Title: Unwritten

Category: Glee

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Genre: Romance & Hurt/Comfort

Rating: T

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A/N: Umm, so this is it. So sorry for making y'all wait so long. I had a bit of change of plans and went to Universal Studios in February so I decided to make the characters for there too. Just a quick warning, I describe specific parts of Universal and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a lot of detail so if you're planning on going there and want to be surprised, you can easily just skip those parts, it really has no effect on the outcome of the story. Anyway, enjoy the epilogue!

EDIT: As you may or may not know, I don't know all that much about Harry Potter, since I've only read books 1-4 and seen movies 1,2, and 4. I've also watched the AVPM series, and I get most of my info listening to my sister, brother, friends, cousins, etc gush about it. So I hope I didn't kill any other Harry Potter nerds with my misspelling of Fawkes :P if you see any other mistakes in Harry Potter facts let me know and I'll fix it :)

8 Years Later

"Uncle Blaine! Uncle Blaine!" Charlie Sterling exclaimed, grabbing Blaine's hand excitedly. "I think we're almost there!"

The thirteen-year old pointed up the sidewalk, to where the path diverged and a booth with two security guards stood. Appearing just over the tree line to their left was a tall green roller coaster. Blaine couldn't help smiling with excitement as well.

He glanced over to Kurt who was walking beside him, carrying a backpack and gazing at Blaine fondly. Despite his seriousness, Blaine could sense the childlike excitement in his eyes too.

Kurt slipped the backpack off and allowed the security guards to check it, before moving forward so that the others could show their bags.

"Daddy," Ally Duval stated. "Is this the park where Harry Potter land is?" Ally being eleven-years old had just finished reading the Harry Potter series, and was looking forward to seeing the legendary Hogwarts Castle that she had been reading about.

Nick glanced over at his daughter happily. "Yes, darling, as soon as we get through those gates up there, you should be able to see it over the lake."

"Yay!" she exclaimed, skipping ahead of the others. "C'mon Sammy!" she called over her shoulder, motioning to her nine-year old sister. "Let's go see Hogwarts!"

"Slow down girls!" Kurt called half-heartedly. He could completely understand their excitement since he had been the same way when he had first come here nearly seven years ago.

Charlie let go of Blaine's hand to catch up to the other children and Blaine wound his newly freed arm around Kurt. He leaned his head on Kurt's shoulder as they kept walking.

"Remember the first time we came here?" Blaine murmured nostalgically.

Kurt laughed. "How could I forget?"

7 Years Earlier

"Kurt! Kurt! We're almost there!" Blaine exclaimed, tugging on Kurt's hand that had been snugly secured in his for the entire walk. "I can't wait to see Hogwarts! I've dreamed of this place for years!"

Kurt gazed fondly at his boyfriend and couldn't help laughing at the pure enthusiasm that was seeping out of his every pore. The two had been dating for over a year, and it had probably been the best year in Kurt's entire existence.

They had never ended up going to Disney, since Blaine's song, his coming out and his newfound relationship with Kurt had taken up all of his time over the last year. The song had quickly reached #1 on the charts and had stayed there for many weeks.

Despite his nerves, the media and his fans had been very kind about Blaine's coming out, and not only had Blaine not lost any of his fans, his following had at least doubled in size.

Kurt confessed to Blaine, late one night about a week after they had admitted their love that all of his inspiration for his books had come from past heartbreaks and unrequited loves. He admitted that he would never wish for those inspirations to come back and that even if he can never write another book he would much rather his current elation to any of the suffering he had endured over the years.

Blaine had held him tightly in his arms, and told him that he would help him find different inspiration for his writing, and do everything in his power for Kurt not to feel that way again. He had whispered, "I love you" into Kurt's hair over and over until Kurt's breathing had evened out and he had fallen asleep.

Kurt need not have worried though, because if he had been inspired by unrequited love, it was nothing to how inspired he was now that he was in love. His fan-base had grown ten-fold and not even because he was dating the hottest music star in the country. His stories, still had angst, and trials and tribulations within, but now they always end with a happy ending. The couple always ending up together, the obstacles standing in their way falling away into memories.

Now, though, a full year had passed, and any turbulence caused by Blaine's rather abrupt confession of his sexuality on national television was news of the past, and the whirlwind of a year had finally slowed down enough that Blaine, Kurt, Nick, Jeff, David and Wes could all go on vacation. Nick and Jeff's wives had opted to stay home with the kids so the six men could enjoy themselves childfree.

Despite this, and their apparent ability to go anywhere they liked given the freedom their wives had afforded them, the six men had opted for a theme park anyway. This one on the opposite side of the country to Disneyland, but it hosted the thing Blaine wanted to visit most, "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter."

"I can't wait to see inside Hogwarts!" Blaine exclaimed again as they neared the entrance gates to the park. "I've been reading online, and the portraits actually talk to you, like in the books. And you get to go in Dumbledore's office. And see the greenhouses. And everything! Kurt! I'm so excited!"

Kurt laughed again, and he was quickly joined by the other men, who were all jibing Blaine for acting like a five-year old on Christmas. "I know, dear," Kurt said, mock-condescendingly. "You've only been talking about it for a few months now."

Blaine stuck his tongue out at him, and Kurt leaned over to give him a quick peck on the lips. "I love you," Kurt murmured against Blaine's lips.

Blaine's grin grew even wider, if that was even possible before replying, "I love you too."

"Guys! This is a family park, we don't need to scar little children having them watch you too make out," Nick exclaimed, laughing when he saw that Blaine and Kurt's eyes both seemed a little glazed as if they had forgotten they weren't alone.

"Oops, sorry guys," Kurt said, blushing a little and looking at the ground.

"I'm not," Blaine said, lifting Kurt's chin with the tip of his finger. "I can kiss my amazing boyfriend wherever I want and you can't stop me." Blaine pointed his finger at the four men behind them with a pout and even added a stomp of his foot for good measure.

"Gosh Blaine! You're such a child sometimes," David laughed. He pulled out the six 2-day passes and handed them around to the others before they get in line to enter the park.

Blaine stick his tongue out at David and throws a wink at Kurt which makes Kurt giggle.

It didn't take long for the men to enter the park and then Blaine was pulling Kurt by the hand and rushing off towards the back of the park where Harry Potter's world is located. Kurt looked over his shoulder, helplessly to see Nick and Jeff doubled over in laughter.

"I guess we'll catch up to you guys!" Wes called, laughing as well.

"Honestly, Blaine, there's no need to rush. The park isn't going anywhere," Kurt said, tugging on Blaine's hand to try and get him to slow down. Blaine was insistent though, and continued to pull Kurt through Seussland and the Lost Continent parts of the park.

It wasn't long before they could see the towers of Hogwarts Castle rising over the tree line, and the crooked houses and buildings of Hogsmeade came into view. "There it is! There it is!" Blaine squealed. He started bouncing on his toes as if preparing for a race. "Isn't it amazing Kurt!"

Kurt laughed but couldn't help feeling excited himself. He had gone with his dad to Chapters at midnight every time a new book came out in the series so he could buy it and read it right away, and he had often escaped into the magical world of Harry Potter when the bullying had just seemed too much to handle.

"It really is," Kurt answered softly, as he felt a few tears trickle down his face.

The tone of Kurt's voice made Blaine pause and he glanced over his shoulder to see the wetness on Kurt's face

"Oh, baby, what's wrong?" Blaine asked, immediately concerned and pulling Kurt into his arms.

"Nothing's wrong. Everything is just so right. I had been dreaming about this place for so long that being here is just so overwhelmingly amazing. And being here with you. Blaine, it's even more perfect than I could have ever imagined."

"I know exactly what you mean. I'm so glad I'm sharing this experience with you Kurt. I love you."

"I love you so much, Blaine. You don't even understand."

"I think I do," Blaine murmured before capturing Kurt's lips in a chaste kiss.

"There you guys are!" David exclaimed, sounding slightly out of breath as the other four men approached Blaine and Kurt.

"We thought you guys would be in line for the Hogwarts ride by now," Jeff declared.

"We just wanted to breath it all in first, guys. This place is magical, guys," Blaine explained, gripping Kurt's hand tightly.

"Well, that's great and all. But if you want to do more than just ride the Hogwarts ride today you'll have to get in line soon. I read online that the lines can grow to be over a two hour wait to get on," Wes said.

"Oh! That's right! Let's go get in line and then we can explore Hogsmeade some more afterwards," Blaine decided.

"Sounds good to me," Kurt replied.

The six men turned around and walked through the arch into Hogsmeade and despite Blaine exclamations...

"It's the Three Broomsticks! We should eat lunch there!"

"Olivander's! I want to make sure I get a wand before we leave!"

"Honeyduke's! We have to try chocolate frogs!"

...they quickly made it through the village and to Hogwart's to get in line.

Luckily, it was still early in the morning, so the line was not too long. And even though they still had to wait about an hour, all of the men were kept entertained by the very detailed representation of the castle.

Blaine was content to stand around awhile in the greenhouses, admiring the magical plants that were spread throughout. "Look!" he exclaimed. "Mandrakes!"

Kurt covered his ears, jokingly and Blaine laughed. "I can't wait to see what's inside the castle," Kurt said, trying to look through the tall doorway and into the long, dark hallway at the entrance to the castle.

They proceeded into the castle and through the queue, passing talking portraits and classrooms with holograms of students and professors inside. They stopped in a room where Ron, Hermione and Harry were discussing their plans to make the "muggles" fly so Harry could show them around Hogwarts.

"This is so cool!" David exclaimed, admiring the realistic portrayal of the actors.

It didn't take long for the group to get through the queue, passing the portrait of the fat lady and the sorting hat on their way to the ride entrance. Once they were seated in the bench with the harnesses done up, awkwardly turned his hand sideways to grip Kurt's where it was tightly gripping the handle of his seat.

"You okay, babe?" Blaine asked, concerned at Kurt's white knuckles.

"Yeah," Kurt breathed. "Just really excited."

Blaine and Kurt were in a bench with two random people since the benches held four people and Wes, David, Nick and Jeff decided to go together. As the ride started, Blaine couldn't help letting out a small squeak of anticipation before the robot grabbed their bench and the simulator began.

When it was done, Blaine bounced off the ride onto the moving platform and gripped Kurt's hand excitedly. "That was so awesome!" he exclaimed, practically skipping to the exit and into the gift shop.

Blaine pulled Kurt over to the photo stand to check out their picture and started laughing when he saw it. He and Kurt had been on the left side of the bench and the picture must have been taken at a particularly surprising part of the ride because they both seemed to be mid-flinch. The funnier part about the picture is that the frame it was in was of a dragon breathing fire at them and it looked like they were actually trying to get away from the flame.

Kurt bought the picture for Blaine and Blaine insisted on buying a stuffed animal of Fawkes for himself and Hedwig for Kurt. "They're so cute!" he exclaimed hugging Fawkes to his chest.

Kurt laughed at his childishness before pulling him out of the shop to find the other four men. He was pleasantly surprised that no one seemed to recognize him or Blaine, and if they did, they didn't bother them. One of his biggest fears when he had started dating Blaine was that he wouldn't get any time for he and Blaine to be alone. But that had not been the case and the fans and been amazing about giving them space and not crowding them every time they went out in public.

It wasn't long before they found Wes, David, Nick and Jeff, all holding butterbeers and sitting on a bench. They had two extras in their hands that they handed to Kurt and Blaine. Blaine took a sip and turned to Kurt with a huge grin and a foam mustache.

"Oh my gosh!" he exclaimed. "This is the most amazingly awesometastic delicious drink that I have every tasted in my entire life."

Kurt laughed. He took a sip of his own drink and his eyes went round. "Holy cow is this good!" he declared. His eyes danced with laughter as he swiped his tongue along his lips to clean off the foam. "It's even better than I expected."

After finishing off the butterbeers, the six friends stopped at the Three Broomsticks for lunch where Blaine tried the pasties with pumpkin juice, and Kurt had shepherd's pie with a frozen butterbeer. Then they walked through the shops for a while and waited in line to watch the show in Olivander's to let their stomach's settle before going on anymore rides.

Blaine was a little bummed that he wasn't chosen to participate in the show at Olivander's and Kurt just patted his arm, reminding him that although he may feel like a kid, he's actually an adult and only children get picked for the show.

Blaine did end up buying himself Harry Potter's wand, and Kurt got himself a Ravenclaw scarf. The four other men bought a golden snitch for Blaine as a gift and a Harry Potter journal for Kurt for his writing.

When they were finished shopping, they decided to ride the Dragon Challenge roller coaster. Kurt insisted that they ride in the front car for the first time and luckily for them all of the lines were really short and they were able to ride the coaster five times before they decided that they should probably switch to something else.

Then they rode the Flight of the Hippogriff twice before sitting on a bench outside of Honeyduke's to take a break. Blaine picked up his Honeyduke's bag and started looking through the candy he had purchased... Chocolate Frogs, Fizzing Wizzbees, Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans... before deciding to open the box of Fudge Flies to share with the group.

They spent the rest of the day visiting the other sections of the park; meeting Captain America and Hawkeye in Marvel Superhero Island before jokingly snapping pictures of each other under the speech bubbles in Toon Lagoon. They finished the day having a 20 minute conversation with the talking fountain in The Lost Continent who happened to recognize Blaine and insisted on yelling as loud as it could that he and Kurt were the cutest, most talented couple it had ever seen.

This, then, lead to many fans in the nearby proximity recognizing Kurt and Blaine and coming up to the couple for autographs and pictures.

The group decided to eat dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe located on the boardwalk between the Islands of Adventure park and the actual Universal Studios. It's the largest Hard Rock Cafe in the world and all of the men, except Kurt, were practically vibrating with excitement at seeing all of the famous memorabilia that restaurant had accumulated over the years. Including countless guitars and pictures from all of their idols.

The following day the men headed back to Islands of Adventure to ride each ride in the Harry Potter part again before walking to Universal where they rode the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Since riders were given the chance to pick which song was played through the speakers located on each seat, Kurt laughed through the entire ride as Blaine belted out Gloria Estefan's "I Will Survive" at the top of his lungs.

Afterwards they rode Revenge of the Mummy and Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem two times each. Kurt bought a stuffed minion for Blaine, saying that it reminded him of Blaine. Blaine had feigned a glare before pecking Kurt on the cheek and hugging the minion close to his chest.

After watching a hilarious show about monster makeup and riding the Simpson's simulator ride 3 times, Blaine pulled Kurt away from the other men so they could have an early dinner for just the two of them at Mel's Drive-In.

Kurt paid no mind to where the other four men had gone off to, knowing full well that they could handle themselves for an hour or two on their own.

After dinner Blaine lead Kurt towards the stage that's located next to the Rockit.

"Oh! Is a band playing here tonight?" Kurt asked excitedly. He hadn't been looking to closely at the map but he hadn't remembered it saying anything about any special bands coming to play that night.

"Sort of," Blaine replied offering Kurt a quick peck on the lips before running over to where Wes, David, Jeff and Nick were standing.

Kurt followed quickly, laughing again at his boyfriend's enthusiasm. "Hey guys!" he exclaimed when he reached the group. "Who's playing tonight?"

Jeff and Nick exchanged amused glances before bursting out laughing. Kurt glanced to where Wes was whispering urgently with David and Blaine. The pieces almost made an audible click as they snapped into place in his mind.

"Seriously!" he exclaimed, jaw dropping. "Blaine! Why didn't you tell me you were performing here?"

The other four men backed away slowly, not wanting to get in the way of Kurt's wrath.

"I wanted to surprise you, sweetheart," Blaine answered, bringing a hand up to rest on Kurt's cheek. Kurt unconsciously leaned into the touch. "I thought you'd be happy. You always seem happy to come to my gigs."

"I am happy. Just surprised, babe. I thought this was a vacation. No work allowed."

"It is," Blaine said, earnestly. "I can never let down my fans though, you understand that."

Blaine looked uncomfortable, considering that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.

"I'm proud of you baby," Kurt declared with a bright smile. "So proud. And I'm going to sit right here and watch you sing on that stage and be so proud that you're mine. I love you so much."

Blaine looked baffled. "So you're not mad?"

"Of course not, silly." Kurt winked at Blaine and giggled.

"Oh thank God! I love you too, babe. So much!"

Kurt leaned forward and kissed Blaine slowly and passionately, trying to express how much he loves Blaine just through that kiss.

"Ok lover boys! Let's not attract stares!" Wes declared loudly, causing the two men to jump apart. "Blaine you're on in 10 minutes, why don't you go tune up with Nick? I'll keep your boy company on this blanket over here."

Wes gestured to the Avengers blanket that had been set up on the grass in front of the stage.

It wasn't long before the show started and the crowd that had started to surround the stage screamed their approval at the opening notes to Teenage Dream. Blaine bounced onto the stage, guitar in hand and headset/microphone on, belting out the notes to the familiar, if not a little out-dated song.

Blaine continued his playlist wit It's Not Unusual, before throwing in one of his original songs, Human. Blaine continued singing for a solid 30 minutes before the sky became darker and he realized he should close out his set because the nightly firework show was about to start.

"Ok guys, this will be the last song for tonight. I think you all know it. I wrote it for the love of my life. Kurt, I love you. Good night everybody!"

Blaine finished off his set with Your Song, staring into Kurt's eyes throughout the entire song. When he finished, the applause was thunderous, and quickly followed by the muted pounding of hundreds of feet rushing off to find the perfect spot along the lake to watch the fireworks.

Blaine didn't move from his place on the stage, watching Kurt. He eventually snapped out of his daze a little and walked forward, reaching for Kurt's hand and pulling him onto the stage. Wes, David, Jeff and Nick quietly walked toward the lake to give Blaine some privacy with Kurt, or at least as much privacy as they could get standing on a huge stage in the middle of an amusement park.

Blaine put his hands on Kurt's shoulders turning him so he was facing Blaine straight on. He leaned forward and place a long, slow kiss to Kurt's lips. When he pulled back, Kurt looked a little dazed and Blaine grinned.

"Kurt," Blaine choked, his voice rough with emotion. "You are the love of my life. I thank God every day that I was clumsy enough to crash into you on that day over a year ago now. I can't believe we've only known each other a year, it feels like a lifetime. And I know I sound like a walking, talking cliché but I need you to know how much you mean to me. You are my entire life, Kurt. I love you so much, I can't even understand it sometimes. I could never imagine my life without you know so Kurt... I have to ask..." Kurt gasped softly his hand flying to his mouth and tears pricking his eyes.

"Kurt, I love you so much. Will you marry me?"

Passersby would not have heard Kurt's exclaimed response as the first fireworks started going off and Kurt tackled Blaine to the stage.

7 Years Later

"The happiest day of my life was when you asked me to marry you," Kurt continued.

Blaine grinned fondly at him. "And the happiest day of my life was when you said yes."

"Now that you are done reminiscing do one of you think you could take this stroller?" Sadie Duval declared, with feigned annoyance. Her eyes twinkled with amusement as the two were pulled out their love-induced stupor.

"Oops, sorry Sadie!" Kurt exclaimed, reaching over to grab the handles of the stroller and smiled down at one-year old buckled inside. "Such a good little boy," he cooed. "You look just like daddy." Kurt reached down and twisted one of the tight, black ringlets around his finger as the child's bright hazel eyes blinked up at him.

"Papa! Daddy!" 4-year old Elizabeth exclaimed, running up and jumping onto Blaine like a monkey. Her long, chestnut hair flying and her blue eyes sparkling. "Ally said that we're gonna getta ride a Hippogrip and dragons and I don't even know what that stuff is but it sounds super duper fun!"

Kurt laughed at his daughter's enthusiasm, so much like her daddy's even though she was his biologically. "Hippogriff sweetie, and you know what dragons are. Remember when we watched Shrek last week."

"Oh yeah!" Elizabeth exclaimed, jumping down from her father's arms and bounding back up to the front of the group to continue talking to the older children.

Blaine walked beside Kurt as he pushed the stroller, making faces at their son Aaron who giggled and babbled excitedly at his daddy's antics. Kurt leaned his head on his husband's shoulder and sighed contentedly. His life was, seriously, perfect.

Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
the rest still unwritten

A/N: So, I hope that was sufficient and worth the wait. Thank you to everyone who stuck around and read this whole thing. I hope I did Blaine and Kurt justice. Thank you to EragonArya as always for her help with this story. You guys are all the best! How have y'all been enjoying Glee this season? I'm gonna be taking a break from Fanfiction for a while, not sure how long. School, especially calculus, is kicking my butt right now and I need to focus so I can get scholarships and university acceptances and stuff. Anywho, just thought I'd let y'all know not to expect something new from me for a while. Thanks for reading! Have a lovely night! :)