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Chapter 16. Miracles

~Couple of days later~

Haruhi was finally out of the coma but still resting and only she would be able to wake herself up with no help. Kira spent the majority of the time in her room since it was the warmest in the mansion but at some point they had to move him since the temperature was being lowered in her room.

Yoshio to say the least was nervous since they had finally lowered it to 66 degrees and any sudden relapse could kill her but everyone was hopeful. Kyoya had to spend time with Kira since he wasn't allowed to be in Haruhi's room due to the lowering temperature and he spent more time with him than anybody else.

Everyone had taken to carrying Kira around since him sitting left him a little on the grumpy side but no one minded at all, not even Haru who would be found with the little boy fast asleep on his chest.

It was around two in the afternoon where Haruhi fully opened her eyes to see the ceiling and was a little confused and scared. Antoinette quickly noted that her charge was awake and slowly nudged her. Haruhi felt something moving her hand so she quickly moved her head to see Antoinette and a smile lit her face.

Haruhi couldn't really speak since her throat was very dry and it hurt a lot so all she could do was show facial expressions. Antoinette quickly went out the door and ran to find the nearest person which happened to be Haru since everyone was having their nap.

Haru was being dragged to Haruhi's room and as soon as that was noted he ran to her room to see her awake looking around. To say the least that Haru was so happy and even started crying in seeing his precious sister finally awake after such a long time.

Haruhi pointed at her throat and he understood that she wanted water so he got her cup with fresh cold water and a straw, slowly moved her bed to a sitting position and even got her comfortable and gave her the cup to hold while watching her.

She slowly started taking sips little by little and it was instant relief to her parched throat that was suffering from not being used in so long. Haruhi smiled and said "I have missed seeing to brother and even the others. But I'm curious to a voice that's named Kira who is he and can I meet him.

I'm aware that everyone returned since I could hear but where are they" while looking at Haru. "Currently everyone is having a nap and Kira can't be in this room since the temperature is too low for him to be in here. But first let's get you a nice bath and some comfortable clothing and on the wheelchair and we'll go to the living room" Haru said while getting all her stuff and unhooking her from all the wires.

Her IV line was carefully wrapped and Antoinette followed since she maintained tabs on her health. After her warm bath and put some pajamas that the twins made and then put on the wheelchair, she was wheeled to the living room.

Haru gave her feeding tube one of the smoothies that is used for Kira to see if she liked and once confirmed she looked around. Antoinette stayed by her feet on the couch since she seemed to stay attached to her and not wanting to be alone.

They stayed in the living room talking about the small things and also Haruhi was updated on the new things that happened while she was in the coma and to say the least it was new information that she wished to have been awake to.

What broke her heart was Kira's story and to know the fact that he was an orphan and had lived in the streets made her sad that he was managing on his own. She vowed to herself to take care of him and be there for him in whatever way he wished.

Haru went to wake up Yoshio first since he was her doctor and he never saw that man jump so quickly out of his bed compared to an emergency operation than anything else. He went downstairs with all the equipment he needed to do her physical and vitals and record them.

Haruhi didn't mind in the least at all so she did what she was able to do though it was painful for her to move but Haru helped when it came to moving her. They didn't jostle her since that would cause unnecessary pain and Haruhi didn't need that at the moment.

After all the information was recorded and then compared it was the happiest moment in Yoshio's life. "Haruhi it was a remarkable boost and I'm proud to say that now all we need to do is your physical therapy and slowly integrate you into the outside temperature little by little. We'll keep you on the feeding tube a little longer just in case and the IV as well. But don't worry since we're all with you and won't leave" Yoshio said while smiling at Haruhi who smiled back and was happy to know that she'll get better.

Antoinette ran to Tamaki's room and barked at him and he woke up and followed his precious dog straight to the living room to see Haruhi awake and smiling. Tamaki felt as if he could die a happy man in knowing that she was finally awake and looked better than before.

He slowly walked up to her and hugged her lightly so not to hurt her and said "Thank the kami that you are finally well enough and even awake I was very worried." Haruhi hugged him back saying "It's good to finally be awake since I missed all of you."

It was agreed that the others would be left to awaken on their own so that Haruhi would not be overwhelmed quickly since she was still sensitive to everything around her. But they would throw a party when she was better to handle something like that.

~6 PM~

Everyone started waking up in order to head to dinner that should be ready and also discuss anything new that happened. To say the least no one expected to be surprised today since it was such a gloomy day with all the rain and it was even colder outside than in.

The twins had woken up and had gotten ready and heading downstairs to only stop midway and pick up Mori and Honey and Kyoya and Kira. Upon reaching the living room and seeing Haruhi they all but stayed like statues except Kira whom wheeled himself straight to Haruhi.

"I knew that you would wake. Me have ween waiting fwor you. Me name is Kiwa, you my new mama" Kira said with tears in his eyes and looking at Haruhi. Haruhi smiled at the little boy and beckoned him to sit on her lap in which Kira did and she held him. Calming him down and whispering soothing words in his ears.

Kira calmed down and said to her in a low voice "Me wove you mama" while clinging to her. "I love you too son" Haruhi said kissing his forehead and holding him to her chest. Everyone stayed in their place smiling at how happy and content Kira was and Haruhi just accepting how things were.

Haruhi had fallen in love and wanting to be close to Kira since he showed up in her room and was constantly there sleeping close to her. She was happy that someone needed her and she would gladly take Kira as her son without any questions.

Kyoya got on his knees next to Haruhi and kissed her forehead and even Kira's while all Haruhi could do was smile and cry all at the same time. "He's been calling me papa ever since he couldn't stay in the room with you, he even sleeps with me. I know I've screwed up with you Haruhi but no matter what I still love you and that won't ever change. Will you be my girlfriend Haruhi" Kyoya said while holding Haruhi's hands over Kira.

"Yes, Kyoya I accept being your girlfriend" Haruhi said with a smile on her face that everyone was just happy to see her. They all clapped and cheered since for once Haruhi and Kyoya will be a couple and they all had high hopes of it happening.

Kyoya and Haruhi shared a kiss that Yoshio had to blush since it looked pretty heated but they were content and that was all that happened. Dinner was brought to the living room since they didn't want to keep moving Haruhi around a lot since it would cause a strain on her entire figure after a couple of weeks of not moving.

Haruhi and Kira both had gelatin and tropical smoothies while everyone had a three course meal of which no one was deeply bothered. They all ate in peace talking every once in a while and Kira stayed by Haruhi and Kyoya's side not wanting to leave.

To say the least miracles do happen and they have begun in that mansion while the outside continued to move on. Time will tell how everyone's lives will continue to change.

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