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"Be careful, don't go too far."

"I won't, Mom!"

He ran outside, heedless of his mother's concerned shouted 'reminders'. It had been raining all week, he was so happy to finally get outside and play in the sunshine. Elma smiled weakly, leaning against the door frame as she watched him run about. Six years old, baffling how humans developed so quickly. She smiled a little before turning back inside to finish cleaning, her ears perked to listen out for her son.

Kratos was delighted as he ran about the trees near their home, attempting to capture the insects he saw flitting around, or the occasional frog. He had been so bored stuck inside all week, he was so happy he could finally run around. That would have been enough to occupy him all day, that was, if he hadn't spotted the little mammal poking its head around the tree.

The young boy stopped, blinking as he stared at the strange little creature. It looked almost like a cat, but it was standing on two stubby legs and- Oh! A bushbaby! It must be a bushbaby, he had heard his grandpa talk about them. They were nice but shy little animals that lived in the woods, and they'd help people who got lost get back the village, that's what he heard anyway but he'd never met anyone who said that had happened to them.

"Hi there," he said with a grin, inching closer to it.

The little animal half ducked behind the tree again, eying him intently. Kratos grinned. It was so cute! Maybe he could catch it and show it to his mom, she would like to see it.

"Come here," he said, doing his best to sound nice. "I'm not gonna hurt you, I want you to see my mom."

It eyed him warily as he approached, then broke into a wild sprint away from the boy. Kratos flinched, startled by the sudden speed of the awkward little creature before chasing after it.

"Wait! Come back!"

He chased the little creature into the woods, heedless of where he was going as he followed it deeper and deeper into the woods. It wasn't long before he realized he was lost.

The boy came to a stop, looking around the woods, hearing the faint sounds of the wildlife and rustling foliage. Oh no…where…where was he? He didn't know this part of the forest-he was in too deep in the forest. He was lost! Some monster would find him and eat him for sure! He looked around, desperately trying to spot something that might look familiar but found nothing.

He heard a little sound and whipped around, backing up to stare down at the bushbaby, which had reappeared before him. It looked up at him with its big eyes, tilting its head this way and that, ears twitching, as if considering something. It got to its feet and began to waddle off, turning back to look at him and giving another strange sound.

"...Follow you?" Kratos frowned. "You got me lost!"

The bushbaby hopped up and down in place, wiggling forward then turning to look back at him again. Kratos frowned a bit but followed, he was already lost as it was, it wouldn't hurt to follow the little creature.

So he did, the little human boy chasing the creature through the forest of the elves. He wasn't sure how long he followed it, he was so busy trying to keep up he didn't have much time to consider it. He chased it until it felt like his legs were going to break and then pushed through one last dense patch of bushes before he emerged into a clearing.

The bushbaby was gone. That didn't matter anymore, though, there was something much more important.

He turned, staring at the tall stone slab before him. The ancient altar, inscribed with runes he didn't understand. They were elf runes but they were old, hard to read…

A shudder went down his spine and he stared up at the monument, slowly walking up to boy didn't know quite what he was doing, his hand outstretched before him. He reached the stone and his palm touched the polished surface.

That's when he appeared.

You were named Kratos, yes?

He turned around, stumbling back into the stone as he stared at the being that had appeared before him. Origin, the king of spirits, one pair of arms crossed across his torso and the other resting at his sides, looking down at him with piercing blue eyes. Kratos gaped, his knees wobbling.

"I- I-" he stammered but his mouth would not cooperate with him.

You're still far too young to come to me…I had thought more time had passed.

Huh? What did he mean by that? How did he know his name?

Well…I suppose you are old enough to know the beginnings of it, perhaps learning of it sooner shall be better, in the long run…

"I- what?" he finally managed to speak. "I-I'm sorry for touching your rock- I mean stone- I mean- altar, I didn't-"

Calm yourself.

Kratos' body jerked, shuddering and then instantly relaxed. The boy stared at the ground, his breathing calm, controlled. He…wasn't scared anymore, he wasn't nervous or panicked or..anything.

Good. Now then, Kratos, do you know who I am?

Kratos hesitated but nodded, his eyes not leaving the spirits' face.

I should have hoped as much. Very well then, do you know what connection you have to this place?

Connection? To this place? What connection? He couldn't think of anything….

"I-…my mom…found me in this forest," he answered slowly. "Is-is that what you mean?'


Kratos frowned.

"Yes she did, she told me-"

What I mean is that is not what I was speaking of. Your 'mother' did find you here, the more important fact is that you were …'born' here.

Kratos stared.

"I was born here?" he asked, biting his lip. "But…Momma said no one was here-"

She came shortly after I created you.

The boy stared some more, the color slowly bleeding from his face.

"What do you mean…'created'-?"


His eyes finally left the spirit as Origin looked over his shoulder, where the young elf maiden was rushing up. Her dress was torn up a bit, having been caught on branches and thorns, her hair likewise mussed. She stopped when Origin's eyes locked on her face, breathing hard as she scanned the spirit and then Kratos. She only stopped a moment before she ran past the spirit to Kratos, grabbing him and looking him over frantically.

"M-Mom-!" he blurted.

"Oh Kratos! My baby- I told you not to go too far! I told you- are you hurt? Kratos-"

He is unharmed.

Elma frowned, slowly looking back at the spirit as she stood, picking the boy up protectively in her arms.

"…I…" she began but trailed into silence, unsure of what to say.

You have done well raising him thus far. He is still not ready, however, so I shall continue to entrust him to you.

She frowned, her ears lowering as she eyed the spirit.

"I-…ready for what, may I ask?"

"Momma," Kratos whispered, tugging her shirt. "He said I was 'created'."

Elma's ears jerked up, eyes darting from her son to the spirit.

It is time that was known. Elma, the boy you hold was created in order to carry out a purpose in my stead. It was I that created him and drew you here to discover his and become his mother.

Her eyes widened slowly, clutching Kratos tighter as he attempted to ask questions to alleviate his confusion.


"Origin, please I- I know it is not my place, but I must ask…for what purpose did you...?"

Origin suddenly appeared directly in front of her and she backed up against the stone, just as Kratos had done earlier, her green eyes wide as she stared up at the king of spirits.

I shall entrust the information to you, as you are the one that must raise him.

He lifted one hand, setting his fingertips against her forehead. She froze at his touch, her breath caught in her throat, clutching onto Kratos as he squirmed in her grip.

Before her eyes flashed images, most of which were too fast or too blurry for her to make sense of, snippets of sound, sights, even smells and touches. It raced through her mind, dizzying her before it finally came into…'focus'. She saw a man with spiked hair, wielding a sword of fire, tall of stature and with the bearing of power.

He shall be my judge. Origin's voice came. He shall see with a human's eyes, learn with a human's mind, feel with a human's heart. Then when the time is right, he shall render his judgment of this world to me.

Images of the war that raged outside of the elvish lands, the war of the humans and half-elves, they flashed through her mind, the decline of mana, the weakening of the tree, all the ravaging of the world and its resources.

And I shall take his judgment and with it I shall make my decision.

"Your…decision?" she asked, breathless, the images fading away from her as the meadow began to reappear to her senses.

My decision, on whether or not people are worthy of my efforts.

She fell onto her knees, clutching Kratos, who sounded like he was about to cry.

"Momma! Momma, say something!" he cried, sniffing.

"I-I'm okay," she forced, rubbing his back. "Mommy's okay, Kratos…"

Origin was gone. She was alone with Kratos in the clearing, the still, quiet woods. At some point she had broken out into a cold sweat, her fingers dug into Kratos' shirt. She held the young boy as she recalled the image of the man, the harbinger of judgment.

She knew then, that she held in her grip the one who would bring about a great change in their world. How, she wasn't quite sure, not really. Still, she felt, she knew. Her son would bring about something that would change everything.

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