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Author Notes: Let's catch up to our two lovers and see how the wedding and their life turned out.

Six months later, Nico and Danielle were married on the Hawks' playing field with the entire team present.

Just as she promised, Dani wore a white strapless wedding dress. It had a long row of covered buttons down the back and it was completely beaded. As Nico stood next to TK in his tux his breath caught at her beauty. He could hear most of the team gasp as well. The men couldn't take their eyes off her, but she only had eyes for Nico. The ceremony was sweet and emotional. They had written their own vows and Dani had never felt so loved as when Nico looked into her eyes and said his to her. Lindsay, Juliette, TK and RJ were their only attendants and afterwards they ate, danced and listened to endless toasts. The last one was the most emotional of all. Terrence stood up and raised his glass.

"Doctor D. I never thought anyone could figure me out the way you did. You've been there for me like no one else except for maybe you Nico. You've dragged me out of more than one bad situation and you never judged. You were just there. I never saw two people more in love than you guys and I hope you have a lifetime of memories and joy together. If anybody deserves to be happy, it's you two. Congratulations and make me an "uncle" soon, okay?"

Dani and Nico looked at each other in shock as the crowd began to laugh, but both knew that was something they would love to do.

They left the reception in a limo and boarded Marshall Pittman's private jet to Tahiti. A short taxi ride later and Nico opened the door to their suite, scooping Dani up as he crossed the threshold. He smiled as she gasped. The entire room was full of roses. There were roses in vases and petals on the floor and dinner was waiting on a table out on a private balcony overlooking the ocean. Dani's favorite Tony Bennett album was playing in the background. The candlelight was so romantic and champagne was chilling on ice.

"How did you arrange all this? Wait. Never mind. You're Nico, of course you made this happen."

Nico set her down, took her hand in his and crossed to the table, pulling the chair out. As she sat down his fingers brushed across her bare shoulders making Dani shiver. His touch always made her shudder. They ate and listened to the lulling sounds of the ocean. After dinner Nico pulled her up out of the chair into his arms. He danced her inside and they swayed to the music. Dani loved his strong arms around her. He began to place soft open-mouthed kisses on her shoulders and then traveled up her neck to capture her mouth.

"I love you Danielle."

Dani always melted when he said her name like that. How would she ever get tired of this man?

"I love you too Nico. I'd love it even better if you told me your whole name. We are married now you know. I should know this stuff."

"I can tell you, but then you know, I have to kill you and I'd much rather not do that."

"These kisses are killing me as it is."

"Oh, sorry, I can stop."

Dani growled and pulled him back into her arms.

"You stop and I'll kill you."

Nico smirked into her neck and turned her back to him. He continued to kiss her shoulders as he unbuttoned each button slowly. When the gown finally pooled at her feet, he lifted her into his arms and carried her to their bed. He knew she liked to watch him undress, so he did while she watched him from the bed. He then divested her of the amazing white teddy she had been wearing underneath the dress. It was laced up with a silk ribbon and he slowly untied it and slid the ribbon from its loops. Once she was naked he covered her with his body and made love to her with the music and the ocean sounds filling the room.

"As he pulled her close he whispered in her ear.


Four months after the honeymoon Dani woke Nico with a kiss. She was standing naked beside the bed with a huge smile on her face. He took one look at her and growled.

"You know, waking me like that, in that state, will only make us both late to work."

"Do you remember the other night when you said you were afraid you wouldn't be a very good dad?"


"Well, I think you passed the test."

"What? I didn't take a test."

"No, but I did."

Dani pulled a positive pregnancy test out from behind her back and waved it in front of her.

Nico just stared at her for a second and then he spoke in a whisper.





Nico's face split into the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face and then he had her in his arms swinging her around and around.

"Hey, careful, morning sickness here. Take it easy."

Nico's face was instantly full of concern.

"What do you need? Crackers? Club soda? I can run to the store."

Dani laughed.

"I only need one thing."


"I need you, just you. Lay down with me and rub my stomach?"

Nico picked her up and laid her down softly on the bed. He climbed in next to her and leaned up on one arm. With his other arm he feathered his fingers across her bare skin and rubbed hypnotizing circles over her lower stomach. He bent and kissed her belly softly.

"He little one. It's your dad and I can't wait to meet you."

Nico laid his head there and looked up at Dani.

"I love you Mommy."

"I love you too."

Dani had been right all along, ever since that night in a dark mall parking lot with music wafting through the car.

"You don't need a therapist. You need a friend."

That friendship had given him one of the things he had always wanted: Love.

Seven months later, Dani gave Nico the other thing he had always wanted: a son.

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