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Chapter 1. Truth Comes Out

It was already the second semester out of four in Ouran and Haruhi was relieved to be able to pay the rent even though Ranka her father had left her after her seventh hospital visit in two months. The landlord learned that she was living on her own and found a way for her to keep the small apartment by babysitting her children while she went to work.

Haruhi had the darkest secret that even Kyoya didn't know about and he always researched thoroughly. She went to her next hospital visit of the week and the doctor told her "Haruhi-san you must be careful during this time of the year since the weather in this season tends to change faster that I could write patient records. I've already prescribed you antibiotics and the oxygen tanks have been sent to your home. I would advise you carry a bigger backpack so you could carry the medium-small oxygen tank since you will need it. In fact I bought one for you as well as a couple of pill boxes so you are able to take all of your medications at the precise moment. I still would advise that you tell other people so they could monitor you since I'm aware your father has left you and there's only so much I could do for you. But like I said since you were able to make yourself and independent minor I trust your decision" while writing a couple of things in the patient documents.

"Now then you take at the moment eight pills in the morning, three pills two and a half hours later, ten pills plus two shots for lunch time, in between dinner lunch and dinner and during your host club hours you take three liquid medications and six pills alone with three shots, dinner time you take four shots and 12 pills plus seven liquids. Three times in the night you wake up for a shot and one pill and then restart your routine plus don't forget to take your oxygen when you need which I'm guessing you'll need it mostly five minutes every hour if its more, well, you might need to be hospitalized once again. If you have any new problems don't hesitate to call plus you have the weekly appointments so I'm in hopes that you'll be fine for this tough season" the doctor finished telling her and gave her everything she'll need plus the medication all set up in the pill boxes and the next appointment.

Haruhi walked home with the backpack and did all of her homework which turned out to be too easy and now that she thought of it being a first year and doing the work was awfully easy for her and decided that she'll talk to the principal to see what she could do about it. Haruhi packed all of her things in the new backpack which meant the books, oxygen tank, medicine kit with all the medication she needs to take, and bento lunch. Every time Haruhi did her shots she felt nauseous but she had medication for that also.

~Next Day~

Haruhi used to be a morning person but due to all the medication she had to take she wasn't anymore and apart from that being wheeled around by a person like Tamaki made her dizzy for a couple of hours and squeamish by being crushed by Hikaru and Kaoru. Yet she couldn't say anything for doing so would reveal her secret so she went through her daily routine like always. She would go to the boy's bathroom since she had no other choice and had to use her oxygen tank for a full hour cause for some reason she was feeling very horrible. She took the rest of her medication for lunch and had taken the ones before the host club and went to the clients she had for the day. The kettle had run out tea and she went to the back and prepared some more tea and as she started to walk back her hands began to shake and sweat started to slide down her back. Her vision started to become very dizzy that everything morphed and went black but not before pressing her inner arm which triggered her doctor's alarm and sent her running straight to the school.

All the girls that were waiting for Haruhi screamed when they saw her collapse in a heap on the floor which brought the attention of the rest of the host club members and they started to panic while Kyoya froze and didn't know what to do.

The doctor whose name Dr. Kiyami ran straight to the third music room and saw Haruhi, she immediately called an ambulance to her hospital and put her oxygen mask on her and started an ivy bag on her as well. She also looked at her eyes which were dilated and realized that outside was warm and cold but inside it was completely cold. She took out a blanket from bag and covered Haruhi while checking her temperature which turned out that her body was colder than the room itself. She attached cables to her and a heart monitor and noticed it was very slow and steady which meant that she was in deep sleep.

While all of this was going on, all the girls in the room were crying and Hunny, Hikaru and Kaoru were crying as well. Tamaki was in too much shock to realize that it was all too real while Kyoya felt so much regret that he didn't notice anything.

The ambulance arrived and Haruhi was loaded up and Dr. Kiyami quickly said "Make sure she stays completely warm on her way there we can't risk anymore temperature changes on her. The hospital has made sure that the hospital switched to heater and the whole first floor was kept warm for her to stay in" as she shut looked away from them.

"I'm sorry to all of you but if you want answers you'll have to go to the Keitari Hospital about seven miles away from here. Only the host club is allowed to go at the moment and I'm sorry to all the ladies but I can reassure you she'll be fine but might be out of school for a while" as she walked out the room and straight to a car that was waiting for them.

Mori for once decided to say something which was "Ladies please the club is closed temporarily in the meantime we'll find out what is going on. So please all of you make your way back home. Kyoya please a car so we can head to the hospital and get the answers we all need and want" as Mori made sure all the girls got on the car and straight to their homes.

Kyoya took out his phone and call for his limo and directed them to the hospital though the car ride there was completely quiet with everyone wondering how Haruhi was at the moment and why she never told them anything.

When they got to the hospital they were escorted to Dr. Kiyami's office and had to wait until the doctor came in but the good thing was that they were told she was tending to Haruhi so they were calm.

~Three Days Later~

Dr. Kiyami was doing Haruhi's vital signs and comparing them to all the other times she got sick and determined that this time it was in definite with no mistake that Haruhi was deathly ill and not just the weather had caused it. So they wheeled her to the surgery room and inserted a feeding tube through her ribcage that would end in her stomach. When they put her back in the room some more tests were conducted and as well as having an ivy line that will stay put for as long as she'll need and that included the tube.

Dr. Kiyami was feeling so good of herself that she was able to move Haruhi out of danger very quickly which could have sky rocketed fast. Of course that meant working three days in a row with no sleep at all and the host club boys in her office which at the moment were sleeping.

She had called the principal of Haruhi's school and told him she would be out indefinitely and that his son and friends were here as well. With that call finished, she went and checked on Haruhi as well as the boys in her room and then went and checked all of her records. What no one knew was that Haruhi's mother, Kotoko had left a hefty sum of money and that meant that she was completely rich. Yet Haruhi may not have been born into that life it didn't mean that she could be taught into it.

The will Kotoko had left for the doctor to carry out was reassured that Haruhi be taken care of when she needed because the mother was aware that her dear daughter had a sick immune system the day she was born. The mother was smart enough to make plans just in case that Ranka abandoned her daughter. Kotoko died when Haruhi was three years old by a drunk driver hitting her car dead on and back into a building. Dr. Kiyami sighed and wished that Kotoko was still alive and helping her daughter out because Haruhi was lonely without any family left.

The host club knew that the Dr. Kiyami had to take her time in making sure that Haruhi was clear to be left alone for a while but that didn't mean that they could not worry about her at all. But inside their hearts were wondering if Haruhi was really alright and when were they going to learn the truth.

~Next Day, Early Morning~

Dr. Kiyami woke up the host club and sat at her office while they were eating some breakfast she had ordered for them all. "I'll speak while you all listen and please no interruptions till the end. I'm allowed to tell you this since at the moment Haruhi can't make decisions for herself and since all of you have been left in the dark and are the most closest to her I shall reveal everything but it must not leave this room. Ranka, Haruhi's father has abandoned her in the second week of school when she first started attending Ouran Academy. Due to that I found a lawyer to legally emancipate Haruhi, the reason she left was because he couldn't handle anymore hospital visits that mind you she attends weekly and also her getting sick constantly grated his nerves. Haruhi is in fact rich just like all of you but she wasn't brought up in that lifestyle but that doesn't mean she can't be taught into it. I'm the one that has been legally carrying out her mother's will for her especially when it concerns her health since I am her personal doctor and no one else's.

I was made aware she didn't tell any of you of her health at all but the minute Haruhi was born into this world she was with a weak immune system that can't be fixed at all. She herself knows this and has fought through it every day of her life and the longest she has gone being healthy is one full month nothing more and nothing less. Haruhi made a deal with the landlady in order to keep the small home and stay there but at the moment it won't be enough since she has to stay here until this weather passes or Haruhi will have a brush with death in the process. I'm aware the Haruhi would wish to continue with school but she's told me that being a first year was easy for her and boring her so if you could talk to the principal that would help so much. At the moment she'll need a tutor to teach her since she can't leave this hospital" as she went to get her backpack from the corner of the room and started taking out all of her things and putting them on her desk leaving the host club in complete shock.

"What you see here on the table is everything she takes the whole day including at night while she sleeps but since she can't take anything through her mouth except water it'll all have to be turned to liquid. I was made aware by some close contacts in one of the Ohtori's hospitals that you Kyoya are a certified doctor and that you could teach others so I'm asking for everyone's help minus Tamaki to stay after. I'm very sorry Tamaki Suoh but I did contact the school making excuse for all of you and your father said he needs you in the first mansion since your grandmother has now forbidden you to associate with your friends if you are to become the next hire to the Suoh name, so please you may go home now and I'm very sorry.

Kyoya I shall be teaching you the more advanced stuff while you shall teach your friends the basics enough to certify them in being a nurse.

Also Haruhi can't have any visitors for the remainder of the week and also Kyoya would you please stay so that I may speak to you in private. He shall give me all of your numbers so that I can text you with her progress three times a day" as the host club filed out minus Kyoya but they were all relieved that she was doing fine so far.

"Now what I'm going to say is confidential between you and me with a little test added to it am I clear Kyoya Ohtori. The way you looked while I was explaining things showed me that there were hidden feelings in your eyes for Haruhi as well as anger where it concerned Ranka now I need to know what you will do because if I'm correct your family always does things planned and thorough" Dr. Kiyami said while she looked at Kyoya closely.

"Well your right Dr. Kiyami but also it means that I will defy my father in the only way that shall outcast me from the whole family and this time I don't mind. I've been emancipated since I entered Ouran Academy and have my own home and everything I could ever need with companies that I've invested in. I will go talk to my father and have myself removed from the family. I can't really tell where my feelings stand when it comes to Haruhi but I do know that they're not just friends anymore it is more than that and it actually makes me at peace. But since my father does not approve of Haruhi then I'll just defy so I could be with her. I do practice my doctor abilities on the host club without them knowing but this time it would be put to the test. I'll be back when everything has been settled with my father and I'll tell you what I think should be done in concerns to Haruhi" Said Kyoya while adjusting his glasses ever so often and when done walked out the room.

Kyoya knew that everything he had planned would be done by the week because that's how things would start being revealed. He really didn't need to be schooled but he only attended just for the fun of it but what his father didn't know won't hurt him but now it will pack a punch of the century.

Dr. Kiyami ate and slept next to Haruhi in order to monitor her better and felt that though things were fine you couldn't be too sure. She hoped that Kyoya was sure of his decision because it would mean giving up many things in order to keep Haruhi safe and healthy for more than just a month.

Kyoya had arrived at his father's house in order to drop the nuclear bomb on him and hoped he wouldn't make such a big deal about it.

Meanwhile the rest of the host club was anxious to study the books that Kyoya supplied them with in order to become certified nurses.

Tamaki was pissed but he wanted to be recognized in the family so he did what he was told and that included handing his phone over for a new one with a new number.

Haruhi was still in a deep sleep but her vitals had returned to normal but her body was resting itself due to all the stress and pressure of her whole system caving in.

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