Chapter 3: Now You Tell Me by Jordin Sparks

"It's none of your business," He said firmly, not gazing at the other boy or anybody in particular.

None of his business….

None of my business…

Aichi stared at the brunet; his words repeated in his mind. He stared at him intently. What was wrong being so concerned? What was wrong about caring for someone you considered a friend?

A slight flashback of when Kai had a cardfight with Ren flashed in his mind.

A smirk laced the red-haired man's lips. "It's a shame, Kai," Ren spoke in a calm, spiteful yet mocking, tone. "For you to come this far, yet be brought to an End." Ren thought he didn't need Kai nor that he wanted to see him ever again. He lightly scoffed to the side before turning his back to the brunet and walking away with Tetsu and Asaka following after, both of them not looking back at the defeated teen.

Kai clenched his fists tight until his knuckles turned pale white before slamming them onto the table. Aichi approached him from behind to comfort him only to be shouted at with, "Go away! Leave me alone…" Aichi had recoiled slightly by the harsh tone.

Aichi worried over him ever since that night. Whenever they met, words of condolence became stuck in his throat- all but a weak, "Kai-kun". Their eyes never met; Kai just ignored him. Aichi couldn't handle Kai being hurt; it was a side he had never seen before.

Is there anything that can make you happy?

I don't know what to say to make it better

Seeing you like this, down and hurt so badly

When you have been so kept together

A thought had slapped his mind. He didn't know what connection Kai had with Ren or understood what their fight was about. Aichi questioned Kai about it only for the question(s) to be returned in a nonchalant tone: "It's none of your business", "You don't need to know", "It's nothing."

Aichi bit his bottom lip, starting to get a little annoyed with Kai refusing to tell him anything! "I'm concerned about you, Kai-kun! I'm worried about you!" he blurted out. He didn't feel embarrassed about it as he gave the other teen a stern, yet concerned, glance.

Kai only stared at Aichi- teal to blue for a moment before averting. "Then maybe it would be better if you won't care so much about me," he spoke before walking away. Aichi's eyes had widened slightly then. He didn't call out to Kai as he walked away. He lowered his head; defeated eyes seemingly staring at his feet. His lips quivered in small movements before lightly biting his inner bottom lip to hold in the unshed tears swelling in his eyes.

Based on Aichi's point of view, Kai seemed desperate for Ren, to see and face him in a cardfight. Before their fight, they had locked eyes and stayed in position for a moment. At the very mentioning of Ren's name, Kai expressed a certain emotion Aichi couldn't figure out.

Was Kai in love with Ren?

Aichi tilted his head upwards to see a speck, that was Kai, in the distance. He forced himself forward, to have his feet and legs run towards him. Inside, he wanted to know. "Kai-kun!" he called. Luckily, Kai had stopped in his tracks. Aichi took in a breath.

"Do you…. Love Ren?" His voice softened at mentioning Ren's name feeling a bit of pain inside his chest.

Kai returned with a flat, "No."

He is… I know he is… yet I don't want to believe it Aichi mused from the back of his mind. Before Aichi said anymore, Kai continued on his way setting his distance farther and farther from Aichi.

You're in love, but that's not what it was

All those times that passed by with no signs

And now you're telling me

You miss me, boy why couldn't I see?

And my heart don't agree with what you're telling me


The said boy turned around and became surprised to see Kai after not seeing him for a long while. Shin suggested everyone to leave the two boys alone and have their moment in the corner of the shop. Kamui pouted and complained he was in a middle of fight with Aichi, but Misaki gave him a stern, piercing glance. Aichi apologized and mentioned it would take a minute or maybe a few. It was a good thing only Shin, Misaki, Kamui, and Miwa were the only ones in the shop. Misaki had to kick out Morikawa ignoring his loud protests for she knew he would "ruin the moment". Izaki had followed his friend soon after.

It was silent for the moment when Aichi gave Kai his undivided attention. Aichi had heard from the others that Kai had turned his head against them, ignoring their concerns, including Miwa's. Why did Kai come to him, specifically? Why was he the first person he came to? Aichi stared into his teal eyes, beautiful teal eyes that pierced into his blue ones. No words needed to be spoken as Aichi read the emotion in the brunet's heart. Kai's eyes, he read, were pleading that Kai needed him.

What's this?

All this time I thought you didn't need me

Now I've gone from you and now you tell me

Aichi quickly turned his heel to have his back face Kai at a sudden realization. He remembered Kai pushing him away numerous times when he just wanted to console him. Should he care now?

You were nonchalant, strong, and unaffected

And you never wanted me to be there

I never saw your heart, that's how close you kept it

So right now I'm so unsure how to care

Aichi knew, he saw of all those times he knew Kai and him being his teammate along with Misaki and Kamui. Kai had always been nonchalant and strong in Vanguard fights, and barely showed emotion. Aichi never saw Kai's heart, what he truly felt or was thinking as Kai always kept his heart tightly close to him.

Aichi had realized and noticed all too late during those times they knew each other. No attention was given to him from Kai despite his efforts.

No affection was given when Aichi felt hurt by harsh words.

Aichi had continued to chase after Kai, hoping and wishing for attention and affection from Kai; everything to be turned down in the end.

No attention was given

No affection from you to heal the hurt

I was hoping

I was wishing

Just to listen and to hear those words

Aichi felt his heart heave in partial guilt. He couldn't be mad at Kai. As he turned his head to see if Kai was still behind him, arms had embraced him over the shoulders. Kai's lukewarm breath brushed against his ear which ignited a sudden tingle down Aichi's spine.


"I'm sorry," he whispered, his throat hardened. "I need you, Aichi."

Aichi gently touched Kai's arm. He forgave him; yet the other side of his heart didn't agree with what Kai was telling him.

You're in love, but that's not what it was

All those times that passed by with no signs

And now you're telling me

You miss me, boy why couldn't I see?

And my heart don't agree with what you're telling me