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The Release

~Alexander Anderson's POV~

Blood stained the pale lips and chin dripping, splattering drops across the wood


As a frightened figure cowered in the shadows, the only light emerging from the

fallen lamp showed the drips slowly conjuring a puddle of crimson.

Long midnight hair forming a curtain around the unknown face, but parted just

enough for one wide eye glowing as red as the pits of hell to peek at the

frightened figure of the cowering priest in the corner.

A grin spread on the bloody figure twisted in utter insanity showing his long

fangs, and shark-like teeth he spoke with a dark chuckle,

"I must have more."

I woke with a start sweat dripping from my body, hunched over I start to shake

from the fear that is still fully awake in me, with my hand I wiped the sweat from

my face.

The dreams were the same night after night that crazed Vampire awakened

from his sealed coffin by the blood that was mine, in my head the scene played

over and over again.

My friends laughing and joking about the warnings and fairy tales the old fathers

told us when we were children, about the demon who was here sense the

beginning of the world, the origin of all the evil.

Everyone knew him by a name in Egypt as Seth the bringer of Chaos,but we

didn't believe any of it we were so young then, we thought that we were just kids

having harmless fun we were wrong.

I got up slowly sliding my blue tinted glasses on there was no use trying to go

back to sleep so I started to get dressed, tonight we were on the hunt looking

for that crazy son of a bitch.

Tonight we were searching at one of the underground nightclubs in New York,

the club we are searching in is called The Nightingale.

I strode to the closet and pulled out my suitcase, throwing it on my bed I

unzipped it taking out a pair of jeans I yanked them on zipping my fly quickly

just as I was buckling my belt I heard a soft knock on the door.

"Alex are you ready yet?" called a muffled voice, "Ya! Hold on." I grunted at the

closed door as I pulled on a black sleeve-less shirt over on my jeans, hiding the

golden cross hanging from my neck by it's chain of silver.

"Alright we'll be in the car." the voice spoke, with that I heard the thuds of boots walking down the hall, I went to the closet again grabbing the single coat hanging it was a very dark brown throwing it on.

I strode toward the apartment window opening it slowly without a sound I crawled out onto the metal balcony, looking out on the crowded city closing out all the noises.

Closing my eyes slowly letting my sense's stretch out, suddenly a shock went up my spine a spreading chill I knew tonight we would run into him again.

I crouched on the rail with the grace of a cat, without losing balance I jumped off the balcony I dropped quick and without a sound landed feet first on the wet pavement.

Walking toward the front of the building a black van waited as I approached the door opened a man spoke gruffly, "Well it took you long enough, let's go." I slide in and closed the door with a thud and we were off toward Nightingale maybe we would finally catch him this time.

This story is a whole different plot of it's own Alucard was not put under slavery by Abraham, Integra, or even the Nazis and if you want to know Alexander's nightmare then as Alucard spoke with a dark chuckle,

"I must have more."