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Chapter 5: Replacement

Harima walked into his room after that little show Yakumo created in the hall. He was slightly confused about everything that just took place. Yakumo told Harima that she couldn't come over any more and not only that, she was crying as well. It got him pondering the situation and silently walking to his room.

As soon as he opened the door, he realized that something indeed happened in his room. His manuscript was scattered all over the drawing table and floor. Plus, the pen Yakumo was using was laying on the floor with a couple of random knick knacks that fell from the shelves and one of those knick knacks were broken. Kenji then looked over to Akira and saw her reading, not even making a sound.

"Uhm, Akira?" Harima began, "Wh-"

"Yakumo had a family emergency. Her grandfather is dying and she has to visit him everyday from now on, so she can't help you finish your story," The maroon haired woman replied dully while reading her book.

"Oh," The boy said with concern, "That's terrible. Wait a minute! THAT MEANS I HAVE NO ONE TO HELP ME NOW! OH CRAP!"

The sunglasses bearing man began pacing really fast back and forth through his room, cupping his hands on his ears, "I'M SO SCREWED! NOW THERE IS NO WAY I CAN FINISH MY STORY IN TIME! WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW?"

Akira mentally smirked at the situation. Her first phase of the plan began underway: "Get rid of Yakumo and fill the place as Harima's drawing partner".

"I'll help you Harima."

That immediately stopped his panicking and it caused him to look at her with surprise, "A-Are you serious?

With her faceless demeanor kept in place, she replied, "Of course. Even though I may not create manga, I can still help with plots and character development. I've read many books and therefore can create a very redeeming storyline."

Harima seemed to take interest in this offer. There was literally no one else that could help him and the offer seemed too good to be true. He grimaced at her, "Wait a minute. What's the catch? You are known for being awfully devious from what I've heard around the school, so you must be planning something."

"I'm not planning anything, honest." She lied while standing up in front of the boy, " Just trust me. I am merely doing this for your benefit. There can be absolutely nothing I can gain except for more knowledge."

Well, he can't really read what she's thinking since her facial features never change. He is also on a tight deadline and from the way things were going, he wasn't going to have a job for very much longer unless he can pull this last minute partner off, "Alright, Akira. I really have no other choice so… sure. Why not?"

She smiled slightly at that response and walked over to his direction, "Well then, we don't have much time to waste. Let's do this."

And with that she began to help him pick up his manuscript from the floor.

(Space Break)

It was Monday morning as Harima finally found himself finished with his drawing assignment. Honestly, he couldn't believe how much Akira actually helped him. She was right when she told him about character development and redeeming plots. Her ideas were actually ingenious. Too ingenious to the fact that he basically hyperventilated at its awesomeness. Her drawing wasn't really much of anything though. Actually, it was terrible. Harima asked her to create a three panel manga of something from her mind as an example. It took her well over an hour to draw it and three more hours to revise it. But when she finally showed her hard work, he took the paper and saw deformed characters, misplaced speech bubbles, and boring panel placement. He actually snickered at it, which made the red headed girl narrow her eyes slightly.

Feeling he would get the third degree, he immediately began spouting off random compliments causing him to look like a fool. But in the long run, Akira took his compliments as an apology and forgave him. It took a while but he was able to finally convince her that it was just a slip.

Harima began dressing himself for his entry to the Dankosha office. To be honest, he looked like utter crap. He had stains all over his clothes that if they weren't from food, then they were from the ink and other drawing items. They were also littered with wrinkles and he needed to make a good impression since this was one of his better ideas. He also lacked sleep and had bags under his eyes from the last late night session they pulled. Once they finished their little endeavor around three a.m. in the morning, Akira fell asleep on his bed to get some shut eye. Harima on the other hand had to look over his manuscript a few more times and fix minor errors he created along the way that he didn't notice the first few times he looked it over. He really was impressed with the story because it was all he could think about. It was a little different than the rest of his stories that he created, not only for the plot, but also for the love interest as well. When he got back from the Dankosha office, he would really have to thank Akira for what she did.

He slipped on a suit as if he was going to court hearing and put on some penny loafers. Once he secured his suit with his hands, he turned his gaze over to Akira who was sleeping peacefully on his bed. Her eyes were closed softly while her chest moved up and down in a gentle motion. Her bangs parted in several different places revealing some of her forehead that gleamed in the early morning sun.

"Hey, Akira," He responded while pushing on her arm trying to wake her up, "We have to go the Dankosha office so I can submit my story. Hey are you even waking up?"

Akira made slight grumbles but shifted her body over to a corner of the bed to cover her face from the light.

Harima didn't want to bother her any further and only shook his head, 'Seems like she is really worn out. I guess I have no choice but to go alone.' Doing some last minute preparations to his clothes, he walked out of his apartment and locked his door while staring at his hard work. He was really proud of his story and he wanted to make one last good impression on his boss, 'Maybe I can receive a weekly serial if this rides smoothly. I can't get my hopes up too much, but I think I may actually have clear shot at publishing something good for once. Then, I can tell Tenma and I can finally profess my love for her,' He thought with a blush, "Dankosha, here I come!"

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