Jack woke, and stared at the blinking Wu detector. He sat up, rising slowly off of his bed. A ray of sun snuck through his black curtains, drawing a bright line down his face. Eyeliner was smeared across his right cheek. His wrist was in a cast, a product of the last showdown he attended.

Grumbling angrily, Jack walked into the bathroom down the hall. His pajamas fell into piles behind him. If there was one thing he liked about waking up this early, it was the showers. He stood under the boiling hot water until it was steamy in the bathroom, he couldn't see his hand in front of his face.

Turning off the water, he shook out his hair, and looked at the fogged up mirror. He couldn't see his reflection, but he knew the tear mark was gone. Sometimes, he felt naked without it. Grabbing the black towel off of the door, he wrapped himself in it.

As he opened the door, he tried to ignore the feeling of all that warmth rushing past him, into the freezing cold hallway. Jack opened his bedroom door, and stared at the red flashing light. It was the only light currently in the room, but that changed as he flipped the light switch on.

His bedroom was large, with black carpeting. The walls an ceiling were both black, and his bedding was black. His bed frame, closet door, and dresser were all cherry wood. Metallic ivies were hung on the wall, candles sitting on metal platforms coming off of the ivies, and other such gothic d├ęcor littered the room.

His favorite thing in his bedroom was the little garnet gargoyle that sat atop his dresser. He often found himself staring at it when he was actually in here.

Opening the closet door, Jack entered his walk-in closet. The light turned on when he entered. Ten pairs of black skinny jeans, a pair of combat boots, his trench coat, a box of gloves, and his goggles were always the first things he saw. To his left, Jack stored his suit. It was a rare day when he put it on without a fight.

He grabbed a pair of jeans, some gloves, his goggles and his trench coat. Leaving the closet, Jack went to his dresser. Pulling open one drawer, he removed a pair of boxers. From another drawer, he took a shirt. It was red, and had a skull and crossbones.

He dressed himself, than went back from socks. The Wu Detector was still blinking eagerly. Jack glared at it as he rammed his feet into his boots, making sure the fabric at the bottom of his pant-legs was inside of the boots.

Finished dressing, he stood over the Wu Detector, which sat on a cherry wood end desk. In a split second decision, Jack turned the device off, and left the room. He wandered down into his lab, and listened to the machinery humming. His fingers found the switch that gave the lab it's power.

Flipping it down, Jack felt a pang of discomfort in his chest.

It felt so weird not going to that showdown, but today, Jack really just didn't care. The running Jackbots took the hint, and powered down.

"Take a day off," Jack said to their empty faces. He closed the door, and turned towards the front door of the Spicer residence.

"I'm taking a day to myself. No Wuya, no monks, no humiliation." He walked up to a key hanger, and plucked off a set. He walked outside, and into the driveway. Straddling a motorcycle, Jack pushed his goggles down around his neck. He slid his helmet over his head, and started the engine.

"I'll go to the mall, or a beach, or an arcade, or anywhere." He muttered to himself as he pulled out. No Omi trying to make me 'good,' no Kimiko trying to set me coat on fire, no Rai acting all high on himself, and no Clay making stupid metaphors. And certainly no Chase calling me a worm.

Jack sped down the street, enjoying the wind as he wove through traffic. If only for today.