A/N: Hello all! Sorry it took so long, but here it is! It is sickening, and there is a lot of erotica in it, I know. This is how I view Hidan and his slave. Reviews are appreciated! They make me write faster. Please enjoy!

After they had eaten, Hidan sat down with Yuki and watched some of her favorite movies. She sat next to him, her brunette head laid upon his shoulder. It got to a sex scene and Yuki somewhat blushed. She had seen it before, never done it, but was sure she was going to one day. It wasn't truly awkward, but it was kind of weird that Hidan was next to her when said intercourse was ensuing. She felt his lower jaw shift slightly and glanced over to see him licking his lips.

Yuki acted like she didn't notice as his eyes flickered to her face. Yuki kept watching the screen, attempting to keep her face completely neutral, like it was no big deal. It was a very graphic sex scene that lasted a while. It was a movie about a girl finding her one true love, and it was their first time having sex ever. She could tell Hidan was enjoying it.

Yuki kept rubbing her legs together, which Hidan noticed. His purple orbs widened then squinted slightly as his smirk danced across his face. He pushed Yuki back and crawled on top of her as he roughly kissed her. She didn't expect it, and gasped, then started kissing back. His hands wondered all over her body, not missing a single inch as he groped her body. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she pulled him closer, which caused a growl of pleasure rumble throughout Hidan's body.

Yuki smirked, satisfied with his reaction and ran her fingers through his silver hair. She had known that he was way old; older than her parents, probably older than her grandparents, if they were still alive. But she didn't mind. He acted like an adolescent anyway, and was just as horny as one. She leaned her head back and arched her back as he kissed down her neck. He rubbed his hands all over her slim body. He smirked as he saw that she had arched her back for him to continue kissing down her slender neck.

He looked into her half-lidded hazel eyes and saw that they shone in utter lust as she gazed at him in anticipation. He felt himself grow harder at the thought. He had made her eyes shine with pleasure; he had made her moan, as she rubbed her legs together. Hidan growled possessively and Yuki just about lost her mind. She loved his possessiveness; she knew most women hated it, while she rolled in it. She had never had anybody in her life care for her, except Hidan. She loved the way his eyes glowered at whoever tried to hurt her, the way he pushed her behind him, the curl of his lip as it curled into a snarl filled with utter loathing.

She kissed harder and went straight for his pants. She couldn't take it anymore. He had switched her on, and there was no way to switch her off until she had given her master pleasure. He smirked as she yanked his pants off and tore through his boxers. She immediately took him in her mouth and sucked. His eyes rolled as he slid to completely lie down on the couch. She rubbed his balls and scraped his dick with her teeth. He moaned and looked at her. What suddenly made her like this? He didn't mind. Hidan was in his own nirvana. He was surrounded by ecstasy, an ecstasy that only Yuki could bring him into. Any other broad just wanted to get her rocks off, just as much as he did.

Not Yuki. He could feel her desire to fill his needs; her longing to be cared for and loved by her beloved master. Then suddenly there was a loud "ding dong" noise that cut through the erotic air that surrounded Hidan and Yuki. Yuki stopped and glanced towards the door. "Don't you ever stop! Never do that until your master is finished!" Hidan shouted as his loyal slave went back to pleasuring him. Hidan slid back down, his arms behind his head as the person knocked on the door now. Hidan scowled towards the door. "Come back later!" He yelled.

The knocking ceased as his yell escaped and echoed to the front of the house. He smiled, and began to relax again when he heard a deep male voice, "Mr. Hidan! This is the ANBU! We know you're in there! Come out and we won't have to force you into arrest." Hidan's eyes widened as he forced Yuki to stop. He pushed her roughly onto the floor and grabbed his cloak. Yuki yipped and looked at Hidan confused.

"Get your shit you idiot! The authorities are here to take you away from me. Pack your shit as fast as you fucking can!" Yuki flashed up the stairs. Hidan grabbed his emergency bag from under the couch that had food, water, clothes, his scythe, extra robes, and some clothes for Yuki. He glanced up the stairs, anxiously awaiting Yuki's return. When he heard glass shatter and Yuki scream for her master to save her. Hidan threw his bag on his back as he teleported right outside of her window and saw the ANBU take off running with Yuki.

Hidan saw red. He focused on the man that held his slave, his angel, his heart, his life. He yelled as he focused almost all of his chakra to his feet and ran so fast that he was merely a blur of colors and a huge gust of wind as he stabbed the ANBU that held Yuki. The masked man slumped forward and Hidan caught Yuki, his little princess, and sat her on the ground next to the now dead body. He turned as he warned her to stay where she was. He slid his bag off as seven ANBU turned to him. Hidan's violet eyes widened as he laughed hysterically. He ran his fingers through the blood of the dead ANBU and quickly formed a pentagram and shifted to his ebony skin, with the white outlining of his bones.

He asked Jashin for a speck of their blood on each finger. Jashin granted his wish, to which each of the ANBU hissed as a stinging sensation coursed throughout their cheeks and a line of crimson slowly ran down. Hidan smiled crazily as he commanded each of them to surround him in his bloodied circle. The anxious men shook in utter fear as they lost complete control of their bodies. No matter how hard they commanded their bodies to do something, it wouldn't respond. He smirked and whipped his scythe out from behind him, and crouched like an animal about attack its prey.

"Well, gentlemen I must admit that I love doing this. See you all in Hell fuckers!" Hidan scowled as he raked the scythe through each of the men and they all fell; one by one. Yuki started shaking, remembering the first murder she saw…

The blond haired woman was on her way back from the bedroom part of the hotel, to the lounge area. Right before she turned around the corner, Hidan jerked her back by her fragile arm. She gasped, and then looked back at him, asking if he could release her. He shook his head and leaned forward. "Sorry, my love. But your life will be put to a helpful cause; one that will save many, many women from my wrath." The blond, confused, knitted her thin eyebrows together as she opened her mouth to question what the silver haired man was talking about.

She was interrupted by the scythe as it dug into her torso, and tore through her back, half of her falling onto the carpet, while the other was caught in Hidan's scythe. He breathed in the irony smell and licked his lips; now cleaned of the blood spatter. God did he love his life. Hidan smirked as he heard a sigh come from his god, an appreciative sound that told him only a few more hundred to go. "My almighty Lord Jashin! I ask upon thee! How long do I have to kill these hundreds of people to put towards my earlier requests?" Hidan asked. Yuki finally tore her now impure eyes away from the red splattered all over the floor to look and try to see who Hidan was talking to.

My faithful follower Hidan, you have until she approaches the age of ten. She will hit puberty early, and she will not stop for a while. I know what you long for, as well as what you detest. If you piss me off, instead of granting you your wish, you will get the opposite. You continue doing what you usually do, and I will add more attractive traits. Hidan got on one knee and looked up into the ceiling. "Thank you my Lord Jashin. I swear to be faithful, to you, and only you. I will get those deaths, as well as my weekly sacrifices. I will not let you down, my Lord."

Yuki scrunched her eyebrows together as she turned her body every which way, trying to figure out who the purple-eyed man had been talking to. She then heard a deep, roaring chuckle that shook the whole room. Her eyes widened and she got up and ran to Hidan, her small hands as wide as she could get them open as she ran into her master. Startled, Hidan lifted his scythe and saw the young girl, her green-ish eyes tearing up as she murmured something into his cloak. He smirked and patted her curly haired head. She dug herself inside of his cloak, and peered out from a small opening.

Hidan chuckled at the innocence of the child. Her innocence would be stripped away soon enough. She was merely two, but being around Hidan was going to mean a rough life, Hidan knew such. He would be getting broads, killing them, getting in fights, drinking, sacrificing, cursing, and ultimately, having sex with the child. Granted, she would be at least 12, Hidan made himself promise. He figured it was a good age. He picked up the mentally-scarred child and carried her out of the hotel. "Yuki, want some ice cream?"

Yuki sat there, watching the bodies slump to the ground, their souls were whisked away by the wind, and their eyes stared at nothing. She gulped as some blood splattered onto her face by the one that was closest to her. She shook violently, detesting violence, slaughter, and fighting. Hidan shifted back and closed the blood circle. He approached the delicate looking girl; she looked up at him with big eyes, tearing up at how much blood was on her master. "M-mmm-mmm-maaster… A-are y-you ok-kay?" Yuki's lip quivered and her voice was weak, but Hidan could tell that she was very worried for him.

"Yes Yuki, if anything, I am better than before. I told you I'd never let anyone ever hurt you." The girl smiled and stood up, leaning onto Hidan for support. He heard Yuki gasp loudly, staring down at her pants. "M-mmaster! There's bbb-bloood all over m-my p-p-pants! I'm not hurt b-b-but I fee-fee-feel it coming out of Miss Yuki!" Hidan's eyes widened as he looked and saw Yuki's crotch was soaked with blood, not just regular blood; period blood. Hidan scowled slightly. "Well, shit."