Jack sat at his computer, bored out of his mind. It'd been a week since he'd won that Shen Gong Wu, and there hadn't been a single activation since. All of his Jack-bots were in working order, and he didn't really feel like changing them around any. He liked how they were now.

For a moment, he thought about going to bother the Monks, or visit Wuya at Chase's citadel. But that idea only lasted for a second. Every time he went near Chase, or his citadel, or his warriors, he got hurt. Not 'Oh no, a bruise', or 'Jeez, that scratch really stings.' No, it's 'I can barely handle this level of pain, my God, I'm dying.' Any sane man avoided that when he could.

Sighing heavily, Jack spun himself around as fast as he could, pulling his legs up to his chest. The lab whirled around him, and he just made a mental check list of everything being in order. Jack-bots were taking care of basic maintenance of the lab. That's normal. His blueprints were out, and thrown on top of any clean, flat surface, also normal. Hannibal was watching him from the rafters. That… was unnerving, to say the least.

Jack stopped his spinning where he'd seen Hannibal just a moment ago, but he was gone. Standing, he searched the room with his eyes, barely moving his feet. But Hannibal wasn't there. Jack shook his head, dismissing what he'd seen.

"It was my imagination." He said aloud. A Jack-bot hovered over to him, handing him a piece of paper. It was the readings of his areal scanner.

"An small amount of Heylin energies were just released within the lab, as though-"

"It. Was. My. Imagination." Jack glared down the robot as he crumpled the paper and threw it over his shoulder. The Jack-bot hovered away, back to preforming its assigned duties. Jack stuck his tongue out at it once its back was turned, and then he moved to his central working table. It had piles of blueprints, some that he hadn't looked at in months. He pulled a random one out from near the bottom of the pile, and looked it over.

"Ohhh, I could improve on this design so much." Jack swiped a portion of the table clear, and set it down. He stared at it intently while reaching for a pencil. The tip of one jammed into his hand. He pulled his hand to him quickly, yelping. Shaking his hand out, he glared at the offending writing utensil. He reached over with his other hand, and picked a not so sharp pencil.

Staring back down at the blueprints, he began editing the designs. It was a Jack-bot that was similar to the Chameleon-bot, but had one specific form. It turned into a draconic creature clearly modeled after Chase's form. Jack thought for a moment about what would happen to him if Chase ever found out about this robot idea, and his stomach turned.

He'd be pissed. And Jack didn't want that. The name of the robot was literally 'Chase-bot' so the first thing Jack did was erase that title. His pencil froze over the paper for a moment, waiting to think of a name. None came to him, so he just began to change the designs for the robot. He began erasing the draconic form it was supposed to change into, searching his mind for something else non-specific, but powerful, and not based off of Chase that it could morph into.

Chase was checking in on all of his enemies. Hannibal was flying back towards his little hideout, his Ying-Ying bird fighting heavy winds. At the Xiaolin Temple, Master Fung was explaining something to the four Warriors in training. Not very interesting, just a fighting move that he'd learned 1500 years ago, along with the counter-attack. There was nothing for him to worry about there. He looked for Wuya for a moment, curious as to whether or not she'd decided to "betray" him again. She was down by the fountains, feet in the water. She didn't look like she was plotting anything, just relaxing.

He finally turned his attention onto Spicer. He was looking at blueprints. The design didn't look like his normal Jack-bots. He looked closer at it, and saw it was modeled and named after him. That now-familiar feeling of being weirded out by Spicer made his sneer. Chase was about to go back to what he'd been doing before, but what Jack did stopped him.

He erased the name, paused, and then erased the draconic form of his robot. He began to design something else. Considering Spicer's obsession with him, that was surprising. Also considering the things Wuya and the bean had been saying lately, it was disturbing. What if Jack truly believed him to be weak? What if they were right, more specifically, what if the bean was right! That was something he couldn't bear to think.

He had to know what Spicer thought of him. He had to know. As Chase stared at Spicer, possible the world's weakest weakling, thinking that he might think the Chase Young wasn't worth his time, his heart beat faster. His breathes became harsher, and quicker. His pupils dilated, and his palms got sweaty. That feeling that he didn't know that but he knew he'd felt before, it wasn't staying in his stomach anymore. It was taking over his whole body. And it was Spicer's fault he felt this way. Under that unknown feeling, one Chase knew very well began to rise up.

It was rage, not irritation, or anger, but pure, unadulterated rage. His jaws clenched, and he could feel the scales under his skin preparing to come out. His eyes narrowed as he glared at the image of Spicer. He wouldn't stand for such a pathetic example of human kind to make him feel so… strange.

Thin pencil lines and eraser shavings covered the blueprint paper. Jack bit his lip, tapping the pencil's eraser against the paper. This was harder than he thought, mainly because he was still thinking about Chase. He would start to sketch a new design on a scrap piece of paper, only to realize it could be linked back to Chase. His mind was running in circles.

Jack sighed, crumpling the paper. It was hopeless. He couldn't think of anything to model his robot after. And if he just winged it, it would look terrible. Also, he'd have to back-track his work to get the blueprints down on paper. He'd done that a few times in the past, and it was a pain in the ass.

He stood there for a moment, fuming in his frustration. Watching the Jack-bots work, he considered changing them around, even if he didn't want to. Just so he'd have something to do. Suddenly, he was yanked backwards, sent flying into the wall. He screamed before he could stop himself. Jack hated that he was always screaming, why couldn't he think of something more productive to do in any situation? He landed on the ground, coughing harshly.

Chase strode over to Jack, grabbing the collar of his jacket and hefting him up. Slamming him against the wall with unnecessary force, Chase glared at him. Jack's eyes widened in fear, and lit up with confusion.

"What do you think you're doing, Spicer?"

"Um, ya' know, I have no clue what you're talking about, so…" Chase gritted his teeth, slamming Jack against the wall again. Chase wanted to say something to him, but his words were caught inside of him. He couldn't think of anything to say that would leave him in control of the conversation. 'Why aren't you stalking me anymore?' wasn't exactly what he wanted to say, but it seemed the most logical thing to say. Chase dropped Jack, who landed ungraciously, his limbs splaying out like a spider on ice. He paced away, then turned back, threw up his hands in frustration, and paced away some more.

"Why are you acting like this!" He shouted at Jack after a few moments. Jack was leaning on the wall, still coughing. His entire chest cavity was aching already.

"What am I even acting like? Am I acting like I'm in pain? 'Cause you just slammed into a wall three times in a row! For no reason!" Jack shot at him, angrier at Chase then afraid of him. He was just, so sick of being pushed around.

"I have reasons for everything I do," Chase screamed at Jack, whirling around to face him, "Unlike you! You illogical, unreasonable, unfathomable jumble of hard-headedness with the attention span of an insect! You are beyond infuriating!"

Jack was pressed himself against the wall, suddenly terrified instead of angry. Chase breathed deeply a few times, turning back away from the teen.

"What exactly is it you think I've done?" Jack inquired, his voice shaking. Chase walked over to Jack's work table, picking up the blueprint stack, shuffling through them. Throwing them back down, he picked up the one that had been the Chase-bot.

"Everything you've done lately: avoid me, disregard me," Chase clenched a fist with the paper in his hand, ruining the paper, "You think I'm weak don't you?" Jack edged away from him along the wall, towards his keyboard. He was going to have to activate the Jack-bots attack mode. Whatever was wrong with Chase, it may very well be the death of him. Not something Jack really wanted.

"You were just holding me two feet off the ground with one hand, not what I'd call weak." Jack tried appealing to him at he got closer to the computer. He started typing in the command behind him, still facing Chase, silently praying he was typing in the right sequence.

"That's not what I mean, and you know it." Chase turned to Jack, who froze when Chase's eyes fell on him. It took a few seconds for Chase to recognize that the computer was processing something.

The computer screen cleared of everything that was up, then flashed red. It declared its purpose in large letter; DEFENSE MODE- ACTIVATED, HEYLIN ENERGIES DETECTED IN LAB. Chase was shocked that Jack had had the courage to take the action against him. Jack would only do something that stupid if he honestly thought he had the power to do so. He really does think I'm weak, he thinks his machines can protect him from me. Chase growled, enraged beyond what even he thought possible.

"I'll kill you," The everlord muttered at Jack, changing into his reptilian form. He leapt at Jack, who screamed, and dodged. Chase hit the keyboard, tearing it to shreds. He snapped some wires between his jaws, and then he turned back to Jack, finding several Jack-bots between them. They were changing though, instead of their usual form, they were longer, thinner, with weapons jutting from their sides, aimed at the draconic-humanoid. Jack was still backing away from him, chewing on his lip. He didn't necessarily want to fight Chase, that would only make all this worse, but Chase was really coming after him, like that time he tried to crush him with a boulder.

Chase charged through the robots, which seemed to come to each other's defense while still protecting Jack. One of them shot him down when he leapt at one directly between Jack and himself. He hit the ground, rolling over slowly. The energy blast had left taken off some skin, leaving an ugly red-mark. It felt like someone had just set him on fire, and while he forced himself back up, that feeling reared its head. 'He wounded me,' Chase held the wound, even though it didn't bleed, 'How did Spicer manage to wound me?' He began to shake, his heart pounding in his throat. He shrank back into his human form, and the wound began to bleed. Jack was staring at him, wide eyed, like he couldn't believe that the energy-shot had actually hurt Chase. The wound was already healing, but the damage had been done. That feeling was running rampant inside of him, and the need to vomit tightening his stomach. The world sounded far away, and he couldn't make out what he was hearing. Something was shuffling about over near Spicer. He sneered at the boy, righting himself completely, hands clenched into fists. The feeling was always associated with Spicer, always. It was his fault, undeniably.

Jack was still behind the Jack-bots, shaking in fear, when he heard something behind him. Despite how bad of an idea it was, he turned his back to Chase to investigate. Hannibal was behind him, sitting on the shoulder of a Jack-bot.

"Hannibal," Jack felt the last of his courage drain out of him, falling to the floor, "Why me."

"Relax, boy," Hannibal smiled at Jack, jumping down in front of him, "I h'ain't here ta hurt'cha. Jus' came to see if ya'd like some help. Ya' know, with Chase Young tryin' ta kill ya' 'n' all." Jack backed away from him, bumping up against a Jack-bot.

"No way, this is probably somehow your fault. I didn't even do anything!" Jack gestured franticly at Chase, who was staring at him, although it didn't really look like he was seeing him.

"Exactly. Chase's lost it boy, 'n' he's decided that of all the people he needs ta git rid of, yer up high on that list."

"No way, Chase is, like, really old. If he was going to lose him mind, wouldn't he have done that a while ago?"

"No, na' necessarily. Chase was probably alwahs crazy, Spicah. He sold his soul, that's gotta send a bad message about his mental health, don't it?" Hannibal smiled as he spoke, hoping up on the toe of Jack's boot, "Now, yer gunna wanna except mah help in, oh just about three seconds."

"HANNIBAL!" Jack turned his head, and found Chase standing above him, back in reptilian form. The Jack-bots were decimated, remnants of them strewn about the room haphazardly. Chase's claws were raised, aimed at Jack's heart. They bore down at him, and Jack screamed, closing his eyes.

Chase's claws hit concrete as Hannibal teleported Jack and himself out of there. Chase stared at the ground were Jack's body would have been, his head swimming. Hannibal… That fool is working with Hannibal! Chase searched the room, hoping against hope that Jack and Hannibal were still in the room, somehow. Chase roared at the empty room as though that would bring them back into mauling distance.

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