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A Fruit Loop's Reign

Chapter 11: A Stolen Embrace

Maddie's POV

I watched as my baby boy flew up to the bubble and back down with it under him. He'd grown up in my eyes so much in the past few days. I no longer saw him as the clumsy little boy I once had. He'd aged years in just days. Knowing what he did everyday had put him in a new light for me. He was strong and quick thinking—two things I never thought of him as.

He was also a halfa. I was still very new to the concept of their very existence, but in a way, it all seemed possible. At first it confused me, but once he explained to me how he became the way he was, it made sense. Enough ectoplasmic energy and electricity in one spot and shoved into one organism should have killed him. But, (and I came to this conclusion myself) the properties of ectoplasm made it cover him from head to toe and which kept him alive through the blunt of the electric shock. Then, the ectoplasm would get hot enough to burn, and most likely soak through his skin and into the blood stream and eventually effect the body, on a molecular level, changed into a half ghost. I was going to have to study the idea further, but right now, I'd have to do with that rough hypothesis.

The boy landed beside me and gave me a quick smirk, "Here goes everything." I watched in awe as his body became intangible and went halfway into the bubble. I heard some muffled greetings and then my husband and Sam came out of the bubble holding hands with Danny. Jack brightened when he saw me, immediately pulling me into a hug and I saw as Sam pulled Danny to the ground and into a tight hug. The boy was tense for a moment, but he relaxed quickly and the hugged it out.

I held the man close and we both whispered an 'I love you' to each other. For a while there, I thought I'd never get to see him again; never get to hold him again. I buried my head in the crook of his neck in a reflexive fashion. For the first time in a long time, I felt safe again. The man's large, strong arms were around me in a way that reminded me of how perfect things use to be. How simple. In a world where ghosts were ghosts and humans were humans. None of this halfa stuff. A world where we thought we knew our children, before we found out that we know virtually nothing about them. I never wanted to leave those strong, familiar arms.

And yet, Jack soon pulled away and looked into my eyes. "Maddie, I have to tell you something. We were wrong about Danny. He's not—"

I pulled him close again. "I know, Jack, I know."

"Does he hate me?" the man asked in an uncharacteristicly weak voice.

"Jack, Danny will never hate you. He told me that," I reassured him with a quick kiss on the cheek. We then hugged it out until we heard a squabble from the 'clueless lovebirds'.

"Danny you idiot! How the heck did you forget about Vlad!" Sam exclaimed in an exasperated voice. She was probably talking about how we got captured.

"I sort of had other things on my mind. More important things," the boy cringed. Sam shook her head with a short laugh, but soon stopped when she saw that Jack and Danny had locked eyes.

The boy, floating a few inches off the ground, looked at his father eye to eye. His dad to took notice to the elevation, and the boy dropped to the ground and normal height. "Hi Dad."

Jack wasted no time, and walked to the boy and pulled him into a hug. I heard them whisper apologies and understandings as Sam and I made eye contact. She smirked at me and I gave her a small smile back. The two stopped their embrace, and the four of us stared at each other for a second until Danny spoke, "You probably have a lot of questions."

Jack nodded solemly. The two continued to stare at eachother. Feeling as if we were wasting time, even though you don't find out your son is have ghosts everyday, I spoke, "Let's get out of here before Plasmius knows that we're missing."

"We can't leave yet!" Sam interjected, "Vlad has Tucker and Valerie in the dungeons. We have to save them."

I watched as Danny cursed under his breathe and instructed us, "You guys get out of here. I'll get Tucker and Valerie."

Jack and I looked at the boy in dismay and Sam instantly quipped, "Oh no you don't Fenton. You're not going by yourself. You should know better by now that I'm not going to let you go alone."

"I do. But, it's too dangerous for you guys, and I can just phase down there, use intangibility to get them out, and get out the same way I came. You guys can't do that." I was taken aback by what he just said. Jack and did a double take and Sam just shook her head and looked and Danny. Was he insane? He didn't really think we were going to do that, did he?

I was about to contradict him similar to how Sam had, but then we all stopped dead in our argument when we heard somebody yell, "Found them! Send reinforcements and alert King Plasmius!"

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