Title: Unwritten

Category: Glee

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

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The two men stared deeply into each other's eyes, not believing that after everything that had happened between them, they had finally made it to this point. The taller grabbed his companion's hand, smiling at that ever-present warm-feeling that came over him whenever they touched and pulled it to his lips.

"I love you so much," he murmured as his lover's eyes fluttered at the gentle kisses being dropped on his hand.

"I love you, too," the other sighed quietly.

As the two embraced, they knew that life was finally turning around for them and they would finally be free to love each other. As they strolled down the deserted sidewalk, clasped hands swinging lazily between them, they knew they'd get their happy ending together and that was all they could ask.

Kurt rolled back in his leather computer chair, stretching his arms and rolling his neck. He was quite proud of himself for finishing his fourth book and he felt very good about this story. He also knew that with this book he would have finally gotten over that James guy from the coffee shop once and for all.

See, that is how Kurt's life works; whenever he falls for a guy, he writes a new best-selling book to get over him rather than asking him out. Kurt is extremely shy, and has been for most of his life. It didn't help that he was a gay male in small-town Ohio, the bullying and taunting had caused Kurt to continuously crawl farther into his shell until he just stopped talking to people all together. Now, he only talks to his father, step-brother, step-mother and the barista down in the coffee shop in the bottom of his apartment building, and only to order his coffee. Kurt knew that he could always count on his notebook to be there for him though, so as the years progressed and the bullying got worse, Kurt started living his life solely through his writing.

In his stories, Kurt would make his characters have whatever adventures he had dreamed of doing, or having the experiences that he had wanted to have, without ever having to leave the safety of his small, tidy apartment. He made his characters popular, outgoing, adventurous and daring; everything he wished he could be but was too afraid to try. Kurt made them have their fair share of problems, the books wouldn't be so successful if there wasn't conflict in his stories, but he also made them live out whatever dreams he had desired throughout his life. His characters had gone sky-diving, performed in Broadway shows, became famous fashion designers and had dated the most amazing guys, while Kurt stayed at home in his tiny apartment wishing he had even one adventurous bone in his body.

His books were hits world-wide, and despite his somewhat controversial switch from straight characters to gay characters after his second book, everyone still considered Kurt a genius of an author and couldn't wait to see what he would come up with next. People always felt that they could relate to the storylines that Kurt came up with. No one even suspected that behind the amazing author was a shy boy who was too afraid to even try any of the daily adventures that his characters experienced all the time.

Kurt sighed, staring out the window of his apartment at the couples walking on the street below. After graduation, Kurt had wanted to get out of Lima as quick as possible. At first, he had planned on going to New York, the place where all his dreams could come true, but he had given up on fulfilling his dreams in reality, so he moved to Chicago and started writing. As Kurt watched the carefree young men and women walking down the street holding hands and laughing, he felt a rush of longing and a pang of loneliness in his heart as he wished that he could feel so care-free around someone. Kurt couldn't remember a time in the past 5 years that he had felt comfortable around other people, and so he settled with that ever-present feeling of loneliness.

Kurt decided he needed to get his mind off how boring his life was. He also realized that he needed a caffeine fix because he was feeling really tired after staring at his computer screen, writing for the last 4 hours. He pulled on a baggy sweatshirt over his old t-shirt and sweatpants and headed down to the coffee shop on the first floor of his apartment building.

Upon arrival he ordered his grande nonfat mocha and took up his usual table in the back corner of the small room, away from all the other customers. He loved to come down here for inspiration because there never failed to be couples coming in to order coffee and he could watch how they interacted with each other and relay those actions on his characters in his story. No one really noticed the pale, lonely boy sitting in the corner, and the ones who did kept their distance.

As Kurt had grown older, he hadn't cared so much about his appearance. He knew that it was his flamboyancy that had caused the bullies to really notice him in the first place but he had been naive in high school, hoping that after awhile they would leave him alone and pick on some new specimen. Unfortunately, as the years went on, the bullying got worse not better and the results were Kurt being too afraid to express himself in his clothing and appearance. Therefore, he never styled his hair anymore and he stuck to loose-fitting, old clothes from the thrift shops that helped him stay as invisible as possible.

Kurt's picture was never on any of his books, so he was not recognized as Kurt Hummel, author extraordinaire. He was usually seen as the weird, quiet guy hiding in the corner, or the hermit in apartment 417. On the inside flaps of his books, it never said what city Kurt lived in, if he had a family, or anything else that normal books would; the most information it would tell you about him is that he is 22 and what the names of his other books are. Kurt preferred it this way though; it helped with his bid to stay invisible. It also allowed him to write without being distracted by book signings, interviews or tours. He knew that there were internet forums completely devoted to guessing what he might look like, but he took comfort in the knowledge that the only people who knew who he was were his father, step-brother and step-mother. His lack of public appearance added to his publicity (ironically) because everyone wanted a little mystery in their lives.

When Kurt finished his coffee, (it hadn't been a very good day for couple-gazing, but that was ok because he still had to send his newly completed book to the publishers) he waved goodbye to the barista and headed back to his home.

When he got back upstairs, the loneliness was really starting to bug him. Usually he was able to ignore it and focus completely on his writing, but today he wasn't writing and therefore, he had nothing to distract himself. He settled on his second distraction, talking to his dad.

Kurt picked up his cell phone, hitting 1 to speed dial the only number in his contacts that he actually used. When he had first gotten his phone his step-brother, Finn, had programmed all of his friends' numbers in, in the hopes that Kurt would make some new friends. Unfortunately, that didn't work out so well, and Kurt remained isolated well out of high school.

The phone was answered on the second ring. "Hummel's Tires. How may I help you?" the gruff, fatherly voice of Burt Hummel sounded through the line, music to Kurt's ears.

"Dad?" Kurt said, hesitantly. He was always timid on the phone, no matter who he was talking to.

"Hey kiddo!" Burt exclaimed, happy to hear his son's voice. "Long time no talk."

"Sorry about that, dad," Kurt apologized. "I've been really into this book I was writing but I just finished so I thought I should give you a call. I hope I didn't interrupt anything. I can call back later..." Whenever Kurt got nervous he would ramble. He tended to have a one-sided conversation with himself whenever he was thinking about doing something adventurous, or even a little bit out of his comfort zone, and he always talked himself out of it.

"No!" Burt cried. "The garage is pretty empty today. And I want to talk to my son who hasn't called me in 3 weeks."

Wow, Kurt thought, I can't believe it's been 3 weeks. He decided to make sure he called his dad more often from now on. "Sorry about that dad. Like I said, the book."

"I know, I know, and I'm glad you're ok and your writing is going well. But I want to know, how are you? Have you gone out at all since the last time we talked?"

Burt really worried about how shy and withdrawn his son had become. He was always trying to get Kurt to open up a bit and socialize. He had even stepped a little bit out of his comfort zone to make sure to ask Kurt if any new boys had entered his life. The answer was always the same, but Burt always made sure to ask so Kurt knew he cared. Burt didn't want Kurt to grow up to be an old hermit who was angry at the world; he wanted his son to experience living.

"No dad," Kurt stated, slightly annoyed by his dad constantly worrying about him. "I'm fine though, I prefer being alone. And I can't wait to get this book published."

Burt harrumphed at his son saying that he preferred solitude. "Okay, Kurt, I trust you. All I ever want is for you to be happy," Burt replied.

The two talked for a while longer before Burt had to go because the garage was suddenly busier. After Kurt hung up, he flopped back on his bed and stared at the blank, white ceiling, thinking. He wished that he was more social, and that he had a friend that he could call up to invite over and watch reality TV with and shop with. He wished that a guy would notice him and look past the shyness and the fortress he had built around his heart and care for the real him that had become deeply buried over the years.

Someday, he thought, my life will be more than a series of imaginary characters doing extraordinary things. Someday, someone WILL notice me. With that though spiralling through his head, Kurt drifted off to sleep, to dream of fantasies that he wished were his reality.

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