Many times in Kate's life, she has deceived herself. Then the truth comes to light.


Castle wanted to snoop into her mother's death. Will wanted to take her away from it.

"You could come with me."

They ended the last time because of his transfer. She was torn up. She had loved him, but it only took a day in his presence to be tempted to give him another chance.

She only offered a token resistance when he kissed her – at a crime scene no less – a resistance that ended the moment the kiss began. Castle interrupted and acted like it wasn't a big deal.

"Want me to keep an eye on Writer Monkey?"

"Monkey stays with me." She tells herself it's only because he's proved useful, not because she wants him there or because she doesn't want him questioning Will.

Will was shot. Because someone followed her and Castle to the meet. She says she's not as over Will as she'd thought. Maybe she could follow him this go-round.

Then Castle tells her what he found. There were three others killed the same time period as her mother. In the same way. All connected to her.

She can't leave this city. Where her mother is buried. Where her father lives. Where her work is. Where Writer Monkey is. Where they can work this case together... after he apologizes. Will didn't even have a chance.


It was exciting and flattering to have this celebrity shadow her. It became even more fun when she realized that Castle thought it was a bad idea. But when Natalie Rhodes dressed like her, it was creepy. Then the hair. God, if she'd been an outside observer, the look on Castle's face would have been hilarious. At least Esposito had the decency to nickname Natalie "Creepy Beckett."

Still wigging out, but alone, she said, "What's next, she'll steal my boyfriend then try to kill me in my sleep?"

She mulled over that choice of words. It was just a movie reference. It had nothing to do with the fact that Natalie seemed to be flirting with Castle.

Then, minutes later, when she saw her kissing Castle in the elevator, she silently screamed at her green-eyed monster that she was not jealous; she was just angry that Castle was being a man-whore in the precinct and it was inappropriate. She was not jealous.

The next morning, Natalie said he turned her down. Relief overwhelmed Kate. "He said 'No'?" She was amazed. And the jealousy was replaced by affection. Yeah, maybe she had been jealous after all.


Uniforms could bring her in for questioning. But she's got to do it, because they were friends. And it has to be in an interrogation room, not a restaurant.

It has nothing to do with Castle being on a date with her.

Maddie goes off on her, not as a suspect, but as a friend fighting over a boy. They use nicknames. She's accused of being "hot for Castle" and wanting to make "little Castle babies." Then comes the real question: "Why couldn't you just be honest?"

She just says, "He can hear us." Us. Not you. Even though she didn't say a single word, her lack of denial is very much a part of the conversation. And he heard.

She thought he'd be enough of a gentleman to not bring it up. Wrong.

"I heard… everything."

She tried to ignore it and hoped he didn't notice her stutter. She saw him force his proud and almost predatory look to fade.

All day she pushed away thoughts of making little Castle babies. She kept telling herself that Maddie was mistaken. She really liked Tom.

Her dreams that night proved her wrong.

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