle' the police officer? Really Mal? As I recall it, policin's the last thing that you aught 'a be doing."

Mal looked sheepish. "It's Richard Castle. And not actually a police officer, as it were. I'm a writer, a novelist. That lady you saw out there is my muse for my newest series."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Zoe was roaring with laughter. "You…a…writer?" She gasped. "Sir…that…is…the…least…Malcolm Reynolds-ish...thing I…have ever heard…of."

"Malcolm Reynolds-ish?" smirked Mal, before saying "And I always had this love o' language a'fore the war. Decided I may as well put it to use if I was stuck back here." But at the sight of his former first mate still laughing her gorram head off, he resumed his frown.

"Zoe…let's get serious here," he said once her laugh was downgraded to mere chuckles. "What are we gonna do? Should we make a break at going back?"

She sobered at once. "I don't know sir. I mean, I still got a few pieces o' the machine they sent me back with. It was still a prototype though, and most of it got burned up in the process of getting me here. What about you?"

His expression was much the same as hers; grim. "I got a few pieces, and Martha and I tried to re-assemble it, but I'm afraid I never had Kaylee's skill with a wrench." He smiled briefly. "We could combine what we have, and see if we could give it a shot to get 'em back together."

She smiled with him, before a realization hit her face. "But Mal, what about our lives here? We've been here 15 years, put down roots, we can't just up and leave."

He looked determined. "We should still try an' get it together. After that, we can decide what our move's gonna be. But it'll be nice to at least have some options."

Nodding, Zoe said. "Alrigh' sir. Your place at eight?"

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