Hidan walked out of his blood circle, and closed it. He picked up his discarded cloak and looked up into the midnight sky. Might as well check on Ami. Ami had been Hidan's first love. Yeah, Hidan had been around for more than 90 years, but he had never been in love. He was in lust from the time he woke up until the time he fell asleep, however.

The purple eyed man secured his scythe on his back and walked towards the house in which she resided in. She had loved him… before she had figured out who he really was. A masochist, sadist, potty-mouth, Jashin-worshiping 'freak' as she had called him. He was herself around him, but when it started getting sexual; she flipped out on his requests and left him. That was over 20 years ago.

He just recently found out where she lived and had looked inside her house for the past two nights. Tonight, he planned to get inside and take her back. He didn't care if he had to do it with her kicking and screaming, he was going to get her back. The silver-haired man trudged along, and saw smoke emoting from Ami's house. Hidan's stomach dropped as he ran towards the house.

He saw a figure on the ground, crawling. He squinted his eyes and saw that it was Ami. Her hazel eyes were widened with shock as she had a toddler in her hands that was squirming frantically. She coughed and screamed as a burning beam from her house collapsed on top of her. Hidan sucked in his breath, and grabbed the toddler. He had a black hole in his heart, but if he couldn't have Ami, at least he could have her kid.

Hidan took the kid back to his hotel room. He sat her on the bed and examined her as if she had some contagious disease. She stood up and pointed at Hidan, "Purple," was all she said. Hidan cocked an eyebrow and scowled; then remembered the color of his eyes. "Oh yeah, I fucking forgot. Yes, my eyes are purple." Hidan said as the girl walked over towards him. Her blue eyes gazed into his purple ones and she stood on his knee, and her eyes were right in front of his. "Purple." Hidan sighed. Why did I fucking save her?

"Yuki! Get the fuck up!" Hidan yelled from the living room. Yuki stirred in her and Hidan's bed. She rolled over, yawned, and blinked her hazel eyes open. She got up and stood in front of the full-body length mirror, and brushed her mid-back length black hair. When she was born, she had blue eyes from her father, but as she got older, they changed to hazel. However, whenever she cried, her eyes got a bluish hue to them. Thus, she hated crying, and Hidan would look at her eyes and know something was wrong.

Hidan knew everything. Yuki was convinced he was a god. She blinked, and walked down the stairs. It was 10 years ago when Hidan had rescued her from a most certain death. Yuki loved him for that. She didn't mind not having any parents. All she needed was her master, and she was happy. She turned the corner and strutted into the living room, seeing her master sitting casually on the green microfiber couch. She smirked and sat down next to him.

"Good morning Master." Yuki smiled at Hidan. Hidan smirked, so happy that he had gotten her into the habit of calling him 'Master'. He had made her call him that since she was three. The 11 year old Yuki yawned once more, and stretched. Hidan looked at her waist as the shirt she was wearing lifted and he could see her flat tummy. Besides her shirt, she on some panties. She always wore that as night clothes. One of Hidan's shirts and a pair of her panties.

The purple-eyed man unconsciously licked his lips as he looked Yuki in the eye. She smiled at him, and then he winked at her. Her master had just taught her this a year ago. Whenever he caught her eye and winked at her, she would have to stop whatever she was doing and kiss him. He taught her to do so when she turned 11, and her twelfth natal day was only two days away. Yuki got on her knees and crawled over to him. Yuki threw her right leg over her master, and was in the 'w' position facing towards him. She leaned forward and kissed him. Hidan moaned as she was sitting on top of his crotch. He snuck his tongue into her mouth, and stuck his hands up her shirt.

Yuki moaned as he fiddled with her nipples. Although Yuki was still a tween, she had already grown to B cups, which was big for her age. Yuki grinded her waist against Hidan's and his eyes rolled as he started to kiss her hungrily. Jashin this girl has a natural gift! She always knows how to turn me on! I get so fucking horny because of her! Yuki kissed back with an equal amount of hunger, as she arched her back while Hidan continued to fiddle with her nipples.

Hidan turned and pinned her to the couch. He stopped kissing her and pulled her panties down. He noticed that they were soaking wet with her natural lubricants. He smirked and shoved a finger inside of her. Yuki gasped and bit her lip as she fluttered her eyes at Hidan. "Ohh… Master, this again." Hidan nodded his head as he stuck another finger inside and started thrusting them in and out of her. Yuki moaned and she thrust her pelvis into his fingers so they would get deeper. What she didn't know if Hidan was training her to react like that when he was going to start having sex with her.

Yuki put her hand around his and tried to get him to go faster and with more force. Hidan smirked as he felt himself get aroused by her trying to take control. "Master... ohh… ahh… Oh Master, you make me feel so good… mmm…" She moaned as she felt herself start to climax. Her juices went all over Hidan's fingers and he pulled them out and sucked the juices off. "Yuki, I can tell you've been eating your yogurt everyday."

"Yes I have Master! How did you know?" Yuki exclaimed as she kissed Hidan full on the lips. "Because, Yuki, I can taste it when I do that to you." Her eyes brightened, knowing that she had pleased her master. She didn't like it when he was mad at her. He would throw things, cuss more, and sometimes smack her. She loved when she could make him happy. "Now, go make me an omlette." Hidan purred as he helped her put her panties back on. Yuki regarded her master with a quick kiss, and leaped off the couch, and Hidan slapped her perky ass as she walked into the kitchen.

About five minutes later Yuki walked into the living room and handed him a plate with his omlette. "A bacon, ham, and cheese omlette for my master." Hidan smiled and thanked her. Yuki sat down next to him with a bowl of cereal and stared at the TV. When a commercial came on, Hidan looked at Yuki, "I have to go to a meeting tonight." Yuki pouted as she scooted closer to Hidan.

"But… but… I thought we were gonna have a movie night." Hidan rolled his eyes, "I don't have time for your God damned childish movies, and you know that." Yuki lowered her head and poked at her cereal. "You're right Master, I apologize." Hidan knew he was cruel, but he quite frankly didn't care. He was an S-ranked criminal for fucks sake.

"Don't worry about dinner tonight. I'll bring home take-out." His purple orbs stared at his slave. He loved her, he truly did. He had raised her for his own pleasure. It took long enough, but she was finally going to be twelve. She had been a beautiful child growing up, but she had started blossoming into a gorgeous young lady. Had had fiddled with her when she was younger, but it wasn't enjoyable. He liked 'em young, though; just not too young. Meanwhile, he had to get whores and sluts to get his rocks-off.

Yuki stood up, and collected their plates and dishes. She accidentally dropped her napkin, and bent over to pick it up. Of course, the napkin had fallen right in front of her master, so she made sure she bent over slow. She loved teasing her master, she knew he hated it, but loved it at the same time. While Hidan was gone, she would watch a bunch of different shows, and see what men liked, and what they didn't like.

She did it so she could pleasure her master when he finally asked, no, her master would never ask her. He would tell her to. Hidan was getting into the show and he snarled, she's in the god damned way! He opened his mouth to complain, but saw how nice and perky her tiny little ass was. He also saw how wet she was from being pleasured by him. He smirked and leaned forward and clamped his teeth into her ass. Yuki definitely did not expect that at all.

She jumped forward with a yelp and Hidan had an enraged look in his eyes. "What the fuck, Yuki? When I do something to you, you must never jump away or yelp. That is a bad slave. Never do that in my presence again." Yuki's eyes widened and teared up as she nodded her head with a feeble "Yes master," as she power-walked into the kitchen. Hidan stood up and grabbed his cloak, and walked into the kitchen.

"Yuki, I'm leaving. C'mere." Yuki set the dishes in the sink and strolled over to her master, her arms wide open. "Goodbye Master, I love you, and I'll be thinking about you." Yuki kissed him on his lips and Hidan forced his tongue into her mouth and put her up on the kitchen counter. Yuki tongue wrestled with him and he pulled away. "I love you too."

Hidan threw on his cloak as he walked out of his house. It wasn't very big; yeah it had an upstairs, but only about ten stairs up with one bedroom and a whole bath. The bottom half of the house had a living room, kitchen, dining room (which they never used), and a half bath. Very simple. Hidan ran at lightening speed towards the Akatsuki lair. Yuki knew he was in Akatsuki, but she didn't exactly and completely know what the organization was. She knew he was an S-ranked criminal, but she loved him anyways.

That was the thing about women. Most of them were like dogs. You kick them against the wall, and they come back wagging their tail. Hidan most certainly would never hurt her… by kicking her. He would hurt her with sexual things. But she had been used to pain, Hidan made sure of that. Little Yuki was strong. Hidan had brainwashed her right. He smirked as she sped past the trees, strategically dodging them as if someone was watching him. He always loved looking cool.

He had finally made it to the Akatsuki lair; he appeared inside, his infamous smirk plastered on his face as he walked to where the other group members were standing. The leader, Pein, stopped and turned his gray, swirly eyes upon Hidan's statuesque form. Hidan quirked an eyebrow and his purple eyes glowed in the dimness of the cave. "Well Hidan," Pein's deep voice echoed in the cave, "Why are you late?"

Hidan narrowed his eyes, "Sorry, the slut that was blowing me took too long." He heard snorts and scoffing from the various members and a few rolling of the eyes as his smirk grew bigger. Pein shook his head, his bright, tall spiky orange hair didn't even falter. "Very well, let's get this meeting started."

Yuki came back downstairs, her wet hair soaked through her shirt, the bottom of her flare jeans hitting her calves. She had taken a shower to clean herself up from her sexual deed with Hidan. She knew that most girls her age haven't even been kissed, more or less fingered. She was mature though, she could handle it. She had some innocence as a child. Hidan did cuss around her, and spank her and other things. Hidan was like a parent, but also an older brother, and soon to be her lover. She knew he was going to take her virginity. She wasn't stupid.

The only things she and Hidan have done were fingering and handjobs. They haven't tried "oral" yet. Which Yuki looked up and was very surprised to see what was going to happen with that. She moved her hair from her back, as for she detested wet shirts. Especially her favorite one. It was an ebony shirt with a black cat yowling as it sat on a dead woman. It was based off of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat." She did have a dark mindset, but who could blame her. She hadn't asked for the lifestyle she was given.

Although, she had to admit, that it wasn't too bad. She had a roof over her head, money to spend as she pleased, a man giving her love and pleasure. It took her a while to get Hidan to tell her he loved her. Men were like that, she had come to find out. She read Cosmopolitan all the time, so she learned that men had a hard time saying how they truly felt, well, about emotions. Hidan wasn't afraid to hide his opinions, he was headstrong, very much so, at that. But his emotions were a little harder to get to. Yuki sat down on the couch and had a bowl of popcorn when the doorbell rang. She bounced up, and rushed to get the door.

She looked through the peephole, and let in her best friend Aki. Aki had big bright blue eyes and red hair. He was about 14 and was about six feet tall. Aki bent over to hug his friend, "Hey girl! I'm so excited that you decided to let me come over!" Yuki squeezed him back, taking a step back from her friend and saw that he brought over a soda and some chips. "Oh Aki! You know what to bring! Come on, I made bean dip." Aki clapped his hands in excitement and set down the soda in the kitchen and poured some chips on his plate, and scooped up some bean dip on as well. After Yuki cleaned up the food (in case Hidan suddenly burst in the door), she sat down next to her blue eyed friend and put in the movie.

"Yuki, Yuki wake up." Aki shrugged his shoulder and her head snapped as she heard the turning of the doorknob. Her eyes widened as she fell off the couch to hide the soda. Hidan made sure she never had potato chips or soda; he wanted her to be as healthy as she could be. She was sure Aki could get himself out the back door. The front door swung open and Hidan stepped in, she could only see his hair and his eyes shine as he looked over to the back door, where Aki was still fiddling with the lock.

Hidan was suddenly across the house, on top of Aki, pinning him to the wood floor. Aki made a gasp-like noise and Yuki stood at the edge of the kitchen, pressed against the wall.