Author's Note: I owe Tim Roth both an apology and a thank you. The apology is for not discovering the genius of Lie to Me sooner and the thank you is for teaching me the appropriate usage for the word "plonker" in a sentence. (It's changed my life. Seriously.)

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She's well aware that there is no shortage of people who believe that she's sleeping with him. She can't blame them, really. Between his lack of regard for her personal space ("Aye, aye, Gill?"), her complete comfort with his lack of regard for her personal space ("You're impossible"), and a shared ESP-like mental connection that has absolutely nothing to do with their respective abilities to read faces, she too would make the same assumption if she were on the outside looking in. They're best friends, both divorced, and (for the most part) wholly unattached to other people, so it's certainly a logical conclusion.

But logical or not, it's not true. Gillian Foster is not sleeping with Cal Lightman. To be even more specific, Gillian Foster has never slept with Cal Lightman, nor he with her.

Well, there was that one time. But that was different. That time doesn't count.

The second time doesn't count either.

The third time… Well, if there were to be a third time, that would be indicative of a pattern and it would, by that same logic, have to count, wouldn't it?

So it's good that there was just that one time. And the other time. Neither of which counted.

And since they didn't count, there's not a pattern. There are just two separate occurrences – that don't count.

Here's why: