Konoha's Secret Kunoichi

Chapter 2 Anko


===June 17, 8:00 AM, Hokage Tower===

"Um, Tsunade can I talk to you in private?" Naruto said. After what happened with Hinata, Naruto decided to ask Tsunade some questions since Hinata had to meet up with her team for training. So now he was in her office blushing like mad,

Tsunade looked up from her desk and sighed. Waving her ANBU away she turned to Naruto. "Ok, who'd ya fuck?" His jaw dropped and she laughed. "Its ok Naruto, I can tell by your body language and smell. Though I didn't know you were gay."

"I'm not gay, I was fucked by a girl." Naruto exclaimed, missing the sadistic grin on her face.

"Oh, care do explain how a girl can fuck a guy?" Tsunade asked, hiding her real emotions as he pushed his fingers together like Hinata use to do.

"Well the girl... had a penis and a vagina, and I let her... fuck my ass." Naruto said nervously because what he was admitting, not for swearing, which he usually didn't do in front of her.

Tsunade smiled, "Well Naruto you surprise me once again, most men would run away if their girlfriend had a penis. The girl you had sex with is called a Futanari. They have high libidos and their semen is a strong natural aphrodisiac and can cause a person to become addicted." She saw Naruto flinch.

"Let me guess you're already hooked aren't you?" Naruto nodded. "Well Naruto if you tell me who this girl is I might help you with your situation. Trust me, I know every Futanari in the village, so its ok." Tsunade said calmly, but inside she was THRILLED by this news.


Tsunade almost howled with laughter at the irony. "Well Naruto I'm afraid to inform you that now that your body is addicted to a futanari's semen, you need it often in order to stay sane."

Naruto paled in fear, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you have to have a futanari's semen in you regularly, or you'll go insane." Tsunade said seriously.

"But Hinata is training and I have the need right now! Who do I go to?" Naruto asked, panicking slightly.

Tsunade brought a file out of her desk. "This Naruto is a file of Futanari in the village usually available, if you ever need someone just go explain your situation, hopefully they'll provide you with the right stuff."

Naruto sighed in defeat and left the office, not knowing that Tsunade had a huge bulge in her pants, hidden behind her desk.

"They'll give you what you crave, no doubt about that." Tsunade said and moved her right hand under her desk.

Outside the office Naruto looked over the files, there were 6 in all. Naruto opened the first one, smiling as he read the name. It was Hinata, the next was Ino and Tenten much to his surprise. Then was the crazy snake lady, along with the sound girl captured in the invasion. The last name made his eyes almost fall out of their sockets... it was Tsunade!. Naruto panicked.

'Wait, then... she... could... oh shit! Well the only one I can think of going to right now is the crazy snake lady. I'm not going back to Tsunade for this and the others are probably busy. I hope she goes easy on me." Naruto said, but if he knew more than her basic reputation he would of tried the other 4 first.


"All right all right I'm coming!" The door opened to Naruto to see a wet towel covered Anko. A nose bleed almost shot him over the railing of the apartment building.

"What do you want Gaki? You here to peep on little old me?" Anko said and he handed her a file, when she saw it she scowled. "Where did you get this Gaki? You better not have told anyone!"

Naruto shivered for some odd reason. "No ma'am, Tsunade gave it to me, she said you could help me with my problem." Naruto said and motioned him in. Once inside he sat on a nearby couch.

"Ok what's your problem then? I can't think of a reason for her to give you this info?" Anko said.

"I'm addicted." Naruto said bluntly.

Anko's eyes widened to dinner plates, she shook her head then asked, "Ok who got you?"


Anko laughed, "So she finally long dicked you... HA!"

Naruto started muttering about people not understanding.

After calming down Anko looked at Naruto, "So you expect me just to fuck you just like that? Aren't you supposed to take me on a date first?"

Naruto started to flinch and fidget, "I'm sorry I just really need it, my body keeps screaming at me to get some more. I know its not right but I can't help it! Please you have to help me!"

After seeing Naruto beg Anko decided, "Alright I'll do it, but just this once. In the future if you want some, we need to go on a date and get to know each other better first, despite the rumors I'm not the village whore and don't spread my legs for just anyone, got it?" Anko said fiercely.

Naruto could only nod.

Anko got up and dropped her towel. "Alright then, lets get this started." Anko said in a sultry voice.

Naruto stared in lust at the foot long cock standing up from her mound, it was almost as thick as his and rock hard, but under it was a wide, wrinkled patch of skin. "Where's your balls... Hinata had 'em?" Naruto said, a little disappointment showing on his face.

Anko saw it on his face and smiled. "I have balls, I normally save 'em for the second date... didn't you read the file, there's more than one type of futa, Hinata's a Type 2, I'm Type 3 so I can tuck 'em back in. You want play with this snake eggs it'll cost you... I get to scramble yours... I know what you are and I'd bet mine you'll heal no matter what I do... am I right?" Anko said with a sadistic smile.

Naruto swallowed, then nodded. "Hai... Hinata... crushed 'em while she was fucking my ass... they healed in under a minute." Naruto said, unable to hide his shame or excitement.

"I never figured you as the subbie type, especially not to her, but that works for this Alpha bitch... I LOVE busting balls!" Anko said sadistically, but left out that she also enjoyed getting busted if her lover was strong enough to tame her. "Strip, lets see what you have. If you aren't worth it for me, I'll cut 'em off and toss you out."

Naruto quickly obeyed and disrobed.

"Not bad, 9 inches, nice and hard, thick too. Big, juicy balls... you pass." Anko said and headed for her bedroom.

Once inside Anko shut her door and had him wait by the bed while she went to her private bathroom to finish what she was doing when he interrupted her.

===Naruto's Mindscape===

Naruto found himself standing in front of Kyuubi's cage, still nude.

Kyuubi moved her head into the light, her huge, slitted eyes solid red. "Shut up and listen, we don't have time for your usual shit. You're stronger than this, than her... don't let what the Hyuuga girl did change you. When she comes back, bust her balls and take what you want from her, show that bitch who the Alpha is!" Kyuubi commanded powerfully then kicked Naruto out of his Mindscape.

A minute later he saw the door open and Anko walked over to him, her foot long cock still hard, but now her balls were 'out' and his eyes opened wide in shock, they were bigger than his, like grapefruit, and they hung just past her slit. hiding it.

Anko smirked. "The way your cock is twitching I think you like what you see..." Anko said then caught his right hand by the wrist with her left hand when he suddenly reached for her balls, her smile half faded. "For your sake Gaki, this better be your clumsy attempt at foreplay... because if you just tried to get all macho and bust my balls to make me your subbie slut...I'm gonna lose my good mood... and you'll lose your balls, I'm out of your league." Anko said calmly.

In his Mindscape Kyuubi was banging her head against the wall, cursing herself for forgetting who she was dealing with and to wait until they were fucking, when Anko was distracted and vulnerable.

"F,foreplay... they're bigger than Hinata's and I just wanted to touch them." Naruto said, hoping this worked. What he said was true, but he was trying to bust her balls.

Luckily Naruto was a great lier and Anko didn't know his 'tells' like the old man had, that always gave him away.

Anko's instincts told her what he said was true, but not all of it, but she was as horny as he was and dismissed it for now. She released him. "Fine, just watch it from now on, I tend to attack first and think later... and Gaki, I don't have the biggest tits around, but don't forget my D cups, the girls need attention too." Anko said then pulled him close, locked her lips on his as she started a tongue duel with him, leaving enough space between them for him to stroke her hard cock, fondle her big balls and play with her tits, and after a few minutes of that she was ready to get serious and turning them, broke the kiss, sat on the bed, legs spread, and pointed to her crotch, silently commanding his to pleasure her.

Naruto slowly moved between her legs and started licking her dick. He grabbed the base and engulfed the head, sucking on the pre-cum. Anko could only smile as the blonde put 7 inches down his throat with no problem. Anko leaned in, reached around him and, with a saliva covered finger, started fingering Naruto's ass. Naruto moaned onto her cock, but not daring to stop in fear of angering her.

"You're pretty good for a beginner, and your ass is so tight. I can't wait to pulverize it with my cock that you seem to love so much." Anko said, a perverted, sadistic smile on her face.

Naruto shivered in anticipation. He continued his actions, loving the taste of Anko's cock. He got moans and groans from Anko as his reward, he even nibbled a bit.

Anko loved the feeling of his tongue running along the length, the warm cavern it was in. She really loved it when he took all 12 inches, deep throating it while he massaged her big balls, quickly swelling with semen.

"Ah yes that's its Naruto just a little more and I'll give you big load!" Anko brushed his blonde hair. Naruto gave a few growls that sent Anko over the edge, "Here you go Naruto!"

Gulping down the seed that Anko provided for about a minute, Naruto once again was addicted; taking out her cock with a 'POP' Naruto swallowed the rest.

"Ok Gaki time for the main course!" Anko pulled Naruto onto the bed, got on her knees, rolled him on his side facing away from her, lifted one leg securing it between her breasts. She gave him a lust filled gaze, "Are you ready?"

Naruto whimpered, "Y,Yes Mistress." He didn't know what possessed him to say that but Anko was turned on, judging by her cock getting harder. With a thrust she completely buried it inside his rectum.

"Oh yeah! You're so tight and warm Gaki! Your ass is awesome!" Anko moaned before starting to plow into his ass, Naruto gasped in pain.

"Mistress you're being too rough!" Anko gave a wicked smirk, "But you like it rough don't you? Come on Naruto, scream to the heavens why you love being fucked in the ass!" She gave an extra hard thrust into his G-spot.

"AH! More! Fuck me harder! I love you fucking me rough, you can be as rough as you want Mistress. Just don't stop for the love of Kami please don't stop!"

Anko grinned, the knot in her lower region tightened. She was getting close, but she wanted it to last. She loved the way Naruto spoke dirty and the way he called her 'Mistress'. It was an amazing feeling as Naruto's ass squeezed her cock, signaling his orgasm. Anko then sped up, wanting to cum at the same time as her new lover.

"Cum with me Gaki, I want you to cum with me, CUM!" Anko commanded, then using her right. reached down between his legs and grabbed his balls hard. "NOW CUM WITH ME!" Anko yelled as she pulled and squeezed his balls hard, and as it peaked she felt them both give in her hand.

Naruto screamed as he sprayed his seed onto the bed. But his orgasm wasn't what he was screaming about, it was that Anko had crushed his balls worse than Hinata had AND she didn't stop cumming after he did. She unloading at least a pint into his body. She finally stopped as he caught his breath as he healed. Naruto held his now expanded stomach, "it's sloshing around inside, it's sooooo warm!"

Naruto took Anko's cock out, then with a quick cleaning with a cloth he started to suck her cock again. Wanting to bring her back to attention, he even shoved two fingers into her pussy for good measure. Anko was amazed, she'd heard he had stamina... they weren't joking.

"Let's take this to the shower... Naru-chan." Anko said, giving him a slave name, since he'd called her Mistress it was appropriate.

Naruto could only follow as she got off the bed, swaying her hips guiding him into the bathroom. After turning on the warm water Anko slammed Naruto up against the wall kissing him with a passion. She twirled him around pushing him against the shower wall, she lined up her hips and thrust her cock back into the boy.

"Ah fuck! Oh Yeah! I need more!" Naruto exclaimed.

Anko placed her hands on his hips to get a good grip as she plowed into the short boy, "That's it Naru scream to the heavens! You are now officially my fuck toy!"

"Cum, I need cum AH FUCK!" Naruto yelled.

"Yeah that's it, you love this don't you? You loved being fucked up the ass by a chick with a huge cock don't ya?" Anko spanked Naruto a few times causing him to moan in pure bliss, "Yeah ride my cock!"

"Ah fuck! This is too much! I'm going to CUM!" Naruto exclaimed lustily.

"I am too!" Anko said fiercely.

Anko gave it one last thrust directly hitting the boy's prostate, filling his vision with white spots. Naruto's muscles clenched around her foot long sex weapon that was inside him. Feeling it swell Naruto gave a small smile as her seed was blasted into his ass. Their orgasms lasted about five minutes, Naruto's abdomen getting slowly bigger each second. Naruto's eyes rolled back on his head while Anko slowly pulled her cock out. Using a bit of healing chakra on his entrance Anko sealed the cum into the boy by returning it to normal.

They laid there together in the shower, warm water ascending down their bodies. Anko slowly got up and carried Naruto from the bathroom. She was able to, surprisingly, get both of them under the covers of the now clean bed. She leaned down and gave him a kiss on the forehead, "Good night Naru-chan. Maybe next time we'll play a little game and I'll let you get rough with me before I unleash my 1-eyed anaconda on your sweet ass."

"Thank you Mistress. Good night... Anko-chan." Naruto said, smiled when she didn't correct him for calling her 'chan' then they fell asleep in each other's arms.

"I need to find a way to get his spirit back before the Hyuuga girl returns and he loses his will to fight back. A decade of kicking life in the balls... and a couple futa girls are going to fuck him into submission." Kyuubi said.


End Chapter 2