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Teaser of Chapter 34- Seeking Help. (No, I have not gotten better at chapter names).

Three Weeks Later.

"The threats have found out about us, and knowing that the past family no longer lives here, they plan to cross and break the nonexistent treaty to finish with us." Alec says this offhandedly, almost as if the simple thought that the shape shifters might burst into the house any moment now doesn't unease him in any way.

Bella grimaces and throws the pencil she was twirling around against the wall. The pencil grazes Alec's ear, who is sitting calmly on the couch, and it roughly leaves a small dent on the wall. Alec doesn't flinch and seems indifferent.

"We aren't sure if they're not here, Alec. That's the fucking thing!" She yells, and grabs another pencil at her side to throw it around as well. Alec doesn't lift his head from the book he is currently reading as he responds, his short brown hair dipping into his red eyes as a small smile grazes his lips, his pale unblemished skin not showing a single crease.

"Shall you calm down, Isabella? I have told you before, and I will tell you again if I must. The Cullen family has not been seen. Jane and Felix have searched all Washington and Demetri is currently tracking them down," He glances up from his book to give a fleeting look at Bella and looks back down to continue his researching, "He's currently in the European grounds."

Bella frowns, sighs frustratingly, huffs and finally stands up to stalk towards the kitchen and to the refrigerator, "I still think they could be tricking us."

"Do you think us to be complete fools, Isabella?" His tone isn't irritated, or angry. It's mostly amused, and when Bella looks over the breakfast bar to the living room she sees that Alec has put his book down and he is staring straight into her direction. Bella purses her lips.

"I do not claim you to be a fool, Alec. I simply state that-"

"That we are not aware of every absolute ability they possess, and that we have not already calculated every move they could make?" Alec finishes incorrectly for her, and raises an eyebrow, "We are more than prepared, Isabella."

Isabella rests against the bar and brings the blood to her lips to take a sip.

Against the rim of the cup she mutters, "Of course you are. As always."

Alec has the book up, and his eyes skip rapidly over the conjunction of words. Though Bella cannot possibly see, he silently laughs. If Isabella had been present in front of him, she would have thought that he looks seventeen again.

Bella doesn't acknowledge the stares she feels against the side of her head and tries to place it off casually, but beside her she feels Alec impossibly tense. She is reminded of his ways, and how he entirely hates being gazed at. He can win a fight against a couple vampires and werewolves, yes, but he utterly loses his control at the awareness of someone else's eyes judging him.

Finally, Alec's hand slams inoffensively into the table, and Bella calmly reaches for the water bottle to take a false sip. The rest of the table, though, tenses and stares at him with wide eyes. Bella is just surprised he managed to stand it so long. She considers giving him a pat on the head but that'd only cause him to snap his head towards her direction and glare.

"Have you amused yourself enough?" He tells the table though a clenched jaw. Heidi opens her mouth to respond but no sound comes out. Bella glances through the corner of her eyes and though she knows that he is too controlled over himself and matured to actually use his absurdity (ability) against one of the humans, her eyes dangerously eyes his hand that is gripping the edge of the table.

"Sorry?" Heidi finally squeaks and tries to hide behind her lunch tray (which is quite difficult considering it's flat and lacking of more food). Alec observes her carefully and dares her to make another move. Bella quickly gives him a warning glare.

You're scaring the humans!, It practically says. Alec glances at her and rolls his eyes before throwing his back against his chair and twirling a red apple between his fingers.

"You all seem to be engulfed in me. Why." He doesn't ask this as a question, and for further effect he glances up to stare at the blonde. She flushes red (matching the apple in his hand) and doesn't look away. Bella scowls, finding no pleasure in how Alec misuses his incredible looks to his advantage and just to see just about any human be overwhelmed in his immensity.

"Both of you just seemed lost in thought," Voices Kevin, and takes a bite from his pizza before proceeding to complete his observation over the food, "It usually happens but it's creepy when both of you don't even acknowledge each other."

Alec's perfect eyebrows raise up and he looks amused by the human's words. "Is that so?"

Kevin shrugs and keeps eating. Heidi doesn't think the vampires catch how she elbows Kevin in the ribs, but even the humans notice once Kevin winces in pain and glares at her.

"Ow." He says. Heidi glares back and turns to ignore him, clearly angry. Alec stares at them. He still doesn't understand the evolution of a mortal's emotions.

"So," Kevin continues and plucks the olives off the Italian bread, "What's up?"

"The sky." Bella pipes up helpfully and Alec rolls his eyes dramatically at her attempt to have a human sense of humor, and he ignores the absurdity of Bella to ensue to throwing the apple high into the air and gracefully catching it as it nears the table thanks to the gravity (quite obviously). The women at the table watch his moves, their attention complete on his every elegant move. The boys just frown at the attention the vampire is receiving and continue in their own conversations, used to the dreamy sighs the girls emit at the sight of Bella's boyfriend.

"Nice one, Bella," Kevin says and snorts, "But I don't think it's the sky that has you both freakishly thoughtful."

Alec glances up at him and stares, setting the apple aside on the table in order to lean on the table.

"What if so?" He asks, "Have you not considered that there are many things we do not know about this world and yet you humans seem so eager to learn about others that are not possible to reach under these alarming circumstances?"

Bella sighs, knowing exactly what Alec is doing. After all, what else does Alec like doing besides confusing the humans? Bella isn't concerned over Alec saying 'humans' as if he weren't one, though. He wouldn't do something like that unless he knew precisely what he was doing. He's just fooling around with the mortals, confusing them and playing them like a violin. It's Alec's favorite pastime activity, after all. Back when they are at the Cullen mansion Bella crossly glares at Alec while he laughs as he recalls the bewildered looks the schoolmates gave him.

Much like they are giving him right now.

"You are sharp-eyed." Bella voices out suddenly towards her newfound 'friends', trying to take the attention off of Alec's witty observations. Alec shoots her an annoyed look since he no longer had lost empty stares turned his way, but she ignores it and knows she has won once she feels his arm tightly curls around her waist. She's grown used to it, after all.

"Or you are just obvious." Kevin suggest oh-so helpfully. Alec rolls his eyes and stands up, Bella's eyes along with everyone else's on him questioningly.

"It is time to go to class." He says to no one in particular once his back is turned and he walks away, making his words barely travel to their ears over the talking of the others in the cafeteria. Just as his figure disappears behind the blue doors, the bell rings.

The rest of the school day goes quite fast, faster than other days Alec had been forced to deal with. The fights for the seat next to him don't cease ("You whore! Why do you always get to sit there?", whispered argues make Alec halt in his writing in his notebook) which makes Alec feel amused once again and again, never getting quite used to the idea that the same people who threatened to burn him alive are now wanting to be near him.

He tightens his lips together as memories of fire, chanting from the people in front of him and then blood blinds his sight. He shakes his head and lets a frustrated sigh escape his lips as he begins writing down notes he'll never need down, desperate to get distracted.

And he damns his vampire memory, knowing he'll never forget that terrified face Jane forced his way as they carried her away from him. How her eyes glistened with tears as they strapped her, the fire slowly growing bigger under them. The only time Alec remembers seeing his twin so vulnerable. He grits his teeth and notices his pencil is now broken in two. He couldn't save Jane that one time, how will he save her now, from the vampires out there now longing for their head to be in their hands, to snap her neck in two, just for her being one of the witch twins.

They weren't safe before, as human, and they are indisputable not safe now.

Bella greets Alec after school at the mansion, since he arrived first considering he oddly skipped his last two classes and told Bella none of it. She stares at him and has an unspoken question in her eyes as she watches him immediately get up from his seat on the couch and go upstairs without sparing her a glance.

He was probably thinking, Bella concludes, he's been doing that lately and that simple action always seems to cause him great trouble.

-Meanwhile in Volterra, Italy-

"Do they know they are meant to be mates?" Aro asks, his eyes glaring at Chelsea, who is on her knees at his presence. Caius had ordered one of the guards to retreat her from her room and she now was present in the throne room. Only to be questioned over Alec and Bella's progressing on the said mission. Chelsea looks up, but does not stand.

"One of them do." She responds.

Aro's eyes harden. "Make sure they do not progress any more than they have."

Chelsea's expression changes, and she seems bewildered. She stand up as well, and Aro unhappily watches as she does this action, already breaking one of the Volturi's rules.

"Why, if I may ask, would you ask for that, Master? I supposed you wanted Alec and Isabella to become mates? That would make both less unfortunate and unhappy. Especially Alec." She states, and waits patiently for an answer. Aro smiles, a vile action that never fails to frighten many.

"If I told you," Aro responds, a glint in his eyes, "I'd have to kill you."

Chelsea tenses and quickly nods, taking this as a consent for her to leave, and she turns around. Aro holds his hand up though she could not see and tells her to halt. She does and she turns around.

"If young Alec and Isabella do manage to become a pairing, they would surely want to go their own way and become much more powerful than any other coupling out there. Even stronger than the Cullen Clan ever was, dear Chelsea," His smile turns wider, "I cannot allow that. If I can't have them serving me, they I do not want them against me. If I have, to I'll have to burn them, and our dear Jane and Felix will have to follow."

Chelsea's eyes widen and she opens her mouth, but Aro waves curtly a hand and the guards at the side come closer to her. They don't give Chelsea enough time to scream, and as one of the guards wordlessly carries her out the doors and towards the champers, Aro laughs. He places a hand over his stomach and turns to his brothers.

"Didn't you see, my dear brothers? That was quite a marvelous show!" He exclaims, as if waiting for someone to share his thrill. The tip of Caius' lips turn up but he doesn't say anything, while Marcus frowns.

"It's no different than all the others." He states, and looks away.

The next day at school, Alec waits for Bella outside her classroom as per usual to walk with her to lunch and carry her bag, much like the gentleman he was raised to be. They walk to the lunchroom as usual, but are not ready to deal with Heidi looking troubled, lost in thought and constantly beginning to bit at her bottom lip.

"Are you alright?" Bella asks her. Heidi blinks and looks surprised, as if forgetting completely that she's actually in school and not somewhere else. She smiles at Bella sadly.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She responds, and goes back to staring at her food vacantly. Bella and Alec exchange a glance, and they know they are thinking the same thing.

She knows.

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