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Harry swiftly turned around and faced the man that put his existence in an unloving home, had taken from him right from under his nose, and generally kept him in the dark about this world. He glared with unbridled hate behind his mask, glad that he wore it to hide his murderous expression.

"Headmaster…what a surprise." He said trying and nearly failing to remain neutral and civil at the same time. "Might I ask why you are out walking about? It is past an old man's bedtime."

The headmaster frowned for a second, appalled at the cheek and tongue the boy had. Obviously the Dureselys didn't do a very good job at making the boy meek and humble. He would have to rectify that come the Summer Hols. He lit his eyes up in the twinkle once more and gave a kind smile.

"Yes, but the same could be said about you Harry." Dumbledore said with a false smile. "Little children need their sleep you know."

Harry mentally scoffed as he kept his eyes lowered to avoid the twinkling eyes; he may have natural mind shields but he didn't want them revealed…yet. He simply let his expressionless mask do the talking for him.

"Touché, headmaster." Harry replied. "I sometimes can't help myself though. The place where my parents grew up and studied. I sometimes wander…to try and bring myself closer to them in a way. Have you ever done that before Headmaster? Wandered somewhere to try and be closer some person that you lost?"

Dumbledore was taken aback; what the boy had just described…was what he sometimes did at night when he was done with all his work. But he still had to remain on topic.

"I…I have, Mister Potter." Dumbledore replied. "But why did you come here? That mirror has caused many men to waste away to nothing or driven them insane?"

Harry knew what the headmaster was trying to do; keep him off-balance with rapidly changing the subject. He wasn't going to fall for it.

"I do not know. As I walked, I had this…calling. Like someone was leading me to this very room." Harry said as he placed his free hand on the bottom part of his helmet acting like he was thinking. "Call me crazy, but I was drawn here and by what, I do not know."

Dumbledore nodded solemnly but was inwardly scowling. Obviously, Harry had felt the compulsion charms he put out; he made them too powerful. He would have to rectify that once the boy had left.

"Headmaster, may I ask what this mirror is?" Harry asked as he gestured to the mirror.

Dumbledore looked up from his musings and chuckled lightly; he strolled over to the mirror and touched it lovingly.

"This is the Mirror of Erised, Harry. It shows a man's most deepest and darkest desires." Dumbledore explained. "I have seen many a men waste away from front of this mirror, seeing a future that isn't possible."

Harry glanced carefully at the mirror. He had easily translated what the inscription had said when he had seen the vision and knew now what was in the mirror. It was his heart's desire that he had seen in the mirror. Harry heard Dumbledore resuming his speaking and listens back in.

"I ask that you do not go looking for the Mirror again…it was given to me as a neutral party by two other parties who were discussing what to do with it. They have finally agreed that destroying it would be the best option." He said with a sigh. "Truly a waste…I can think of many things this wonder of a magical item can do. But it is their wish for it to be rid of it."

He turned his twinkling eyes onto Harry's mask, the actual face staring back down at the ground to avoid the magic of the eyes. He nodded once, indicating that he understood. Dumbledore smiled, but Harry could see that there was a slight tinge of malice in the smile. He had a feeling that the headmaster was thinking that Harry was now determined to find the mirror again or rather protect the stone that was once hiding within.

"Now, I do believe its time you tottered back off to bed, Harry. You have a large workload tomorrow." Dumbledore said as he watched the robed Sith in training.

Harry gave another nod before he left the room, HK following silently. Once Harry was out of sight, the headmaster turned back to the mirror and smiled again before he left.


Harry made his way back to the room where Revan was waiting, HK no longer cloaked. The droid was dead silent though, knowing that his master was thinking deeply about something. Why was the headmaster holding a powerful magical object that any child could find and the Cerberus, in a school full of Kids, guarding...the stone! Harry mentally slapped himself; the Cerberus was an obstacle to the stone!

"Worrisome…" He muttered. "What would the headmaster gained from keeping the stone in Hogwarts?"

Harry didn't know the answer to that as he returned to Revan's area, the former Sith looking quite worried as Harry walked in.

"What happened Harry? Did you find the mirror and stone?"Revan asked urgently.

Harry broke out of his musings and looked at his mentor just as HK-47 de-cloaked.

"Exclamation: Master! It's been too long! I must say that your heir is a most interesting one!"HK exclaimed with a hint of pride in his vocal processor.

"Hello HK. Killed anyone yet?"Revan asked with a grin.

"Statement: none yet master." HK reported.

Harry interrupted the two before they could continue their conversation.

"As enjoyable as this is, we need to get back on topic," Harry groused. "What to do with the Stone?"

HK and Revan stopped what they were doing and looked at the young Sith. HK did his looking around like he was searching for something to kill while Revan crossed his arms.

"What do you think you should do Harry?"Revan asked.

The question made Harry pause; what didhe want with the Stone? Living forever would get to be boring after a few hundred years…not to mention droll. Gold would be grand…but too much of it would cause the market price of it to plummet like a stone through water. No, he had no use of the stone; best if he gave it back to its rightful owner.

"Best give it back to the owner…this Flamel person," Harry stated. "I have no need for eternal life and gold…well, if I suddenly flood the market, The goblins won't take too kindly to it."

Revan nodded sagely; the decision was a sound one. It was at this time that the other doors opened and Bastila and Hermione walked out, Hermione looking dead tired. Harry quickly hid the Stone so that he didn't get any inquires about it from the tired girl.

"So…how'd it go?" Harry asked innocently.

What he got for an answer was a glare. Harry didn't flinch but he did feel a sense of foreboding for him in the distant future. He focused instead on His masters.

"I've managed to reacquire the stone that Hagrid mentioned," Harry reported ignoring the squeak of surprise from Hermione. "I'm giving it back to the Flamels…discreetly of course. Owl is too noticeable."

"Use the House Elves Harry…I know that you met one during your winter holidays."Revan replied.

Harry nodded; he knew just the one for the job.


A loud popmade the three jump as the Malfoy house elf appeared in his butler suit.

"Masters Starwalker calls Dobby?" Dobby asked in a stiff, butler tone.

"Aye, I did Dobby. Can you locate the Flamels and give them back their stone?" Harry asked the head elf.

The elf nodded before he held his hand out.

"Dobby knows where the Flamels live already due to Dobby meeting them years ago," Dobby said with a small smile. "Dobby can take stone to them."

Harry nodded but to make sure that the Stone got to the Flamels, he needed dobby to do something.

"Dobby, no offense to your family but I must have you swear on your life and magic that this stone gets to the Flamels and ONLY the Flamels. Am I clear?" Harry said his mask seemingly glowing in the nearby torch giving him a demonic look.

"Dobby swears on his life and magic that he will deliver the stone to Mister and Missus Flamel and Only to Mister and Missus Flamel. So mote it be!" Dobby said, a white glow surrounding him indicating that the oath took effect.

Harry, satisfied with the oath, took the blood red stone out from his cloak and held it out to Dobby. The Elf took the stone and popped away as soon it was in his tiny hands.


Nicholas Flamel sighed as he rubbed his head, the constant headache a bother to him. Ever since Dumbledore came…the headache got stronger, making the man wince. Strange; the headache had gotten stronger when he recalled Dumbledore.

"Ah!" Nicholas hissed as the headache increased in pain. "No doubt about it…Dumbledore did something."

He grounded his teeth in pain as blinding hot pain sear through again. He needed…

"ARGH!" Nicholas bellowed as he felt like his head was going to split open from the pain. He was so much pain that he didn't hear the audible pop of apparition. He did, however, hear the tiny voice.

"Master Flamel! Heres! Dobby has Stone of life!" The tiny voice said.

Stone of Life?Nicholas thought in shuddering pain.

The next thing he knew was something cool being pressed against his lips and the familiar trickle of something akin to nectar and honey fell into his throat. He swallowed it down greedily before searing pain entered his stomach, bitterness unlike anything he had felt in his long life! In fact…he felt that bitterness whenever he took…

"MEH VILXFR!" He shouted, the shout muffled by the stone and his sudden coughing fit.

Dobby could only watch as the Alchemist shot into a sitting position and coughed out the excess Elixir he had had swallowed wrong. After a few minutes he finally got his breath back before he looked at the House Elf.

"Elf, who are you?" Nick asked curious.

"I is Dobby sir Flamel. I is Lord Malfoy's house elf on behalf of Lord Revan's Heir, Misters Harry Potter nee Starwalker." Dobby reported making Nick Flamels eyes widen.

He vividly recalled meeting the old Head of the Malfoy house some fifty years ago but the last name…Starwalker. That brought about many, many memories. One stood out; a petite brown haired, emerald eyed woman in a white dress with a smile that could make the sun blush in shame at how it seemed to light up a room. Standing next to him was a man dressed a black robe, with a mask covering his face and hood protecting said mask with a black bowtie underneath his mask's chin. On the woman's right was a woman that looked like her save for the blue eyes and slightly pale complexion. She was dressed in more suited for the ceremony but she still had a strange cylinder at her side ready for anything. After the memory faded, the Alchemist's eyes gained some tears as more memories of the two came and went.

But his happiness quickly became rage as he recalled his old 'friend' Albus Dumbledore. The foolish boy had locked all memories from his mind about the stone, but thanks to Young Master Starwalker, he had it back.

"Penny, could you come here?" He called out to his wife of six hundred years.

Penelope Flamel could be described as one word; beauty. It was if Leonardo DaVinci himself had painted the woman herself for Nicholas…Now that it's been mentioned, Penelope recalled the time when she posed for him in making his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa. But that's another story for another time.

As she walked into her husband's den, she saw him sitting in a chair with a small house elf looking at him worredly and clutching a small red…stone.

"Nick? What happened? Why is there house elf here and is that…" She began to ask before she trailed off and her eyes glazed over making Nicholas shake his head as he watched his wife come out of her haze. "Uh…that is…what's going on?"

"Pen, I need you to take a long drink from this glass please." Nicholas said with a somber look on his face as he passed her a tall glass filled with red liquid.

"Alright?" She said confused but took the glass and took a swallow of the liquid.

The taste of honey filled her mouth and she couldn't help but moan in pleasure as the sweet liquid went down her throat. But once it hit her stomach, it began to churn and boil like she had just tasted something bitter. She began to cough as a severe pain coursed through her body. She let go of the glass but Nicholas caught both his wife and the glass just before it left her grip. He placed it off onto a table and began to rub her back for a few minutes to help ease some of the pain she was experiencing.

When she had stopped her spasms of pain, she slowly got up her eyes brim with anger.

"Dumbledore, that foolish boy! I will castrate him and then bind his core so tightly that it'll explode!" She snarled making Nicholas afraid of his wife for the second time in a long time.

Well, she's mad…but I wonder…who is Harry Potter really aiming for?Nicholas thought as he turned to Dobby.

"Dobby, can you take the both of us back to Harry Potter's location?" He asked.

"Yes…but dobby must know why so that no harm comes to him." Dobby said coldly making the two flamels nod in understanding.

"I wish to take him as an apprentice to the near lost art of Alchemy." Nicholas said making Pernelle gasp and Dobby's golf-ball eyes to get even wider in shock.

"Dobby…dobby understands." The tiny elf said as he held out his tiny arm.

Nicholas took it but was shocked as his wife grabbed his right shoulder.

"If you think I'm going to let you have a student all to yourself, you're wrong. I'm teaching him as well on Ancient Runes and basic arthimacy." She said with a grin making Nicholas smile and nod.

The three vanished from the home with a near silent pop.


Harry and Hermione listened to both Bastila and Revan as they told them the story of how the Sith lords had met the Flamels when they were interrupted by the pop of Dobby. Harry, upon seeing the male and female, unsheathed his Lightsaber and activated it with a snap, hiss and pointed it at the two. HK, upon seeing the two as well, brought forth its blaster and pointed it at the two.

"Who are you and why has Dobby brought you here?" Harry demanded making the two tense up.

"Harold James Potter I presume? I'm Nicholas Flamel, master alchemist and creator of the Sorcerer's stone." The man identified as Nicholas Flamel said.

"And I'm his wife, Pernelle Flamel Nee Fay, no relation to Morgan Le Fay though. A Rune mistress and Arithmacy Mistress."

Harry looked at the two from his mask and increased his force pressure as he like to call it.

"That answers who, but not the why." He said in a frigid tone.

That made the two chuckle lightly and understood where the boy was coming from.

"We're here to thank you for giving us back our stone and…and to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity." Nicholas said to the boy.

This made Harry's arm drop and deactivate the Lightsaber before he stowed it away. He cast a glance at Hermione before turning back to the Flamels.

"And what is this opportunity?" Harry asked warily.

The husband and wife shared a smile and both stepped forward.

"I offer to personally teach you, Harry and whomever you wish the art of Arithmacy and Ancient Runes." Pernelle said to the two young kids.

This blew the young minds of both Students; Anceint runes they could understand but Arithmacy was a different thing all together; it was only offered their second year. It was closely intertwined with Runes, Alchemy and wards. Harry thought quickly over this proposal; learning the math now would greatly help them out in the not so distant future. As the two discussed the possibilities the offer had in low whispers, Nicholas stepped up.

"I offer to personally teach you the near lost art of Alchemy and Transmutation. Bear in mind that this offer is only for you Harry Potter. I won't add anyone else." Nicholas said in a not so stage whisper.

That made the gears that made up Harry's mind grind to a sudden halt and elicited a gasp from Hermione; the art of Alchemy was nearly lost if it wasn't for Nicholas Flamel. Harry wasted no time; this was a golden opportunity and he wanted to know the art.

"I take you up on the offer, Mr. Flamel. And don't try to talk me into taking any more time because I will not. Learning Alchemy could very well help me out in facing down the Dark Lord." Harry said firmly making the two Flamels look at Harry confused.

"Dark Lord? Harry, he's dead." Hermione piped up making Harry ruefully chuckle.

"Is he? Hermione one thing I learned under Master Revan's teaching…is that Evil finds a way…always." He said making the room become chilled. "Besides…who said anything about old Flight from death? I was speaking about the Bumbling Bee."

That made Nicholas and Pernelle laugh; they had to agree with Harry's statement. Dumbledore's actions were borderline dark now that they had their memories back.

It was time to rein some hell on the young man.


Up in his office Dumbledore felt a shiver race up his spine. He didn't know why but he felt something was about to screw him over…badly.

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