"You stupid Swamp rat you left the toilet seat up just to piss me off again didn't you?" This had become custom since they started their very slow journey to New York.

"Didn't fall in did you? Chère," Remy said receiving a dirty look from her.

They had decided that it would be best if they continued to drive and to stay at safe houses they had planted around the country since it didn't seem like the Brotherhood had any remorse for innocent bystanders. They had left Louisiana, and had been on the road for a week. They could have gotten there faster but they wanted to confuse the people after them not lead them to where they were going next. But they always stayed a step ahead with Rogue's visions which they had decided were correct.

Rogue didn't know how to tell Remy about the vision she had last night.

"Cody this is all your fault, I could be planning a wedding right now."

"How Bella? How is it my fault that he came home early, or that you didn't break up with him like you were supposed to?"

"Well now he is missing, I bet that slut ex of yours starting screwing my Remy and he was so heartbroken so he ran away with her."

"I can't believe she didn't tell me she had control! I was with her for seven years. If you wouldn't have made me break up with her, I would still be with her."

"So Cody you agree with me, we need to go get them back!"

"Oh course Bella."

Now not only did they have they Brotherhood after them, they had a crazy assassin and a heartbroken confused man that knew all the guilds secrets. But she knew she needed to tell Remy.

"So um Remy," She said timidly. Remy looked up and knew that her joking mood was gone and it was time to be serious. "Um so I had a vision last night, and not only is the Brotherhood after us, we now have Bella and Cody chasing us now too."

"Merde we just can't catch any breaks can we?"

"Yeah but were almost there and we can figure out what to then."

The next day they would arrive at the Xavier mansion where they would hopefully be able to find out why it is exactly the Brotherhood wants them.


"Kurt please stop pacing, your sister should be here soon," Storm said gently with her hand on his shoulder.

"I know, but I just haven't seen her in years. What if she is just like mother? What if she was lying and was just using this as some sort of excuse to come up here and steal from us or torture me?"

"Come on Kurt I'm sure she wouldn't call you if that was the case."

"I guess you're right."

"Why don't you tell me a little about your sister while we wait?"

"Well we never really got along; she was always mother's prized possession. She always got the most training and the best gifts. I was always just left to my own devices. Even though my mutation is better suited for what we did, she was the best. She was perfect at it. I would always ask if she wanted to play but mother wouldn't let her. So I guess I just never knew her very well."

"Well hopefully that will change soon," Storm said, feeling really sad for both of them. They were both brought out of their musings when they heard the roaring of two motorcycles. Kurt ran outside and the site surprised him.

He saw a tall gorgeous woman wearing shorts and a very tight purple tank top, and long auburn hair with to white stripes in them. What happened to the little girl he left behind. And who was the tall guy with her.

"Are they fighting? But why are they smiling?" he asked Storm.


They made a contest of it. Whoever arrived at the mansion first didn't have to buy dinner that night.

"Ha I won swamp rat, I hope you choose somewhere nice tonight."

"No I won my river rat, hey why don't we just ask those people that are staring at us funny?" With that Rogue looked at the people at the end of the drive way and saw a tall woman with white hair and a scrawny blue guy.

"KURT!" She said running to her brother.

"Wie geht es dir meine schwester?" He asked while hugging her as tightly as he could.

"Ich bin gut danke für die Nachfrage." She said shocking everyone.

(How are you my sister? I am good thank you for asking?)

"Since when did you learn German?" Kurt asked pulling away from the hug to look at her in the face.

"Well I had a job over there and thought learning the language would be a good idea."

"Ah, well let's get you guys in side and settled. Then the professor would like to talk to you guys and have and X-men meeting."

"Ma'am we couldn't find her. We talked to Cody and he said they broke up and he hasn't seen her since," Said a tall man with nothing special about him.

"Well Dammit you better find her, or we are all screwed, you know how much money I will lose if we can't find her," the tall blue read headed lady said.

"Rogue, ROGUE!" Kurt was yelling. "What's wrong with her? Why is she not responding?" he asked looking at Remy.

"I don't know, she has never done anything like this before."

"Storm go get Jean and the Professor," Kurt ordered.

The man walked away and the blue lady makes a phone call. "Yes she's missing,….What do you mean something is going on with her powers….. She has no control…. What do you mean she gained control?... Where is she going? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T SEE HER? Irene I need her she is the only thing allowing me to keep control of this guild. You know that would ruin everything."

"I'm sorry Kurt I can't read her mind. All I can tell is that she has multiple brain waves. Does she have a personality disorder?" the Professor asked.

"I'm not sure I haven't talked to her in like seven years. As far as I know she isn't even a mutant."

"I don't care what it takes FIND HER! She is the key to everything." The blue lady said once more.

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