The drive to the fire station was a silent one. Lucas had gotten control of himself again and was psyching himself up for the next meeting. Sam was taking his afternoon nap in the car seat while Abby held herself together. She had thought up this plan of apology, a way of Lucas understanding the impact of his actions is far reaching. What she hadn't realized was just how hard it was going to be for her; one to stay the course and two to watch as Lucas sputtered. She had seen the look in the older man's eyes as he had pleaded that he not have to act the heavy and she too wanted nothing more than to back down but she knew she'd set this up and needed to follow through. Being a parent was not an easy job.

Pulling up to the station Abby unhooked the infant seat as Luc unclipped his own seat belt. He wasn't moving very quickly and Abby had to encourage him to keep going as there were lots more letters and some of them had timing constraints. Lucas exhaled loudly, not to be rude but more out of exasperation. He had to do this "hard" thing and now he had to do it fast as well.

As the family entered the small office area off the main garage Lucas' attention was drawn to the large red fire engines. Abby had to direct him by the shoulder to keep him focused on the task at hand. Taking a deep breath Luc asked "Can I please speak to the fire chief?"

The older woman behind the counter smiled "Well, well hello little boy, now why would you need to speak to the Fire Marshall?" she tone sickening sweet and somewhat condescending.

Looking over his shoulder at his mother he scrunched up his lips and brow before turning back to the lady and answering "I need to apologize to him".

"Oh.." somewhat confused as to why such a small child should need to apologize but she picked up the phone on her desk and pushed a couple of buttons. The McGees paid little attention to the conversation and Lucas looked longingly out the door or to his mother as he waited.

Moments later a very large round man came through the door behind the desk and approached Abby. "What do you want?" he asked rudely. Abby looked from the man to her son suggesting that it was not she that needed anything. The man looked to the small child in front of him; he hadn't seen him when he first entered the room.

"I…. I…. I… wanted to give you this" Luc started to verbalize the apology but eventually gave up as it just wasn't happening.

The letter written almost exactly as he had for the chief of police was read in seconds by the Marshal. It wasn't until he read the letter that the gruff man knew who was before him. Staring at the boy and then his mother the man stood silently rereading the page in front of him. Unlike his police counterpart he felt no need to coddle the kid.

"You're sorry or you?" he asked in a rough tone.

"Yes, sir" Luc said staring at his toes rather than looking at the man in front of him.

"Really, you're sorry because you caused half the city to be out looking for you and your brother or is it more likely that you're sorry because you got into trouble and were made to come and apologize" he spit out.

Luc stood twisting his hands around the hem of his shirt. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to say yes or no. But he knew he was really actually sorry.

"I am really sorry, sorry because I'm sorry" he finally explained.

Huffing the man stared down at Lucas. "Alright then" and with that he turned as fast has his very large belly would allow him and he walked back into his office.

Both Abby and Lucas stood dumbfounded watching after him as he slammed the door behind him.

Quickly taking control Abby took her son by the hand and lead him out of the building. On the walk to the car she decided that she wouldn't comment on what had just happened and hoped that the rest of the apologies were comparable to the first experience.