Chapter 8

Breeze stared back at the yellow and black mech, curious. She chirped out a few questioning notes, tilting her head to the side. Sam studied the little dark blue 'Bot.

"So…that's Breeze?" he asked in surprise. For a little metal baby… she was kind of cute.

Alexa peeked out from behind Breeze.

"Bee," she said, and pointed at Bumblebee. Bee grinned back and set Sam down by her.

"Very good," he chirped. "This is Sam." Alexa blinked at Sam, but said nothing. Wheeljack grinned as he stood off to the side.

"You two know how to look after these little ones until they're back to normal?" he asked.

"I do," Bee answered. "Sam?"

Sam sighed, "I know enough. They need food, sleep, and shelter. I can handle it."

Breeze looked at Alexa, and then back at Bee and Sam thoughtfully, "Bee...Saum."

Alexa blinked and looked away. That wasn't mommy. That wasn't daddy either. She didn't want some stranger. Bee chirped curiously at both Breeze and Alexa before picking up Breeze. A second later Alexa shrieked at the loss of her only friend and almost caused Bumblebee to drop the poor sparkling.

Sam covered his ears, but sighed and went to Alexa, "Um...Alexa. Stop. She's fine, you're fine. I heard you wanted some juice?" Well this is awkward, he thought to himself. Breeze cooed at Alexa, but whimpered a bit since Alexa was upset. She didn't want her friend to be upset.

"Le-ks-ah. No cry," she tried to comfort Alexa, but she was speaking in and alien language, and the whine on the end didn't help a bit.

Alexa seemed to be able to pick out the tone in the different language however and focused on Breeze for a second before looking at Sam. "Wanna go home. Want Mommy," she sighed and stared at him cautiously.

"She certainly hasn't lost her fear of strangers..." Bee muttered.

"I'm sorry Alexa, your parents won't be able to come for a while. I'll take good care of you though, and you'll be fine," Sam replied, also cautious.

Breeze chirped a bit, looking up at Bee. "You brudder?"

"Am I you're brother?" Bee asked, confused. "No, but I'm here to take
care of you," he grinned. "Have you had some energon recently?" Alexa decided to ignore Sam and watched Bumblebee and Breeze interact instead. She didn't really want anything to do with him if he wasn't going to give her what she really wanted.

Breeze nodded, sighed, and then looked confused again. "Have Sissie. Where Sissie?" She then looked around as if searching for something. Sam just looked up at the sparkling.

"Is she saying something, or is that just sparkling babbling?"

"She's looking for her sister," Bumblebee grinned. "Do you know her name Breeze?" he asked. Alexa looked over the edge of the counter, looking for a way down. Her friend was happy. Time to move on.

Breeze looked up at him sadly, "Summy. Summer. Where Sissie?" a little whine drifted from her vocalizer. "What are you doing Alexa?" Sam asked, frowning.

"Down," Alexa said, and pointed down. Wheeljack helped her down, afraid she might jump, then set Sam beside her. Alexa sighed. That hadn't helped, but Bee was talking again so she decided to see what he said.

"I know where she is," Bee grinned. "Sam, let's go take Breeze to her sister and you can get to know Alexa better."

Wheeljack opened the door for them. "Thank you," he said, "We really don't have time or supplies for a sparkling..." he grinned apologetically.

"It's fine," Bumblebee replied, "We like sparklings, don't we Sam?" Alexa glared at Sam.

Sam looked at Alexa's dirty look, and then up where Bee was holding Breeze. "The juries still out on who got the best end of the deal..." he groaned. Alexa seemed to have some sort of issue with him, but he had no idea what. Breeze sent a look down at Alexa and chirped something about being nice to people who are trying to help. Then she looked happily up at Bee.

"See Sissie? Yay Sissie!" she whistled, clapping her little hands.

Bee gave Sam a sympathetic chirp and walked out with Breeze. "That's right!" he baby-talked to her, "We get to go see your sister!" Alexa followed Sam, but at a distance. Slowly, she came to the conclusion that this was the only person on earth who would care for her. She walked at his side and decided to tell him sorry.

"Sorry," she muttered quietly. She looked up at him, and tried to keep her glasses from sliding down her face. Her clothes and such had shrunk to fit her, but barely.

Sam smiled slightly at the toddler, "It's alright 'Lexa. I'll do my best, and you'll do yours, and we'll get through, alright?"

Breeze purred at Bee happily and sighed. She would get to see Sissie, and Sissie would make everything right.

Alexa shrugged, not knowing what Sam was going through that he needed to do his best at. Maybe he had a job. Bumblebee chirped and
twittered a little song at Breeze, remembering that he had liked that
when he was younger.

Breeze purred and listened to Bee's song, snuggling against him and looking up at him trustingly. He was a nice Bot. She could see that. He was taking her to her Sissie too. That made him even better. Sam sighed, hoping Alexa would behave so he would do fine.

Alexa had other plans. "I'm hungry," she whined.

Sam groaned, "Alright. Lemme get you a sandwich and juice, but stay with Breeze and Bee, ok?"

"No, I goin' with you," Alexa insisted stubbornly. Bumblebee chuckled.

"Think of it as parenthood training Sam," he grinned as they walked into the rec room.

The rec room was very large, with a huge flat screen big enough for a Transformer at one end, which a giant couch sat in front of. There were a few game systems stuck in some shelves by the TV, along with a wide range of DVDs. Breeze stared around, chirping in awe. There was a stool by the couch so some humans or one of the smaller Transformers could get up.

Sam studied the room before looking at Bee, "I don't plan on being a parent..." He sighed and looked down at Alexa and said firmly, "No. You're staying here. I don't want to lose you in the human area."

Alexa squinted at him. "Didn't lose me yet," she retorted.

Bee grinned, "She has a point..." he said as he set Breeze on a table. Surprisingly, no one was here. Oh well, all the better for him if he didn't have to deal with a bunch of crazy bots who all wanted to see a sparkling. He quickly sent Summer a message to hurry to base and explained the situation.

"I thought you were supposed to help me Bee..." Sam sent Bee a dirty look and sighed, "Fine, but stay with me." He led the way to the human section. Summer sent a reply almost immediately, saying she would be there within ten minutes.


Athena: We didn't think we were going to quit either and we really enjoyed writing and making our subscribers happy, but we just realized it wasn't going to work out one day. We don't want to bore you with our personal lives. :P

Vivi: We don't want to leave readers hanging as to how it all would have ended up, so here is a basic summary of what happens in the future to Breeze and Alexa:

Breeze and Alexa are cute

get captured as babies

learn some info

uncaptured and tell info once back to normal

Alexa is killed when 'Cons attack, Breeze is depressed

Primus makes Alexa a sparkling inside Breeze

Nobody believes Primus did it since they figure Breeze is just acting on sadness

Alexa is born, Breeze is believed.

Years later, Breeze/Bumblebee become a pair.

Vivi: and thus concludes the fairly short story of Breeze and Alexa. No taking Breeze or Alexa, but if this gives you ideas, send us a note when you post it up! (: