This story will be different from my others because now, I'm verging into the Jarlos and Kogan side. Yep, first Jarlos story and I hope that it's good. Should be, this is the longest first chapter that I have ever written, so I'm trying super hard. That, and that maybe once this story is over I will have the well-rounded writing ability to write any pairing in BTR fandom. . .if this is good enough. Ugh, hope you all enjoy the beginning of another story of mine, a story inspired by Chobits and Love Me Not by vickytunes. Enjoy!

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They were so beautiful, something that he couldn't yet understand but marveled at in awe and amazement. The two of them, a boy and a girl young and smiling bright, were drawing closer with eyes never leaving the other and hands growing intertwined as the bodies began to close the distance. He watched them from afar, behind a tree with hand pressing lightly into the wood and cheek beside his fingers as the noses brushed against each other before their heads tilted and lips were on lips. He tentatively raised his own fingers to his lips as if he could feel the kiss the couple was sharing and the tips ran along his lower lip and upper lip as he watched the way the lips moved against each other in such love.

Love. . .

No one will love something like you.

He shook his head, stepping back and stepping into a pile of autumn leaves that crunched at the movement of his feet. The couple pulled away at the sound, eyes darting around to see just what caused the noise and he panicked, turning on his heel and began to run fast. He heard a shout, but didn't dare to turn around and risk seeing one of them following him. Risk being caught and questioned until the truth came out. His legs and feet moved at such a speed, if anyone was to see him they would believe he was flying off of the cement of the litter covered alleyway. There was no thudding of his heart, no loss of breath, no sweat coming from his sun-kissed skin and furrowed in his dark brows or his coal hair that flew in the breeze. Only thing that he could feel was energy surging through him, energy that was slowly beginning to dim.

He struggled to keep his eyes opened, the vision flickering in and out and his left leg stiffened with right foot coming crashing down as he felt his body slowly beginning a force shut down. He gritted his teeth, the memory of the couple and that beautiful kiss disappearing from his mind and going down to his knees beside a couple of trash cans. His body slumped forward, stomach scraping the gravel and arms sprawled out in front of him as words flashed before his eyes.

System shut down. Stand by for reboot and reprogramming.

If there was anything that James Diamond hated in the entire universe, it was the walk from the bookstore to the apartment. Then again, it was the entire idea of him having to leave his small and not the luxurious mansion that he so often dreamed of (and still did) owning to walk 4 miles down to some old and smelly bookstore where the nerds would try to flirt with him by using some cheesy Shakespeare excerpt or poems that James could barely remember the first line of let alone care about the first stanza. The pay was mediocre and the co-workers were barely tolerable, James managing to not stab himself with a pencil only because Stephanie King was actually pretty funny when you ignored her obsession with gore. But that was about it, everything else about this walk to and from work was generally a bore.

He gave a yawn, sticking his hands into the pockets of his denim and dragged his far too expensive for his own pocket shoes down the gravel of the alleyway while his nose wrinkled a bit from the bitter smell of trash entering his nostrils. Honestly, couldn't people pick up their own junk instead of tossing it on the ground like James actually does want to step in some half chewed food or spat out gum? People just threw anything on the ground in this alleyway these days, food half eaten and being finished off by the ants or the rats. Paper from flyers that were torn down or blew off of their spot by the wind and just scraping along the ground before being carried back up into the air. Some person naked and passed out-


James stopped, turning his head wildly to stare at the body lying limp on the dirty ground and not moving. He gulped, hazel eyes flickering back and forth as if he was hoping someone else would stumble across this scene and tell him that he wasn't hallucinating. He felt his hands grow sweaty, such an unattractive trait but he did it when he was nervous anyways, and turned to the lifeless body in fear and embarrassment. Was the guy dead? No, how could he be dead, the murderer wouldn't be so stupid as to leave the body out in plain view for someone to find, right? Plus, James didn't see any blood on the body. The skin was actually very clean for lying in the grime of the alley, clean and a beautiful bronze like tan color.

James worked up the nerve to approach the body, taking hesitant steps and drawing closer until he was just about inches away and he knelt down. The person was small, very young looking and Latino. He felt a cruel smile come to his lips, probably just someone that had a little bit too much fun at the bars.

"Hey!" James shouted out loud for the person to awake from his drunk stupor but there was no response. The brunette frowned, hand shooting out to shake a bit at the shoulder and slightly stop to notice how soft the skin was. Almost as if the person just got out of the bath, smooth and somewhat warm. He shook his head, scowling and shook the person roughly.

"Hey! I'm talking to you! Wake up!" James shouted once more, pulling the male back so he was lying on his back and James saw his face. Young, eyes closed in sleep even with James shaking him and lips not even chapped but soft and plump. There was a small birthmark by his lip and his hair was as dark as coal. James tried his best to keep his eyes on the guy's face, not trying to let his curiosity get the best of him to examine the entire body. You know, because that would just be weird, he wasn't going to check out some nude drunk guy. What loser would do something like that? He slapped the cheek a couple of times, nothing and James groaned in annoyance.

The sales clerk got onto his feet, frowning more when he realized the dirt on his jeans from kneeling and rolled his eyes. He glanced back down at the body once more, perfectly fine with just leaving the guy until some other unlucky soul is tasked with waking him up and getting some clothes on him. But he felt something twitching in his mind as he took a step away and he was biting his lip in slight annoyance. One part of him wanted to just leave, he did have better thing to do than play with a drunk body. The other part of him, the good humanitarian part of him that James usually suppressed, wanted to just stay with him and try to get him to at least shelter. He rolled his eyes, crouching back down and hands wrapping around the base of the head.

The hair was soft and strands curled around James' fingers as he tilted the head upwards and the digits gripped a bit at the flesh and feeling like he was roughly pinching a muscle in the neck. But his eyebrow quirked in confusion when he felt that muscle disappear from his touch. His eyes widened when the head began to tilt forward of its own accord. James scrambled back, the legs of the nude male beginning to kick furiously and arms straightening at his sides as he got onto his knees with eyes large and wide. James sat their on the ground and stared with amazement as the boy turned to face him, brown eyes wide in curiosity and confusion and James gulped.

"You okay? Go home, man," James mumbled out and the boy cocked his head to the side as if he didn't understand what James was saying and the brunette groaned in annoyance. Probably still drunk, James thought and he got onto his feet and stuck his hands in the front pockets of his pants. He continued to walk down the alley, content and going his un-merry way back to his apartment when he heard the rustle of garbage behind him. He turned, the boy standing behind him and James frowned. He gave him a shove, glaring darkly. "Back off," James hissed and for a split second, it looked like hurt flashed across the young face before being replaced with a sort of fear and helplessness.

James turned, crossing his arms in annoyance and intimidation, and stared the younger boy down. "What, you don't got a home or something?"

No response still and James leaned forward, "Are you stupid? Can't you talk?"

The soft looking lips moved a bit, but no sound emitted and James quirked an eyebrow, "Do you have a name? What's your name?"

Nothing, nothing. The boy just stared at James with a sort of fear of him, though James didn't know why. He just met the guy, why should he be afraid of him? James raised his hand, seeing the boy beginning to quiver as it hovered over the crown of his head and settled in the dark hair. The fingers traced down to the ears, touching along the lobe and James' finger brushed against something coarse and rough instead of soft skin. He pinched at it, eyes widening when he found himself pulling at it and a blue wire was slowly being pulled from the mass of black strands. Normal people don't have wires in their head. . .what was this guy?

James turned to ask the boy but found the eyes were staring straight ahead, dead and black. James bit his lip, turning back and squinting his eyes to see the writing on the wire.

Beta 1.2 11 J.S.

. . .Beta? What the hell was that? What did that mean? He let the wire slip from his fingers and as soon as it was obscured by the tufts of hair, the eyes of the boy lightened and continued to watch James with fear.

"What are you?. . .Are you some kind of alien or something?" James asked and the boy's lips moved, an airy breath coming but not a comprehensible word. James was growing irritated, though his heart was beating with slight excitement. ". . .Are you a robot?"

". . .R-robo. . ."

"Robot. Are you a robot?"

"Robot," the boy repeated, frail and shy and James' eyes widened in surprise. A robot. He was talking to a robot? No, he couldn't be talking to a robot. Maybe the guy was still drunk and the alcohol was just talking. No way that this was a robot when it looked too real, he didn't even know why he came to that conclusions. Silly James, all the more reason to get home and flop on his lumpy mattress and get some beauty sleep.

"Well if you're a robot, do some. . .robot thingy," James replied, waving his hands and fingers wiggling from trying to think of another word other than 'thingy' and the boy bit his lip, probably not knowing how to be able to do something like that. James stood and watched him, beginning a mental clock in his head and as soon as he counted to twenty, he was going to leave. This guy already wasted his time, he didn't need to waste his time with him anymore. . . .10. . .20. Okay, time to go.

James turned, continuing to leave but the boy grabbed onto the back of his shirt again and James growled. If he keeps doing that, his shirt was going to be all stretched out instead of tightly clinging to his body to show off his sculptured body. He turned, ready to snap until the boy took his hand and placed it over his bare chest. But instead of James feeling a soft thud of a heart like anyone would, he felt nothing. No beat, no pulse. No heart.

. . .Robots didn't have hearts.

Drunk or not, no one has freaking wires that come out of their head with codes on it. And how could someone alive and standing right in front of him not have a heartbeat? Either James was going crazy or their was only one conclusion that just questioned his sanity even more.

James found a robot, an android or something that was like the science fiction books he stocked on the shelves and snorted at whoever would read the geeky material.

Suddenly, this didn't seem like a bad time to be walking 4 miles from the bookstore.

It was a lot harder to sneak a small, nude teenage looking boy into your apartment than James thought. He didn't know how he was able to do it in high school with the various girls and experimental guys, maybe it was something that faded with age. Not that James was calling himself old, hah, he was handsomely young. Even the cougars of Minnesota want to have a piece of James, the brunette having to fend off a pack that come by the bookstore every now and then to say they just wanted to pick up a cookbook to make delicious treats for James to try or some other flirt.

He managed to get the two of him to his door after climbing the flights of stairs and limit the chance of getting caught in the elevator. What kind of robot would be out without clothes on anyways? What kind of robot would even be out when James didn't know of any labs or buildings associated with robotics in the area of the alleyway? Maybe he was a government project and flew from the base but crashed in the alley. Or maybe he wasn't even human technology but of artificial intelligence. Or maybe-

Ew, he was starting to sound like the geeks by the comic section. Ugh, snap out of James!

The brunette fumbled with the keys for a bit, trying to get the door open in a hurry since the boy beside him was standing out in the buff and looking at his surroundings. Sometimes out of the corner of his eye, James could see the boy begin to mimic his actions and facial expressions at the stupid key not getting inside the lock. Cute for about five seconds but then getting on James' nerves the rest of the while. He was only surprised that no one didn't even come down the hallway and caught the two of them out like this, heart racing as he finally managed to get the key inside and turn the lock with an audible click.

As as soon as his door opened, he heard another one slam closed.

James blinked, quickly grabbing the boy by his wrist and yanking him inside, closing the door behind him to give off an innocent and ignorant smile at whoever was walking past his room. Turned out to be his neighbor, the brunette man looking at him confused.

"Hi James?" he said, albeit wary and James still kept that plastered smile he used on his customers.

"Hey Dak, nice weather we're having right? Nice day, nothing weird about it, nope," James replied with a nervous laugh that Dak just raised an eyebrow at in confusion. He opened his mouth to say something but James was already slipping into his door, "Well, see ya later. Knock if you need me, but don't need me, okay? Just don't bother me."

James was talking through the small crack of the door when he sputtered out that last sentence and closed the mahogany door with a small shut and placed his ear on the door to listen. He heard an audible groan before the sound of footsteps moving off down the hall and far away into the distance. He saw how the boy came running up to the door and placed his cheek on the wood for him to listen too, though Dak was long gone and there was nothing but an empty hall on the other side. James breathed, so did the boy, and the brunette turned to walk over to the old couch and fall right on top of it. He sunk along into the cushion, this entire apartment a tragedy of Better Homes & Gardens, and groaned. A lazy eye glanced over at the boy now looking around the space, touching things and grazing his fingers over every object he could reach and James sat up.

"So. . .you're a robot. . ." James replied, ever so obvious and the boy didn't respond as usual. "Can't you talk? Robots can talk, why can't you?"

Maybe he was broken, maybe that was why he was in the alleyway along with the other garbage. But then again, that seems like a weird way to throw away a robot. Especially since you know, no one would even know it was a robot from first glance and freak out over it being a murder scene. James eyed the way the boy walked around in a large circle, tan toes wiggling at the brown carpet and James could see muscle move with each poised and child-like step. A robot. . .

And it hit him like a ton of bricks.

He found a freaking robot. A robot. How cool was it to say that he had a robot that could be his butler, his personal assistant, his chef, his everything? He could get him to do his work down at the bookstore because hey,he looked like any average human and James probably wouldn't have to work another day in his life because this guy would be with him until James was old and living it up Hugh Hefner style. And better still, this was a piece of equipment that no one else had. Robots could fly, right? They had lasers and self defense and be able to convert into cars or helicopters, right? He could get him to do extraordinary tasks or simple mundane tasks that James would be lazy to do himself. Then another thought clicked into his mind. This robot was naked.

Maybe he's a sexbot too.

Oh, James was grinning like an idiot.

Sure, he had his little perverted moments at the time. And for sure he'd have to explain himself if anyone should catch him with this robot that didn't look much older than 17 and him 21. But he was pretty cute, he'd thought robots would look. . .well, bulky and shiny and probably not even have a face but instead a bunch of lights and buttons. No buttons that James could view (and James had an excellent view of the boy's body, thank you very much). Sleeping with a robot. . .could he even do that? Hmm, now that might be a little bit too weird but hey, if they can do it in the pornos, why not give a robot that feature in real life?

James saw the way the boy crouched over in front of the TV, sitting down and looking at the blank screen in slight confusion and James raised an eyebrow.

"What? It's a TV. . .you don't know what a TV is?" James asked and the boy said nothing and James groaned. It's a robot, why was it not working right? Maybe it was debunk, maybe some company was making a line of robots and this was a reject that got away or something. He sat and stared at the boy, the boy not responding and sighed, "You don't even have a name? No one called you anything at all?"

Dead silence, as usual. Maybe he didn't know how to talk. He had trouble just saying the word 'robot', maybe he just didn't know what to say. James tapped his hand on the shoulder of the couch, tapping his foot as well. He reached over for the remote, clicking the television on and as soon as the screen flashed, the boy jumped in amazement and James rolled his eyes. The show in question that was on was The Magic School Bus, a show James used to watch as a kid when his mother tried to get him educated and become a well-respected young gentleman or something along those lines. James might have had the show on, but he wouldn't pay attention to a thing, mostly trying to see if he could take off the parental lock on his TV.

The episode was something about ants or bugs, who cares. The teacher saying they were trying to smell them, who cares. Then one of the children began to laugh, saying how 'yeah, they're trying to see if we're wearing deodorant and wow, was that the cheesiest joke or what? But the boy in front of the TV was laughing a bit and that was when James grew confused. Robots could laugh? But how, they weren't supposed to be emotional, right? But the boy did show fear when he met James. And another thing, he must know some language since he understood the lousy joke, why couldn't he talk? James got up and sat beside him, slightly turning his face so the boy was looking at him.

"Can you talk? You understand me, right? Nod your head up and down if you understand me," James said and the boy blinked before slowly tilting his head back and tilting it downwards again to nod and James smiled. Progress! "Okay, what's your name?"

The children groaned out 'Carlos!' and the boy blinked.

"C-Carlos," he stuttered out and James frowned.

"No, your name."

"Carlos," the boy repeated and James sighed. So maybe he learned from hearing things said to him. That shouldn't be too hard, but at the same time, seemed like a lot of work for James to be doing. Robots shouldn't have to learn anything, they should know everything. Maybe he needed to get some software. . .but who would have software for androids? Especially when he was pretty sure that the one sitting in front of him was the only one and-

"Hey James!" he heard Dak's voice shout out from behind his door and James jumped, one hand going to swat at the TV to turn it off while the other snaked around "Carlos'" head and covered his mouth.

"Y-Yeah? What?" James shouted back and he heard some noise behind the door.

"Our mail got mixed up again, I got a bunch of subscriptions to you from your weird fashion magazines," Dak shouted and James frowned. Man Fashion and Cuda Cosmos were absolutely not weird fashion magazines, Dak just didn't know good taste when he saw it.

"Just leave it in front of the door!" James shouted.

"No, someone else might take it. . .hey, the door's unlocked."

He forgot to lock the door! He couldn't get up fast enough to try and run the couple yards away from the television to the door to shut it and lock it, Dak already had the door open wide and looking inside the cramped apartment. His eyes fell on James' frozen figure and looked confused, then they fell on the nude android and grew wide.

"A high schooler! Are you serious!" Dak shouted and James gritted his teeth.

"It's not what it looks like!"

"'Not what it looks like'? You got a naked 15 year old in your apartment, what else could it be other than what it looks like!"

"Not that!" James shouted and Dak scowled with disgust, dropping the magazine's on the floor and stomping over to where "Carlos" was sitting and looking with slight confusion. He grabbed onto the tanned wrist, Carlos' eyes widening with fear and James frowned. "Dak, you don't understand!"

"He's going home! Sicko!" Dak snapped and James shook his head.

"No! He's not even human!" James shouted and that was when Dak stopped tugging on Carlos' wrist to look at James with a raised eyebrow.

"What do you mean, 'not even human'?" Dak asked and James pushed past the man to crouch down and reveal the blue wire that came from the boy's ear. Dak's eyes were widening in surprise as the wire stretched farther and extended to see yellow encoding embedded in the blue and James slowly let it coil back until it was well hidden.

"I don't know how to explain it but he's a robot or something, no matter how you explain it," James replied and Dak just stared at the being right in front of him while Carlos looked the man up and down in slight curiosity.

". . .How. . .but. . .this is impossible," Dak mumbled and James sighed.

"I know, I know. But I don't know what's going on with him. He doesn't talk, he barely seems like he understands anything. I don't know if he's broken or whatever. And even if he is, where would I take him to get him fixed?" James replied and Dak crouched down to the android's eye level, hand slowly coming out to rub atop the crown of black hair.

". . .Hello," Dak said quietly.

". . .Hello," Carlos repeated and Dak gave a soft smile, softer than he did when he first walked in and thought Carlos was a young boy instead of a robot.

"My name is Dak, what's yours?"

". . .Carlos," the android replied and James' eyes widened. He grabbed hold of the man and pulled him away by his shoulders, looking at him with wide eyes.

"How are you doing that?"

"Doing what? I'm just talking to him like I talk to my niece," Dak said with a roll of the eyes and James pouted. Geez, he didn't need to make it sound like James was some kind of airhead about these kinds of things. Though, he didn't know the first thing about technology, green light means good, red light means bad and if it started to smoke, it was time to panic. That was all he knew and was just hoping that maybe Carlos would be able to take care of himself. Dak pulled away from James, crawling back over to Carlos to give him a soft pat on the head and give the android a pleasant and friendly smile.

"I think you just need to teach him how to talk. You know, repeat stuff to him and tell him how things are supposed to work," Dak explained and James frowned.

"Teach him? He's supposed to be able to do things on his own, what point would that be for him to be a robot if I have to do everything myself? Besides, I don't even have time to babysit him."

"Hey, you're the one that found him, you need to take care of him," Dak said sternly and James continued to pout. So much for his dream of not even having to get out of bed and just having Carlos run his errands. Dak slightly smiled, hand moving to cup Carlos' cheek and thumb running over the smooth skin. "Amazing, he doesn't even look like a robot. . .he's really cute too."

"Hey, hey. Don't be getting any ideas."

"I'm not. Having sex with objects is more up your alley anyways."

"I'm not going to have sex with him!" James shouted, though a blush began to creep over his face in slight guilt and Dak gave a teasing eyeroll.

"Whatever. . .we'll just keep Carlos a little secret from Bitters, huh?"

Bitters, James forgot all about his strict and pesky landlord. If the man even found Carlos, he would up James' rent to a price the brunette wouldn't be able to afford. Yep, having Carlos was going to be a difficult task. He saw Dak get up and onto his feet, straightening out his shirt and Carlos leaned back onto the palms of his hands to watch the man take his leave. Dak smiled down at the boy, waving his hand and waited a bit before Carlos started to mimic the movement.

"Whenever someone leaves, you say 'Bye-bye', okay?" Dak asked Carlos and the android nodded his head. James blushed.

"You're such a creep, he's not some little kid," James grumbled.

"You're the one that's making it perverted, Diamond," Dak said with an eyeroll and began to walk away. "See you later. . .and make sure to get some clothes on him. . .unless you're going to be the pervert and let him walk around naked-"

"N-No!" James shouted out and Dak laughed, waving goodbye before stepping out the door.

And before the door sealed with a shut, Carlos chirped out a quiet and cutesy, "Bye-bye!"