Greetings! I'm Yugiohfreak54 and just recently I have become enthralled with the Harry Potter series. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the books is extremely limited and the information I DO have is from the movies and other pieces of Fanfiction. I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions in your reviews.

Now, this story actually has been in my head for some time but I had some other projects going on and I thought if I issued a challenge that the idea would flee. Sadly, the idea just grew until my muse cracked. This is a response to my own Harry Potter/Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic challenge.

"Regular Speech"

"Statement: HK-47 Speaking"


Thoughts/Mind Speak

Harry knows how to use Magic...but he wonders how did it get there in the first place? Revan has the answers!


Revan is the Sith lord Before Malak's betrayal

Harry MUST be a descendent of Revan

Harry is either in Slytherin or Ravenclaw ~ (Harry is in Slytherin)

It must have the three following pairings; Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny OR Harry/Harem ~ (H/Hr)

Harry must also be related to Voldermort; either as a Father or Grandfather ~ (LV as Father; will be explained in GOF)

HK-47 MUST be present how you do this is entirely up to you.

Harry Must wear Revan's sith clothes and Mandolre Helmet

Harry Discovers sith Holocrons


Harry Trusting anyone who is named Dumbledore OR is an agent to Dumbledore.

Hermione Bashing

Ginny Bashing

Weasleys as allies ~ (I forgot to put this in the forum where the challenge is posted but the twins are exempt from this rule; at least in this story.)

Well, with that done, I will now inform you that I don't own Harry Potter or Star Wars. They belong to the gods of fiction, J.K. Rowling and George Lucas. I am only playing in their universes. (or merging them in this case.)

A boy of ten years of age stirred slowly in a dark, musty cupboard in a house that looked nice and quaint on the outside. But on the inside, Hell had taken a permanent vacation here. The boy was constantly beaten and belittled by three people in the house; two were massive whales that had the brain power of one and a thin, reedy woman that wore the same dress every day.

The house was number four in a private area known as Privet Drive in Little Whining, Surry and was surrounded by identical houses filled with different people, old and young, Families and singles.

The boy had jet black hair in a wild and untamable way with emerald green eyes that when the sun hit them just right, they shone like green diamonds rather than emeralds. He wore a shirt that was ten times too big for his small body which looked to be malnourished to a person who was looking. A lightning bolt shaped scar adorned his forehead as the boy put on a pair of black rimmed circular glasses.

The boy had a name…a name that would later be changed in the not so far future; his name is Harry James Potter.

Harry's tiredness fled when there was a rapid beating on his door to his small bedroom.

"BOY! WAKE UP! PREPARE BREAKFAST FOR OUR DARLING DUDLEY!" A woman's shrill voice came through the door.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia." Harry said meekly while his thoughts turned dark.

Damn hag! I wish I could just send you, your pathetic husband and your worthless son to hell where you belong! The boy thought.

As the boy left the safety of his 'room', he was unaware that his wish was about to come true later on.


The very trip to the zoo had been…eventful. The 'family' was in the reptile house where they were seeing a python who was just lazing about on its warming rock. Dudley, big dumb troll that he is, demanded his father to get the snake to do something.

When tapping on the glass didn't get a reaction from the snake the family went off leaving Harry to speak to the snake.

But fate had conspired against Harry because his annoying cousin was back in a flash and watched the snake with glee after he pushed Harry out of the way.

This made Harry furious; so much so, that the glass had vanished allowing Dudley to fall in and allowed the snake to get free.

And that's what got Harry where he was now; his uncle Vernon stoking an iron in the fire place ready to use on the poor boy's back. The fat behemoth stood up with a large groan before he grinned wickedly at his nephew.

"Alright ya little freak…you know that if anything happens to my son…it comes back on you. So you get the iron after two year probation." Vernon said with a wicked grin which made Harry just scowl.

Vernon didn't like the little freak scowling; to him, it was a challenge to be the alpha of the house. Quickly, the whale grabbed the boy's hand and spun him around while ripping the shirt in half.

But just as he was about to strike the boy's now naked back with the scalding hot iron, there was a knock at the door.

Vernon cursed the fates and deities above before he put the iron back near the fireplace and waddled out of the living room toward the door.

Dudley and Petunia came out from the dining room wondering who could be at the door.

Vernon opened the door to reveal a young man with brown hair, freckles on his face and wearing a UPS uniform.

"Package for Dursleys." The man said in a bored tone.

"Aye. Who sent it to me?" Vernon asked confused.

"Don't know. The only thing that they told me was that it had a date to be delivered to you. Funny thing was…it was dropped off back in nineteen-sixty-nine when my father was the postmaster." The man said before holding out a clipboard.

Vernon signed the clipboard and watched as the man went back to his truck and pulled out a trolley. The family heard a few grunts and groans before they saw the man emerge from the back with a large crate on the trolley.

The man wheeled the trolley toward the door and the Dursleys stepped back to allow the man in. he set the trolley down and slid the crate off in its upright position.

"Right. Just sign here again and I'll be off." The man said as he handed Vernon a wavier which he signed without looking at the fine print.

The man waved good-bye and walked out, smirking all the way.

After the UPS man left, Vernon waddled around the crate inspecting it. Harry had come to the door but he dare not stray from its insides in case his uncle remembered him.

"What do you suppose it is dad?" Dudley asked in his sailor suit which made Harry turn green in the face.

"Don't know. Marge didn't send this I know that. If she did, she would've called. Plus there's no return address." Vernon commented to his son.

"Well, open it up dear." Petunia said while eyeing the crate.

Vernon nodded and placed a meaty hand on the side of the crate. With a large groan and heave, he pulled the wood away, the crate creaking and groaning in protest. The lid fell away and what lay within made the three people's jaws drop.

For inside the crate was a…something.

The something was orange in color like rust and looked human…if it weren't the fact that it was more skeletal then human. Its face was a most peculiar shape; an oval and square combined with dim yellow eyes.

"What the hell is it?" Dudley asked confused.

"Dudley! Language!" Petunia scolded.

"I don't know. But it may get me my promotion." Vernon said with a grin.

"Statement: I would advise against touching me Meat bag." A voice, cold and mechanical, said.

"Who the?" Petunia gasped.

The being in the crate came…alive so to speak…and marched out of the crate before looking around much to the fear and awe of the Dursleys.

The being looked at all three before he spoke again.

"Statement: ah, this must be where the new master lives! But before I can commence with the killing…please place a minute sample of blood from the young, fat meat bag into this vial." The being said as it popped out a tray with a couple of vials and some odd machine.

This made Vernon and Petunia mad; well, Vernon was furious as his face became a boiled over lobster. Petunia simply glared at the contraption as he husband tried to punch the being.

All he got for his troubles was a bruised if not broken wrist. The being looked at the fat man.

"Inquiry: are you attempting to fight me? I do hope so. It's been a long time since I've killed anyone." The being stated like it was discussing the weather.

That alone sent warning bells blaring in the three's head. Vernon smiled sweetly, which would make a grown man cry for his mommy, at the being.

"I apologize for my outburst…Dudley, place a smidge of blood in the vial my boy." Vernon said with a look that said 'do it or else we're all fucked.'

"Y-yes, daddy." Dudley said as he walked up to the being.

He picked up a tool and jabbed it into his thumb and dripped a few drops of blood into an empty vial.

The being took the vial holding the blood and placed within. A few seconds later, there was a large whining sound which made the being seem to glare.

"Exclamation: This is not the Master's blood! This blood is of a meat bag that can't perform the basics of life other then breathing! You have wasted your chance meat sack! I am now…" The being ranted before he stopped in his rant.

The three cowered when the being went into his tangent about wasting their chance before it stopped. The three looked at one another before the being spoke again.

"Inquiry: is there another life form here? Another young meat bag perhaps?" The being asked.

"N-no! No other forms of life here!" Petunia squeaked out.

The being looked at the woman before it looked away.

"Statement: Unless you meat bags want me to start killing, you best call the other life form that has shown up on my scanners." The being said.

The three paled again before Vernon nodded.

"Ye-yes! BOY!" Vernon bellowed making Harry jump.

He scrambled out from the door and stood in front of the being, looking at it strangely. Vernon glared at the boy's back and decided that he should at least get a bit of punishment on the child for the abuse of his son.

His meaty hand smashed into the back of Harry's head and caused his glasses to fly off. Dudley laughed as the boy fell to the ground as the being just stood there looking.

"Beat him dad! Show him that he's as worthless as his drunken bastard parents!" Dudley crowed.

Now, if there was one thing Harry hated, it was the foul language of his deceased parents. He slowly got up with an air of darkness and loathing. Something more powerful then what the boy had used to make his cousin trapped behind the glass roared out of his body and made Harry's eyes turn from emerald green to a sickly evil yellow.

Vernon was ready to beat the boy again when he was sent sailing back when Harry pushed his arm out. The hulking man crashed through the door to the kitchen and judging by the large smash, he had crushed the kitchen table underneath.

Dudley saw red at the treatment of his father and tried to charge his small, meek cousin when he was also sent flying into a wall…a wall with all of Petunia's fine china. The china set went crashing to the floor breaking on impact with the cruel, uncaring ground.

Petunia's eyes widened in shock before narrowing in anger at the boy. But she suddenly began to scream as she saw the rotting corpse of her dead sister behind Harry and saw that the dead was ambling toward her.

"Sister…come out and play~!" the woman with green eyes said in a sing-song voice.

"No! Stay Back! You're Dead! You're DEAD!" Petunia screamed before she fainted dead away, still hearing her sister's voice in her ears.

Harry panted as he looked at his out cold aunt and his unmoving cousin. His eyes slowly returned to normal and he turned to the being. He did the same thing that Dudley had done and gave the vial to the droid. There were a few seconds before there was a rapid beeping sound.

"Exclamation: Master! At long last I have found you! I have been deactivated for so long…I must say that your display of the Force was excellent! You gave those Meat bags what they deserve." The being said with relief and joy.

"Um…thanks? But why am I your master?" Harry asked as he picked his glasses up and slid them back on his face.

"Statement: I believe that the Holocron can best explain. I am HK-47, Master. If you need someone killed, please don't hesitate to tell me." HK-47 said.

The panel that held the blood vials was pulled back as a chest compartment opened in a triangle shape. A tiny device in the shape of a triangle rested within.

Harry took a good look at the device; it was covered with various runes and glyphs and seemed to be ancient despite looking brand new. Harry tentatively reached in and took the device.

No sooner was it out of the compartment that it slid close and the device began to thrum with power.

A shaft of light shot out of the device and revealed a see-through man wearing black robes with a hood, brown leather armor and a strange mask over his face. The figure turned to Harry and nodded in greeting.

"Greetings…my descendent. I am the Dark lord Revan."

Oh~! Things just got interesting for Harry. How will he react to the Holocron? Oh and FYI…I'm going to make Harry here a natural user of Legiumis…that's wrong. Shite; its where the wizards (I call them, Warlocks) cane read the minds of others. If someone could give me a HP dictionary in a review I would greatly appreciate it. Due to the force, the power will be increased to where Harry can penetrated a mind and not be detected at all and send messages to other people. I do so hope you enjoyed this first chapter and I look forward to your reviews.

May God Bless and Protect.