When Bellatrix was born, Cygnus wasn't too happy. He wanted a son. If the first born is a boy, you have good fortune. Something along those lines. That's what his father told him.

But once Bellatrix was around 15, he seemed to realize her greatness and lust for power. She was a true Black. Ivory skin and dark hair. Black abyss like eyes. She'd done well in all of her classes, favored by her professors for her talent. Though she was quite the trouble maker. It was unusual to go a month without an owl from Hogwarts about her misbehavior.

Once Bellatrix joined the cause, she became Cygnus's favorite. She pretty much always was, but her joining sealed the deal. To me, it never mattered; the cause I mean. The Dark Lord and his group of murderers. As long as she married a true pure blood, she would be worthy as my daughter.

And she did. Rodolphus was a good match for her. Lestranges were very well known among wizard families. And he was smart, as well as a good fighter.

Bellatrix was sweet, when she was younger. Her family used to call her Bitty Baby Bella. She was often called Bella, mainly by Rodolphus. Never Trixie. Trixie was a name in which she never associated herself. She said Trixie sounded like toxic, and she, Bellatrix Black, was not toxic.

Andromeda was our disappointment child. Running away and marrying a mudblood. She was betrothed to a pure blood once. I wasn't familiar with the name, but he was pure blooded.

But she was, like Bellatrix, smart. A lot alike in looks, though brunette. She passed her classes, OWLS and NEWTS with flying colors. Top of her class each year. Not as talented and malevolent as Bellatrix, though.

She was well loved though, all her life. She was Dear Darling Dromeda. Once she married the mudblood it all went to Hell. Cygnus hated her. Bellatrix wanted her head. I know Narcissa missed her dearly. As did I. But Blacks are not blood traitors.

Narcissa was the odd ball. She was Silly Little Cissa. Or Cissy, as Bellatrix called her. She was, perhaps the most beautiful. Not the most talented, nor the most intelligent, but she got by.

The most liked by the men, the most favored by the women. She could've had anyone she wanted. She settled for Lucius Malfoy of course. A smart, charming young man, though not my first choice for her. He too was pale and blond. Odd for a man. But a pure blood no doubt. He provided well for her and my only grandchild, Draco.

Narcissa is, perhaps the greatest accomplishment as a child. Her beauty and loyalty to the family stretched far passed Bellatrix's insanity and Andromeda's brains. But with three sisters who were so unalike, it was hard to pick a favorite.