Language, sexual content. It wasn't supposed to be this long, but oh well.

"Alright class, so here's the word for this week's assignment!" Mr. Schue called out as he wrote it down on the whiteboard before underlining it. "Tenacity!"

He'd just barely gotten out the last syllable of the word when Rachel Berry promptly interrupted.

"Mr. Schuester, I don't think this is the best idea for Glee club at the moment. With Sectionals rapidly approaching, being tenacious is admittedly a good idea, but encouraging my already stubborn-minded teammates to be even more stubborn is not-"

Several indignant looks were thrown her way with a scoff from Santana and a disbelieving snort from Quinn.


Not even a pause. Mr. Schuester couldn't get a word in edgewise.

"While encouraging a good work ethic is ideal, perhaps the word should be changed from tenacity to determination to forgo any misconceptions and cause further stubbornness to arise, especially in the form of being too stubborn to listen to my perfect ideas when I already struggle enough to get them across-"

"Oh my god, shut up, Berry!" Santana cried, her hands flying to her ears. "Christ, I can't take it anymore! Either close your mouth or I'll fill it with my fist!" she snarled as Brittany's brow furrowed while she tried to keep up with Rachel's incessant babble.

"Santana..." Mr. Schue sighed and ran a hand through his thick brown curls.

"Mr. Schue, for once I actually agree with Santana. Rachel just flat out insulted us and is once again defying your authority. Frankly, I think you're allowing her to undermine you completely," Kurt said primly before giving his fellow diva a glare.

"Seriously, Mr. Schue. She did just sort of put all of us down...Again..." Finn mumbled.

Rachel huffed and stood up, stomping her foot for emphasis as she turned to face them, already pouting.

"I really think-"

"SHUT UP," the gleeks all chorused before Rachel could go on another inevitable rant.

"You're all being unreasonable!" Rachel scowled, crossing her arms.

"We're being unreasonable? Ay dios mio, I'm going to kill her," Santana snapped and Brittany put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"And she calls us stubborn," Mercedes mumbled to Kurt and he hummed his agreement.

Rachel threw them a livid glare before whirling on Mr. Schue who immediately looked defensive.

"Rachel, please just sit down and be quiet. You're being unfair and rude to everyone else-"

Cut off instantly.

"I am not! They just refuse to acknowledge their own flaws and you never take what I say into account even though I'm always right!" Rachel shrieked with all the anger of a toddler being told to go into the corner for a time out.

"Rachel, sit down!" Mr. Schue used his teacher's voice. "Now!"

For a moment they just stared each other down before Rachel gave a conceited little Hmph! And then stormed to the door, threw it open with a flourish and then slammed it shut dramatically, ignoring Mr. Schuester yelling at her from behind.

"Rachel-oh, forget it. I'm so tired of that," Mr. Schuester groaned as she disappeared before he turned back to the gleeks who all looked unimpressed and entirely annoyed within the first five minutes of class.

"Seriously, something has got to be down about that girl. She's gone off the diva chart to straight up tyrant," Mercedes said to a chorus of agreements.

"I swear if I hear her say more than five words in a sentence again I'm going to go Lima Heights on her, I swear," Santana muttered, shaking her head as Brittany combed her fingers through the Latina's hair, trying to calm her.

"Not that I'm hating on a fellow Jew or anything, but Mr. Schue, we really can't take much more of that," Puck put in.

"I know guys, I know," Mr. Schue sighed reclining against the piano.

Suddenly, Quinn, who had been silent the entire time stood up.

"Mr. Schue, I think I should go talk to Rachel. I think I can convince her to stop being such a brat," the hazel eyed girl said and several of the gleeks snorted.

"Quinn, I don't really see that working out. I appreciate the concern but you two have never been close and-"

"I know, Mr. Schue. But I'm serious. And it's not like we have many other options. I really think I know how to get her to chill out," Quinn insisted, using her HBIC voice to override his obvious skepticism.

It was quiet for a moment as Quinn stared him down, daring him to defy her when Finn said, "You might as well let her try. It's not like we have any other options."

Everyone shrugged and nodded. If Quinn wanted to try and convince Rachel to quit being a smarmy little brat, what the hell? Why not? They all thought she was just going to bitch her out anyway. If they couldn't, at least someone else would.

"Fine. You may go after her. Good luck," Mr. Schue sighed before waving towards the door.

"Yeah. You're gonna need it," Santana muttered under her breath.

Quinn didn't even hesitate as she swiftly departed the room, tenacious determination in her eyes.

Quinn found Rachel in the auditorium, her heavenly voice running through a large range of scales up on the stage. The blonde walked down the aisle, briefly captivated by the beautiful sound as she slowly approached the unaware diva.

Quinn had come here with a purpose; a purpose that made her skin feel warm and her heart beat a little faster –okay, a lot faster- than it should. She knew what she was going to do to make Rachel Berry chill out and stop being such a child about everything.

Quinn could only hope that her assumptions were correct. She'd been thinking about it for awhile and she was pretty sure now that they were. But if she was wrong and my god there was a great possibility that she was, she'd look and feel entirely stupid. Rachel would be offended, disgusted...

Oh, well. She was a Fabray. They were known for not giving a shit and doing what they wanted with the utmost confidence.

"Rachel," she called as she reached her, putting one hand on the piano and effectively startling the brunette.

"Quinn! Goodness, you scared me!" Rachel gasped, one hand flying to her chest as the blonde appeared before her.

Rachel paused as she took in Quinn's face and its expression. Hard hazel eyes glared into her own as the blonde's lips pressed into a firm line.

"Why aren't you in Glee? Shouldn't you be practicing being even more stubborn than usual?" Rachel finally huffed out before turning back to her sheet music and shuffling through it, when in truth all of her attention was on Quinn. Even though Quinn was no longer a Cheerio and no longer led an all out war against her, their relations were still pretty nonexistent and hostile when they did exist.

Quinn had to take a moment to work a muscle in her jaw to keep from snapping out an instant insult.

"No, considering that's not even a completely accurate definition of tenacity. And you're one to talk about being stubborn. That temper tantrum was pathetic," Quinn replied in her soft, husky voice before taking another step closer to Rachel who flinched.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I believe that storm out was timed correctly and for maximum emphasis-"

"You know, I think I've figured out why you talk so much," Quinn interrupted, taking another step forward until she was right up next to Rachel with only an inch separating them.

Startled, Rachel turned her brown eyes up to look at Quinn. She turned her body so as to move back a bit, but Quinn only towered over her, staring deep into her soul with those piercing hazel eyes. Starbursts of gold and green kept Rachel still.

"W-what? Quinn, I-I don't think this is showing proper r-respect for personal space," Rachel stammered, though she made no move to get away.

"I think I finally get why you're so stressed all the time, why you're so tense and uptight," Quinn ignored her as she put one hand on either side of Rachel, trapping her against the piano with her arms. She couldn't back out now. She latched onto what little confidence she had and milked it for everything it was worth.

Quinn couldn't stop now. She just couldn't. She'd waited for too long. She had to act.

"Q-Quinn, what are you doing? Y-you're standing awfully close and I-I don't know what you're talking about. I am perfectly relaxed and...And..."

Rachel's stuttering did nothing to deter Quinn who only tilted her head down, the subtle display of power and intimidation making Rachel clamp her mouth shut. Quinn didn't miss the way Rachel's knees trembled in her knee high plaid socks, or the way her chest began to rise and fall a little faster.

And she definitely didn't miss the way those pupils dilated rapidly, consuming milk chocolate irises.

In that moment, she knew she was right. She knew what had Rachel Berry ticking.

"I know what it is that's making you so frustrated Rachel. I know why you get so agitated so easily. I see you, all the time, in the hallways, in Glee. I see the way your eyes linger when Brittany and Santana dance in their Cheerio's skirts. I see the way you cross your legs when Puck does his whole rock star routine. Most of all, I see the way you watch me," Quinn murmured, her voice laced with seduction, hazy and teasing.

Quinn knew she was taking a chance on that last part but she was still pretty sure. But Rachel squirmed, and when she spoke, her voice was soft and small. Quinn attacked sensing weakness like a lioness would to her prey.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she breathed. "S-so if you would p-please just back away a bit so I can..."

"Is that really what you want, Rachel? I don't think it is. I see how you watch me, all the time. You stare and you squirm and bite your lip. You shift your thighs to try and find some way to relax, but you just can't, can you? Even now you aren't really trying to get away because you know. And I know, too, why you're so. Fucking. Tense," Quinn's voice became a growl and she couldn't stop the rush that went straight to her core when Rachel shuddered and wriggled beneath her, shuffling her legs.

"Quinn...Quinn, I..."

Rachel Berry had no words. She just couldn't speak as Quinn Fabray glared down on her, her upper lip curled just slightly as the heat of her body hovered just out of reach. She didn't understand how Quinn had figured out why she was so easily irritated or riled up, but somehow she knew. She knew.

Rachel just needed...She was just so...

"Shh," Quinn's finger came up to press against soft, pouty lips, silencing the diva. She swore she could hear Rachel whimper and a tingle raced up her spine. "It's okay, Rachel. Because I'm going to release all that tension for you, till you're so relaxed that you're speechless," Quinn whispered before she pulled her finger down, dragging it over sensitive lips before she dropped her hand.

Then she swept forward and kissed Rachel Berry, hard on the mouth.

Rachel's startled squeak was swallowed by Quinn's heart shaped lips. The kiss was firm and passionate, deep and coaxing. Quinn felt Rachel tense up and felt tiny hands grab hold of her waist-how she ever thought they were manly, she didn't know- and squeeze as if preparing to push her away.

But then Rachel was melting into her as the blonde melded their bodies together, one hand cupping the back of the brunette's head to keep her there, hold her steady as she kissed her hotly, hungrily. Quinn's nerves dissipated as she felt a raw hungry power flood her as Rachel whimpered and went lax against her body, clinging to her.

It only took one swipe of her tongue to part Rachel's strawberry tasting lips and delve into the warm cavern of her mouth. She swirled her own silky appendage inside, stroking along the roof of Rachel's mouth and making the girl clutch at her black and white sweater desperately. Quinn felt her panties getting sticky and clinging to her wetness with only one, intense kiss.

"Fuck," Quinn hissed as they parted with a smack, a string of saliva snapping between them as she spoke. She was dizzy with desire. "Come here, Rachel."

A dazed looking Rachel looked up at her with big, brown doe eyes as Quinn dragged her behind the curtains to the backstage and into one of the changing rooms, shoving her into the couch inside as she kicked the door shut.

Rachel fell into the couch heavily; argyle skirt riding up her toned, tan thighs as Quinn immediately darted forward, straddling her.

"God, you have no idea how long I've waited to do this," Quinn growled as she cupped Rachel's cheeks and brought her forward for another searing kiss. Rachel moaned then as Quinn's ass pushed into her lap and ground down.

The noise sent another flood of heat into Quinn's core and she moaned back before pulling her lips away and darting for the flesh of Rachel's neck. She pressed hot, open mouthed kisses to Rachel's pulse point, unable to resist marking her by sucking and nipping the tender flesh.

"Quinn!" Rachel gasped, breathless as she tossed her head back, giving the blonde complete access to her throat.

Rachel thought she must be dreaming; Quinn Fabray, mounted over her lap and necking her like a woman possessed. But oh, god, it felt so good. She wriggled beneath the blonde as Quinn's fingers snapped the buttons on her white cotton blouse, yanking it apart and tearing the last one. She didn't even care because then Quinn was unsnapping her bra and she was completely exposed. She didn't even have time to blush or second guess herself as Quinn swept her up in waves of lust.

"God, Rachel, why do you hide such amazing tits?" Quinn groaned as she cupped those full, bouncy mounds, squeezing and massaging as cute little brown nipples hardened into her palms.

"Oh god," Rachel keened and bucked her hips up as Quinn kissed her again before sliding off her lap and onto her knees. It only took a second for Quinn to release her right breast and dive forward to take a pebbled nipple into her mouth, sucking it between her lips as she swirled it with her hot tongue.

Rachel mewed and then moaned loudly when Quinn's teeth bit into it, tugging it gently before she soothed it with her tongue once more. Her sounds were as heavenly as her voice portrayed in her singing; Quinn was consumed by the mad desire to hear more. She wanted, needed more of Rachel Berry and her soft tanned skin, her sweet taste.

"Does that feel good, Rachel? Huh?" Quinn whispered in her husky voice as she switched breasts, pampering the other with the same treatment as Rachel writhed beneath her and she pressed her taut abdomen between the girl's thighs where her sweater had ridden up. Rachel gave a long, loud moan at the touch.

Quinn's eyes rolled back at the feel of Rachel's heat through her damp panties. Rachel's knees came up and fell apart as those perfect abs pressed against her, urgent for more contact. She bucked and Quinn growled into her chest, sucking between her breasts to leave yet another mark as she abandoned swollen, rosy nipples.

"Answer me," she grunted, digging her nails into the tops of Rachel's thighs.

"Yes!" Rachel cried breathlessly as Quinn rocked into her. "It feels good," she whimpered. "So good."

"Yeah?" Quinn chuckled as she dragged her tongue down Rachel's flat tummy and flipped up her skirt, taking a moment to swirl and dip the tip into her bellybutton, earning herself more whimpers.

"Mhm, " Rachel hummed, pushing her head back and spreading for Quinn, so hot and desperate for more. "Please, Quinn..."

"Please what, Rach? What do you want, baby?" Quinn mumbled into her belly as she pressed her palms to the insides of Rachel's thighs, stroking her.

"I need...Please, I..."

"Say it, Rachel," Quinn growled, leaning back to look deep into wide, dark brown eyes.

Her breath caught; they were so hungry and Rachel's lips were swollen, bruised. Her neck was spotted by a hickey, her breasts exposed and marked as well with firm nipples standing at attention. Rachel looked so...So sexy, so fucking delicious...So eatable...

Quinn felt desire race through her veins, burning her from the inside as she squeezed her legs together.

"I want you," Rachel whimpered. "I...I want you to touch me...Please..."

Under any other circumstance, Quinn might have teased Rachel, asked her where she wanted to be touched, how badly she wanted it, but she couldn't. Not when Rachel was giving her that pleading look, like she wanted nothing else but to be devoured by Quinn.

Quinn darted forward and kissed the brunette solidly as she yanked her panties down, off her legs as Rachel lifted her ass off the couch to help. And then she pulled those long, toned legs over her shoulders, her heart pounding as she ducked her head and came face to face with Rachel's pussy.

It was so wet; Rachel's folds were coated in her slippery desire and she smelled so goddamn good. Her musky scent flooded Quinn's head and made her feel drunk. Swollen, pouty lips were parted as a firm little nub nestled between those slick folds, peeking out for attention. Rachel was shaved; all it she could see was wet pink flesh begging to be touched.

"God, Rachel...Fuck..." Quinn grunted before she dove in, unable to resist any longer. Her tongue pressed flat against Rachel's pussy, dragging along the entire length before the tip flicked across her aching clit, sending sparks of pleasure dancing through it.

"Quinn!" Rachel squealed as her thighs instantly closed around Quinn's head, desperate to keep her right there.

Quinn's hearing was muffled by silky thighs as she began hungrily lapping between Rachel's legs, swiping her tongue between Rachel's folds again and again. She circled her tongue around and around Rachel's clit, never actually touching it as the brunette's fingers locked into her thick blonde locks, tugging urgently.

It was ambrosia to Quinn; perfect, delicious and heady. She brought her hand up and plunged a finger into Rachel's creamy hole and began to pump in and out, in and out.

"Q-Qui-" Rachel's voice broke in the best way as she rocked her hips for more. She let out a sharp cry when Quinn wrapped her lips around her erect nub and suckled it like a piece of hard candy, sealing it inside her warm mouth. Another finger was added and Rachel's head slammed into the back of the couch as the blonde finger fucked her slick, hot walls.

"F-Fuck-Quinn, I can't-" Rachel's incoherent whimpers and moans and cries were sending jolts of pleasure straight to Quinn's core as she buried herself further into this heaven. Rachel was so tight and her insides fluttered around Quinn's fingers. The overwhelming need to make Rachel Berry climax consumed her like a wildfire.

"Quinn," Rachel whimpered, and as she looked down at the blonde head working between her legs, her eyes met hard, icy hazel that glared up at her with pure lust. The sight of Quinn Fabray staring up at her from between her thighs as she ate her pussy and fucked her hole sent Rachel over the edge.

Rachel's hips bucked up again and again and she stiffened up with a sharp cry. She came hard as white heat engulfed her walls and her pussy felt like it absolutely melted with the orgasm.

Quinn's eyes rolled back when she felt Rachel's insides convulse as she felt the girl cum all around her knuckles. She even felt a tremor roll through her own sex, nearly climaxing just from going down on the brunette.

Rachel's body fell back to the couch as she fell back to earth. Her thighs released their death grip on Quinn as she went limp, relaxing deeply. Her legs felt like jelly as Quinn gently licked her clean before pulling her (ruined) panties back up and flipping her skirt down.

They were silent in the aftermath as Rachel panted to get her breath back, looking completely and utterly satisfied as she lay there with heavy lidded eyes.

Quinn struggled to ignore the ache between her legs. That wasn't what this was about. This was about Rachel. This was about getting rid of all the tension inside the girl that made her so uptight and annoying. It was about taming the smothered, horny longing within her so she'd stop being such a brat.

But really, it was about the fact that Quinn Fabray longed for Rachel Berry. To touch her. To fuck her. To take her. To hold her...

No. Not to hold her. Not that...She couldn't admit that to herself. Not then. Not ever.

Rachel ended up breaking the silence.

"You know, I'm not the only one that's too uptight around here. You're just as tense as I am, brooding and seething all the time, Quinn," she said, her voice soft, but sultry.

Quinn didn't reply, just stayed on her knees in front of Rachel. She didn't dare hope for that...Rachel wouldn't really want to...But she was always looking at Quinn during Glee so maybe...Just maybe...

"I should return the favor. I'm sure Glee will definitely fair better if we're both relaxed and calm during class..."

Quinn couldn't stop the smirk on her face as she thought Score!

"Mm, maybe you're right," Quinn replied softly, feeling her sex clench at the thought. Deep down, she knew she wanted more, but she could definitely settle for that at the moment.

"I'm always right," Rachel smirked back, only this time, it was playful (even if she was still being serious).

Then she leaned in and kissed Quinn and set about the task of...relaxing the other girl.

The next day at Glee, Rachel was entirely respectful, polite and actually likeable throughout the entire class period.

"Jeez, Fabray, I don't know what you did but it sure as hell worked," Santana cocked an eyebrow as they all stood up to leave and Rachel smiled serenely, not calling after them about practicing and not goofing off over the weekend. "Hopefully it'll keep working."

"Oh, I'm sure it will. I think I've figured out a way to keep Rachel nice and relaxed all the time," Quinn replied, smirking as she thought about the arrangement she and Rachel had made to help keep each other 'relaxed'. Santana eyed her suscpiciously.

"Speaking of which, you're looking pretty chill yourself. You're usually pretty uptight, too. What did you do anyway?"

Quinn just smiled.