A/n: I'll try and experiment in writing a song-fic. Enjoy! Don't own anything except this fic! I'll try to reach 20 songs!

Chapter 1: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Aichi had always been alone with no one to play with or talk to. The only people in his life that only cared for him were his little sister and mother. No one else in this world would approach a meek, soft-spoken boy such as himself. At school and in public, people would walk pass him as if he didn't exist. He was closed off from love, didn't need the pain of loneliness.

Time began to pass as seasons changed, day turned into night like a cycle. That very day, the day that he met him, Toshiki Kai, the boy who changed his life.

For the very first time with him, and whenever he's with him, Aichi's heart would melt in ecstasy. Although, he usually wouldn't admit it publicly of his affections for the older boy he looked up to Kai like a role model. His heart would skip a beat by one accidental (or was it?) touch or by a certain look from the brunette. Once he accidentally admitted his affections for Kai, his friends looked at him as if he was crazy for falling for a seemingly cold, distant boy like Kai. Kai never showed emotion or any care to anyone, but Aichi didn't care what they say.

He was in love with Kai.

"Aichi! Let's hurry! We don't want to be late!" Morikawa pushed Aichi towards the exit of the shop, along with Izaki following beside him.

"Hurry… for what, Morikawa-kun?"

"We don't want to miss the chance in seeing Kourin-chan!" he chimed as the doors slid opened. Aichi frowned. He glanced behind him towards Kai who sat at one of the desks with a neutral expression plastered on his face, his face resting on his palm and leg crossed over the other. Kai didn't seem to care about anything around him with his eyes closed, while Miwa sat across from him with a toothy grin.

Aichi's face saddened with his eyes slightly lowered and eyebrows slightly furrowed. When his friends around, they would try to pull him away with his chance to be with Kai alone. He never argued or told his friends off for he liked his friends. However, they don't understand the truth…about his heart that he would so give up for Kai.

Every moment he thought about it, he keep bleeding love… how much Kai cut him open.

Aichi mentally covered his ears, trying hard not to hear, but his friends, mostly Morikawa and Kamui talk so loud with their piercing sounds filling his earstrying tofill him with doubt. Yet, he knew the goal to keep himself from falling.

There was nothing greater than the rush that came with his embrace as Kai unexpectedly came up behind him, Aichi's heart raced with flushed cheeks. Aichi's astonished expression softened with slightly closed lids slowly closing; his cheeks tinted with pink hue. A gentle smile graced his lips welcoming the soft, warm touch. In this world of loneliness, Aichi always saw Kai's face yet everyone around him thinks that he's going crazy…

Maybe, just maybe…. he's imagining things, but that didn't matter.

Aichi don't care what they say, he's in love with Kai. He….

Keep bleeding

Keep, keep bleeding love