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Warning: Shoujo-Ai. Meaning two girls kissing!

Anna took a sip of her drink, a simple glass of Bud Lite. Dad had invited her, the other states and even a few countries to a party he was throwing. Originally she didn't plan on coming, preferring to relax with a good book on the beach, but...Kelsey had asked her to come, and she couldn't deny the chance of going somewhere with her so she had just sighed and nodded.

Anna let her eyes rove over her 'little sister'. Nice chest, smooth skin that was pale despite her time outside, curly light brown hair in a simple ponytail for today, light blue eyes that reminded her of Dad sometimes, and god, those lips. Unconsciously she licked her own lips while staring at the appendage. They were such a light pink, so small, and soft looking, she bet they tasted sweet to...

She fidgeted a little, taking another sip of her drink before smirking. Maybe it was the alcohol, but damn it. She was going to taste those lips!

She sashayed across the room, attracting eyes. Anna, though modest, did consider herself quite attractive. Long blonde hair, tanned skin from the beach, dark green eyes, and tall. If she had been human, many modeling agencies would have begged her to join.

"So I said to him-Oh hey Anna!" Kelsey said cheerfully, spotting her 'big sister' as she came in front of her. "What do y'all need?"

Anna eyed her once more, locking onto those moving appendages before smirking again. She bent down swiftly, and catched those lips with her own dark red ones making Kelsey squeak in surprise and many a boy their have a massive nosebleed.I Mmmm, tastes like cherry and chocolate. Not surprising considering Kelsey's love of chocolate cake/I, Anna thought happily giving the States mouth a quick exploration before pulling away panting for breath.

"W-Wha? W-Wh H-Ho!" Kelsey stammered, cheeks flushed from surprise, a thin strand of saliva connecting them.

"Ain't no big deal, its innocent." Anna whispered, voice slightly husky before she swaggered away to the door and back home.

Japan, who Dad invited, made sure he had captured the moment on video while many of the males their asked him for photos. Kelsey was still frozen in shock, while Louisiana shook his head.

Meanwhile, outside and feeling satisfied, Anna sang under her breath. "I kissed a girl and I liked it. The taste of her cherry chap stick~"

Hetalia been's on my mind lately, and I DID make a Texas OC, plus I jsut listend to this song...*shrugs* I have no problem against gays, yaoi or yuri just so you know. Can any of you give me kissing scene tips? I'm a little awkward at them.