Psyren Kenichi crossover

written as of Kenichi 445 and the end of Psyren. Will keep up to date as much as possible.

I own nothing but my own little plot twists.

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Chapter 3: More of the same

'This is bad,' thought Amamiya as she saw the crowd gather around the girl she just knocked out, 'I don't want to fight this many people at once. Even if they aren't dead, it'll still make a huge uproar and granny's coverup will have been wasted. She backed up until she was out from in between the buildings and dashed off. She had to find out what was going on and soon.

Kenichi ignored the girl's retreat. Renka was the more important issue. From the look of it, she was unconscious and battered but otherwise fine. Kenichi momentarily lamented the fact that anything short of death is considered fine to him now.

"How dare they do this to Renka!" Miu fumed.

"I'm more worried about how she was beat in the first place." Kisara replied. Everyone knew that Renka was not by any means weak, and her opponent seemed unharmed.

"She was out-classed and beaten in an instant." stated Niijima, sitting crouched between Kenichi and Takeda.

The two jumped away surprised, Kenichi shouting, "Go back to your home planet you alien! Stop doing that!"

"Never!" cackled Niijima.

"What did you mean, 'outclassed'?" Miu asked, being less easily creeped out by Niijima's antics.

"She never stood a chance. That girl, Amamiya Sakurako, was moving at the speed of a super master."

"What?" Everyone exclaimed.

"What's more, her fighting style is unrefined. It reminds me more of Berserker's brawling tactics than martial arts."

Takeda decided this was a good time to throw his two cents in, "Hold on, that doesn't make any sense. You shouldn't be able to move at that kind of speed without absurd amounts of practice."

"Clearly, it's possible," Niijima made some notes on his ever-present PDA, "I need to ask some questions to your masters Kenichi."

'Here we go again' Thought Kenichi.

Author's notes:

Sorry for ending it on such a cliche line. And taking so long to post. And doing so a two in the morning. I suck at this whole "Regular updates" thing.

Next chapter: Discussion with the masters! Niijima vs. Ageha! Kenichi talks with Amamiya! Matsuri shows up! I actually put one of these things in the next chapter! Coming soon!