"Very fancy Bloom, what's the occasion," Layla asked when Musa and Bloom joined the Winx at the table.

"I bet it's something Sky related," Stella annoyed.

Bloom glared at her before answering. "Yes Stella, it is Sky related. Today is Saturday, so Sky and I are going to Earth to watch a movie."

"What kind of movie," Stella asked, annoying Bloom again.

Bloom continued to glare at her.

"Stella, it doesn't matter what kind of movie because it's just Sky and Bloom," Flora interrupted, trying to make peace in-between the two friends.

Stella pouted her lips then looked away. After a few seconds, she turned back and stared at her empty plate. "They never give us enough food," she growled, completely off topic.

"Here it comes," Tecna warned.

Bloom's look of annoyance changed to a scared look. She got ready for her friends major begging and prepared for the worst after she replied no.


"No, you have your own food," she interrupted.


"Nope, I'm hungry too Stel."

Stella turned her head towards Flora and widened her eyes. "No Stella, if you want more food then you should go to our dormitory and cook it yourself."

Stella folded her arms on the table then rested her head on them. "This is the worst morning ever," she growled. The others laughed.

Very quickly, the empty plates disappeared and in their places were flowers. Some people got blue flowers and others got yellow or purple. "Good morning everyone," came a really sweet voice. All the girls turned to look at the stranger that had just walked in. "My name is Wilma Vandom, but to all of you it's Mrs. Vandom. I'm your new nature and spells teacher."

"How thoughtful Mrs. Vandom," Bloom said quickly, she was once again dazed by this girls appearance. Today Will was wearing a green vest that was showing only a small bit of her stomach and a short blue skirt with a black belt. To piece the outfit together, she had a striped scarf that was green, purple, red and blue.

"Yeah," Flora agreed, "purple is my favourite colour."

Will smiled, "Good. I'm glad you liked them." She smiled and walked past all the others then left out the back door.

"Best day ever," Stella exhaled. She too was dazed by this strange new girl.

Bloom gently placed the flower into a glass cup and left her dormitory smiling. She met up with Sky in the meadow just outside of Alfea then opened a passage way to Earth. She and Sky stepped out behind an old building. Bloom closed the passage and she and Sky went on their way.

"So, what movie are we going to see," Sky asked.

"It depends," Bloom replied smiling,

"On what?"

"Well, do you want to see an adventure movie? Or a mythical movie," she replied.

"How about a funny movie," Shy questioned.

Bloom opened her phone and went on the web. She searched for the movies that were playing in Gardenia, and found on that would be perfect for all three options. "How about all three?"

"All three; adventure, mythical and funny," Sky asked.

"Yup," Bloom replied, smiling at her phone.

Sky nodded. "What's it called and what's it about?"

"It's called 'Puss and Boots.' It's a character from another movie. He's a cat who owns a hat, boots, and is really good with a sword. See; adventure, mythical and funny."

"Sure," Sky replied laughing, "Let's watch that one."

Hay Lin and Irma store open mouthed at what they just saw. A couple had just walked out of a portal and closed it, and then acted like it was nothing.

"Did you just see that, or am I going crazy," Irma asked Hay Lin.

"One; you were already crazy, and two; I'm pretty sure that those two just walked out of a portal," Hay Lin replied. Irma growled at her for a few seconds. But let it go because she had more important things to do then let Hay Lin get to her.

"C'mon, let's go tell the others that's we might need Elyon after all," Irma ordered. Hay Lin and she started running until they got to Matt's house. Matt's parents lived in Gardenia, but Matt didn't like the town so he lived with his Grandpa in Heather Field instead. Today, Matt was visiting his parents and decided to bring the rest of W.i.t.c.h. with him. Since the girls already searched their town left right and center for Will, it was time for them to search Matt's old town.

Irma opened her phone and called Cornelia.

"Hello," Cornelia said when she answered her phone.

"Hey Corny, we're outside. Could you open the door and let us in?"

"Yeah, sure and don't call me Corny!"

"OK, Corny," Irma teased.

"Irma," Cornelia screamed into her phone.

"I'm just joking Cornelia," Irma replied coolly.

Cornelia shut her phone and a few minutes later appeared at the front door. "What's up, did you find anything?"

"Yeah," Hay Lin piped up. "Two people walked through a portal and headed to the movie theatres. They didn't seem freaked out at all."

Cornelia moved aside to let her friends in then locked the doors again. She thought for a bit and was half way up the stairs before she talked again. "Maybe these two people are the ones who took Will, or they know who has," she suggested.

"No, I seriously doubt they have anything to do with Will's disappearance, but we should go through that portal once the girl opens it up again," Taranee interrupted.

"Taranee! How do you know about that," Cornelia asked.

Taranee smiled. "Telepathy remember? Plus Matt saw it too," she responded.

Irma slowly nodded her head while sitting down in the attic. Hay Lin store out the window and slowly started dozing off in the green bean bag chair.

"So, we go through the portal and then what? I mean, what if it closes on us," Matt asked cautiously.

"It could close on us, but Matt, you have the Heart of Earth. If Will can use the Heart of Candracar to open folds then maybe you can too," Taranee suggested. She yawned and shifted her position on the couch.

"Maybe, but what if it doesn't work?"

"It will," Taranee confirmed.

"Okay, but we're getting Elyon first. That should be our test run," Cornelia added. Irma turned her attention to the sleeping Hay Lin. She created a small ball of water then threw it a Hay Lin's face.

"Ah," she cried. Hay Lin jumped up with the top of her shirt and her hair wet. She glared at Irma who was laughing like a maniac. Hay Lin blew the water off herself and back at Irma in the form of ice. It went down Irma's shirt and she screamed. Matt, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin laughed really hard then stopped Irma from retaliating.