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These are the reasons it is AU:

1. Danny never got rid of his ghost powers.

2. The Fenton Portal is still fully operational.

3. Vlad was able to turn the Disasteroid intangible.

4. Vlad is the knew ruler of earth.

5. Everybody knows Vlad's secret, but only Jazz, Sam, Tucker, Vlad, and other ghosts know Danny's.

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Chapter 1: The Telling of a Secret

3rd Person

"Mom, I'm sure Dad will be home soon." Jazz said, comforting her mother.

"Yeah, don't worry, Dad will come waltzing throw that door any minute." Danny said, putting his arm around his mom's shoulder, and taking a seat on the couch next to her.

"He should have been home ages ago! Oh, Vlad, what have you done." Maddie said through her tears. "It's just, this whole deal with Vlad being a half ghost! It's absurd! How can somebody be both dead and alive! Vlad was never like this! Not the Vlad I knew! He has been completely taken over by his ghost half! Anything that is ecto is bad! Half ghost or not, all, I mean, anything that is 'ghost like' is evil! No matter what! No exceptions!"

Little did Maddie know, but her little speech had really hurt Danny. He had been wanting to tell his parents ever since Vlad exposed himself. He wanted to be the one to tell, not Vlad. He wanted to tell them so badly, but then Jack left, and that was already enough for his mother to deal with right now. He had decided, with the help of Jazz, to tell his mom right now, and wait till is Dad got home to tell him. "Mom, I have to tell you something." Danny said.

"Anything sweetie, what is it?" Maddie asked.

"I'm…" Danny was about to say his deepest secret, but he was interrupted by the door slamming open, followed by a gasp from his family.

Jack's POV

'I have to get home.' I thought, while driving the RV. My last encounter with Vlad was still running through my mind…

We were both up in the space craft, when I asked my old pal, "How could you do this Vladdy? Your holding the world hostage! That's not something I would think that you of all people would do! Especially after all the good fortune in your life!"

"Good Fortune?" Vlad said to me in a hostile voice, "You create me, the first halfa you made out of your bumbling and then stole Maddie, the love of MY life and call that good fortune!"

Maddie's the love of HIS life? The FIRST halfa I created? I? First? "How did I make you a halfa?" I ask.

"You bumbling fool! The portal accident! You turned it on while I was standing directly in front of it, you idiot!" he said hostily.

I did it too him? "Vlad, what happened was an accident! I'm your friend Vladdy!" I yelled.

"Hmph. I'll remember that when I steal Maddie and Daniel from you, put you in jail, and throw Jazz out on the street! Maddie will be my new queen, and as for young Daniel, I have big plans! He will willingly or unwilling renounce you, and he will be my new son and understudy!"

"Understudy? Danny can't even lift an ecto bazooka! Why would he be an understudy! Unless, oh no! No! No! NO!" I said, finally figuring it out. My son was just like Vlad. A half ghost! But, who was his ghost half? Does that mean Danny is evil?

"Yes you bumbling fool! Your son is more like me then you know! Even though he won't admit it, I know he wants to join me. He just needs a bit of convincing!" Vlad said.

"You mean?" I began to say, not wanting to the awful truth.

"Yes, you idiot, your son is a halfa because, of your bumbling! Oh, looks like we're here! Showtime!" he said. He then flew out of the cabin and went up to the big rock. He easily turned it intangible, and I watched him as he easily took the rock threw the Earth, and went out on the other side. I then flew reluctantly over to him, and picked him up. We didn't talk the whole ride back to Earth. So, I was left to my sole thought, 'Danny was half ghost.'

This scenario kept replaying in my mind. I have to get home, before Vlad, or, I could hardly bring myself to even think it, my son, tried to hurt my family. 'I just have to get there first.' I thought.

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