Summary: Jesse is back for Winnie. But what happenes when Winnie is powerless to stop something she doesn't want to happen? What will Jesse do?

I am not good at Summarys. I am more of a write as i go kind of person. But please, read it (:

This does not take place after Natalie Babbits epilouge. Some of the characters are mine, and some of them arent :p


Jesse's POV

I stare at the beautiful tombstone with careful cursive handwriting.

Winifred Foster

Around the writing were beautiful stenciled flowers. The date remained unknown. There was no birthday or death day. I look up into the blue sky and say out loud, "You were to young Winnie Foster." I close my eyes and let myself think, and feel the cool air hit my face. She would have been only 16, if she died this year. But any other year, she would be even younger. I couldn't stand the thought of Winnie Dying at such a young age. I look down at the grass for confirmation. The grass was fully grown like the surrounding grass.

I turn and walk away from this sad evidence that Winnie was gone. A part of my felt like it just died. Like as if I don't have a meaning anymore. I don't have anything to look forward to. When I was away from Tree gap and Winnie, I had something to look forward to, coming back here for Winnie.

I wander off into the nothingness of my life, down the path out of the cemetery, the place where I should have been so many years ago. I didn't know I would find it here. But I decided, if she was gone, that this would be less time wasted. Not that I don't have very much time. Ma and Pa will be coming in a week. I decided to come early. We weren't supposed to come back until everything cools down. It's only been five years. Somebody could still be keeping our story alive. But what does it matter? What can they do to me? What can I lose…my life? Once I reach the end of the path, I jump onto my horse and go down the main road of Tree Gap. Then, a little farther past the cemetery, is a huge house sat gleaming in the early sun. I feel a tight feeling in my throat. Not because I see the foster's wood…but because this wonderful house sits where Winnie's cottage once sat. I stop my horse in front of the front gate, and remember where I handed Winnie the bottle of the spring water.

The main road is not one road anymore but roads branching off. The forest sits where it always has. Clearly untouched. I am glad that a Winnie didn't drink the water. The hateful-water. The death-hating water. Anger fills every inch of me and I can't stand it anymore. I make my horse run to the edge of the forest, but hesitate before going in. I dodge the branches. I hear everything around me; the birds flying away, branches and crunching leaves. I feel my heart pounding in my throat. I try to swallow but my mouth was dry. So were my eyes. I could feel nothing, but a gut wrenching feeling that only got worse the more I got closer to the tree.

There it was. The tree. The way it has always been. I jump off the horse and walk to the tree. Everything seems to be still. To not be moving. My knees give in and I fall at the base of the tree. I can't cry. I can't move. I don't even think I can breathe. All the wisps air that come in and out of my lungs burn. My muscles are ridged and tense.

"I'm glad she didn't drink the water. I'm glad." I rasp. I try to convince myself. But I know that I wish she did. That she would be here with me. I shake my head and try to dismiss this thought. "No I'm not. I wish she did drink it."

When I say this, it feels so good to admit it, but so wrong to even think it. That's when I feel my eyes burn up and feel hot tears stream down my cheeks.

I hear a twig snap behind me. I wipe my eyes and swing around. Just in case. Someone steps out from behind the trees. I feel all the things I was feeling earlier, but in a good way.

There she stands. Beautiful brown hair that is pulled into a braid that goes to the middle of her back. A smile that shows a row of perfect white teeth that reaches to her amazingly green eyes.

"Jesse!" her voice is so soft.