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Fateful Meeting?

The familiar bat-screech pierced Satoru Ohkura's ears as the light changed into red and what appeared to be a picture frame opened into the common room. Everybody, he noticed, was already there. Chisato was staring up at him, arms across her chest and her feet tapping away in that impatient way of hers.

And, he also noticed, everybody's eyes were on him. It irritated him.

"What?" he spat out, his temper getting the best of him again.

"Hey!"Takeru waved, admonishing him. "Don't use that kind of tone in front of Chisato-san!"

"I'll choose to use any tone I want to!" Satoru shot back, advancing menacingly at Takeru. But before he could even as much as get within punching distance, Chisato was already between them.

"Stop that!" Chisato commanded, pushing the boys away from each other.

"Yeah, stop being kids and let's hear what we came here for," Akira piped in.

"What! Why you little..."

"I said stop that!" Chisato roared, and the boys became still. Satoru went to his seat, still glaring at the second Ohkura son. Takeru only grinned at him.

" that we're all settled...the reason why I called you out here is because I have an important announcement to make." Chisato paused. Then she looked at Satoru. "Especially you, Satoru, since this concerns you."

"Eh?" Satoru exclaimed, confused. "What did I do this time?"

"That's the problem. It's something you didn't do."

Satoru continued staring at her, puzzled.

"What she means," Fuu stated, "is you're not going to school since you've been holed up in your room. Even when you're coming out more often now you still hadn't returned to school."

"Yeah, remember that impostor woman who pretended to be Satoru's homeroom?" Masaru said. Almost everyone nodded.

"Well, so what?" Satoru shot back. "I mean, there really is no need for me to go back to school, right?" So mind your own business, he added mentally.

"Baka," Sho said. "Even if you weren't the heir, it is still important for you to go to school."

"Well, I don't want to. And that's the end of it," Satoru insisted. Chisato cleared her throat.

"I know you'd say that," she said smugly. "That's why...I have arranged to have a tutor come here to teach you."

"Right...wait...WHAT?"Satoru exclaimed in shock. Is he hearing things right? And he was thinking, they were penny-pinching and all, and yet, Chisato is hiring...

"A tutor, you say?" Akira remarked. "Why not just me?"

"A real teacher would be better for him, not a kid like you," Takeru piped in. Akira glared at him, but kept his mouth shut.

Sho was pondering over Chisato's words. "That's a good idea, but the question is, will Satoru agree to it? Seeing how hard-headed he is, he might not go out of his room again."

"And more importantly, can we even afford it?" Masaru asked.

Chisato smiled confidently, which the boys knew was something she does when very sure of something. "Don't worry. Fuu and I have already talked this over. Even Attorney agreed to it."

"That's right," a female voice suddenly announced, and everybody was taken aback when Attorney appeared from out of nowhere, as usual. She then unrolled the scroll containing the mother's goals, which was left by their father. "It is one of the mother's goals to educate the children. Since Satoru and Akira are the only ones of school age, they are still under the provision. Akira is okay, but Satoru needs it. And if this is the only means to do it, then so be it." She then rolled it up again and started to leave.

When she reached the door, Attorney turned around and said, "Oh by the way, Chisato-san, the tutor is arriving this afternoon. Please be prepared to meet her." Chisato nodded, and Attorney left.

Her? Satoru thought. Another female in this house? And it was to be his tutor too. Well, one thing's for sure. He'll never give in to the plan. He walked off, leaving them in the common room. He didn't even see the smiles on their faces.

"This should be interesting," Fuu said lazily, getting up and stretching.

"Hey, just how old is she, exactly? Do you even know what she looks like?" Takeru asked.

"She's 24," answered Chisato, "and believe me, you'll like her. I did, at least."

"Wha—you talked to her?" Masaru exclaimed. Chisato nodded and smiled.

Akira got up to leave. "Another female to live with. You gotta deal with it, Masaru, phobia or no."

After the others have left, Fuu approached Chisato and said, "Imouto, are you sure about this?"

"Yes," Chisato quickly answered. "I promised I'd help her, and I will. And she can only do that here."

"But what if-"

"Don't worry. She promised that if things don't work out, she'll still stay on as a tutor." Chisato sighed. "I had to admire her honesty, though. And she reminded me of myself the first time I met our father."

Fuu had to smile at his sister's words. Well, this could get more interesting. He can't wait for the afternoon to arrive to see how interesting it could get. He just hoped he'd be around to see it. that the Ohkura connection has been settled...

How much does Chisato know about Mari-chan, for Chisato-san to talk that way about her?

How would the brothers react to Marisol's arrival?


How will her meeting with Satoru go?

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