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Sam was still sleep but slowly awaking. She went to rub her eyes to find her wrist tied to the bed railing. Her eyes snapped open and saw her lover on the left of her and the doctor on the right. Her eyes widen and she turn her head to Phantom with an eyebrow raised.

"Phantom what's going on here?" She asked, she kept noticing the dark hair male stare at her hungrily. If she had control of her arms she's cover herself.

"Well I want to have a groupie." Phantom announce rubbing his neck awkwardly, looking toward the ground.

"Groupie? You're talking about group sex?" Sam asked before she went defensive, "with who?"

"Me, you, Danny, and my clone." Phantom asked.

"Your clone?" Sam asked, Phantom split himself in two and pointed toward Danny.

"And I'll agree to this why?" Sam asked, "Last time I seen him he practically tried to rape me."

"Well," Danny said as his fingers dance across her naked stomach to her woman hood and moved in between her legs,"you didn't object."

Sam sat there dumb fold, biting her red bottom lip as she turn over to Phantom and asked, "why?"

"C'mon! It's like a strange fantastic dream for me." Phantom said rubbing her left breast before twirling her nipple in-between his finger. "Please,I wouldn't do anything that'll hurt you."

"Fine, if you don't want to atleast let me eat you out first." Danny said, his head already in-between her legs kissing her thighs. {A/N: Oh Danny, you're such a bad boy, I LOVE IT} Danny wasted no time peeling the lips and sloppy licking her pearl. She groan as he grazed it with his teeth before viciously sucking on it as it was the only thing keeping him alive.

Meanwhile, Phantom 1 stuck his member in Sam's mouth, she as licking it in circles. Phantom 2 was sucking her nipples. Sam couldn't describe how she was feeling. Each male was paying her body so much attention, she was sweating and her cheeks were blood red. Her eyes were cloudy, so cloudy, especially when Danny found her sex{A/N: her little hole in there XD} and shove his tongue in a deeply as he could. Do you know what she did next? She cum! Drowning in her juices he simply drunk her up then the guys switch. Phantom 2 position himself in her ass, Phantom 1 position himself in her womanhood and Danny got his dick suck on!

"Ugghhhhhhhhhhhh," Danny groan and removed himself as Sam scream when both Phantoms released in her. Sam started moan after two minutes because Danny was giving her a hickey, the Phantoms slid out. Danny position himself in her main entrance he, begin to slowly tease her, by rubbing his member near her hole and moving it then doing it again.

"Damn, Sam" Danny growled, "I want you to beg for it! Tell me why I should fuck to to an inch of your life!"He spanked her, hard,leaving a hand mark on her round ass.

"Please, I want it!" Sam gasped hungrily.

"Do you want it!" Danny asked, shoving three fingers in her.

Yes! Yes I want it!"

Sam gasped as she woke up. She placed hand on her head as she turn her head in the dark room. She was in a master bed room, with a king size bed and someone beside her. Sam realize she was naked and ran to the bathroom. She also realized she had on a silver band around her finger with diamond in the centre and another ring with a purple stone in the center surround by diamonds. Her eyes widen in awe to find out her enlarge belly hanging over her. And if to tell her it was real, she felt the baby kick around in her tummy.

"What are you doing out of bed, babe?" A deep male voice called out. Sam turn to see Danny, his hair even more dishevel, bright icy blue orbs watching her carefully, pink slumber pants and the shirt was wide open showing his nice tone muscles.

"Danny wait what are you doing here? Where's Phantom?"Sam asked before looking down, "and do you have any idea where I got this at? And who house-" Danny placed a finger on her lips.

"I'm Daniel Fenton, your husband of two years," He started with a blinding light he became Phantom, "I'm Phantom, he's my ghost half, your pregnant with my child and this is the house we brought."

"What how come I cant deeply remember you?" Sam asked.

"When your pregnant with a ghost child you gain a lot of memory lost then when the baby is born you'll remember me."Danny sighed wrapping his arms around her and kissed her lips softly.

"Summary: we're married, going on two year, we have a two year old daughter name Lilian Samantha Fenton, you're Samantha Fenton, you're carrying out second child,male. Our best friends are Tucker Foley, Angela Foley, Jazz Fenton and Elizabeth(Star) Chung." Danny explain, handing his wife a glass of water.

"Okay. Danny?" Sam asked.

"Yes?"Danny asked.

"Get Lily, My water just broke."

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