Why We Don't Go In Gramps' Room

One Piece Fanfiction

Summary: There is a certain reason why no one, especially Luffy, isn't allowed to go in his grandfather's room. If that's the case then why does Ace have to go through this hassle during his vacation home from college? (AU)

Pairing: Ace-X-Luffy

Genre: Humor, Family, & BROmance

Warnings: Rated M for language, awkward moments, chasing, Luffy-logic, sexual themes, mild yaoi, all-in-all good humor, & possibly OOCness

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

L.J.V.: So I feel really bad for not updating In The Mirror or Dark Mind. I know, shame on me *slaps wrist*. School is an issue but it's not the only one and I won't go into detail since I'm pretty sure that you guys just want to read this. ^-^ So here's a fun little one shot I just thought of like literally fifteen minutes ago. Enjoy. ^-^

Friday - 4:02 p.m.

"Ah, it's great to be back in East Blue," a youthful male says as he drops his small luggage by his right foot and stretches his arms high over his head. Taking a few seconds to stretch his cramped muscles, he turns his head to the taxi and smiles at the cabby before the latter nods his head in return and begins to drive off.

The young man closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, enjoying the fresh intake of air traveling through his body before slowly exhaling it. There's nothing better than breathing fresh, crisp air after being stuck on a bus for a few hours then having to take a taxi right afterwards. It's not that the bus or car weren't clean or anything (well, as clean as they can be), it's just the fact that he had to sit down for hours and inhale recycled air. Air in the city is nearly as fresh as air in the countryside but he can't complain since he's been really busy studying like hell just to pass all of his finals.

And this is the exact reason why he's back home for a week or so. Finals at Calm Belt University (CBU) were a lot easier than he expected. They were just time consuming.

'Bloody Professor Kurahadol. Made it seem like it was life threatening.' Why was his math professor such a strict ass that enjoys silently tormenting his students for his own pleasure? Who knows but the twenty-one year old is just glad to be back home and away from any type of studying.

Grabbing his bag the young man makes his way to the front door of his quiet, peaceful and tremendously missed home. The first thing that he's gonna do is go to his room and sleep.

Well, after he gets something to eat then he'll take a nap.

No, after he goes to the restroom then he'll go get something to eat and finally take a nap. He knew he should have gone to the bathroom before he got a cab but he just didn't want to wait another twenty minutes from being in line if he missed this cab.

'Okay, bathroom first, food, rest, and then I'll see if I can't find Sabo after I eat again since I know he's home. Heck, why didn't I just go on the plane with him in the first place? I would've been home a lot sooner if I did.' He shakes the thought out of his head before he lets out a tired smile and places his free hand on the knob, turns it and pushes the door open. As soon as he steps foot inside he instantly hears water running to his left, dishes breaking and pots falling on the tile floor. 'Ignore it and just go to the bathroom. It's right there.'

With the bathroom in mind Ace gets himself inside of the house before closing the front door only to hear another round of dishes and possibly cooking utensils falling on the ground, as well as someone bad mouthing the stove. 'Bathroom first. Bathroom, bathroom, bathroom!'

"Agh! You stupid stove! No! You don't burn my finger! That's a bad stove! Bad!" A younger voice comes from the kitchen.

"Damn it," Ace mumbles under his breath before he goes to his left and enters the kitchen, only to see his little brother blow on his index finger while broken plates and cups, overturned pots and pans and who knows what kind of concoction he was trying to make littering the kitchen floor. "Luffy! What the hell?"

Said teen ignores his burning finger at the moment and looks to his right before a big smile goes across his face. "Ace! You're back!"

Ignoring his brother's warm smile Ace puts a hand on his face, already knowing that he should have prepared for something like this. "Why is it as soon as I get home I have to deal with this?"

Before Ace can get an answer he feels his bladder tighten and is most likely going to explode in the next minute or so if he doesn't relieve himself. Quickly taking his hand from his face he points his finger at his younger brother. "Stay right there until I get back, and I mean it."

Luffy blinks twice before he sees his brother quickly walk towards the bathroom. He then feels the burning from his finger again. "But my finger hurts."

Without looking back as he continues to the bathroom Ace replies to the younger. "Then put it under some water or something!"

"But I don't have anything on my feet and I don't wanna cut my feet." Luffy calls out as the latter finally disappears into the bathroom.

Ace pulls the zipper down. "Damn it, just… wait for a few seconds!"

He needs to relieve himself now or his bladder really is gonna explode. If that happens then it will release a lot of toxins into his body which will be very dangerous since— "Damn Law and his stupid anatomy exams. Using me for one of his damn guinea pigs. No wonder Kidd keeps hiding from him."

The messy seventeen year old just looks at the opened bathroom door from the kitchen then back to his red finger, seeing a blister starting to form. "That's right, I gotta put it under some water."

Maneuvering his way back to the sink Luffy carefully steps over broken porcelain and mushy food so he doesn't slip and hurt himself. He then uses his unharmed hand to lower the water pressure, easing his burning digit under the flowing water. "Agh! It's hot!" He quickly moves his injured finger from the faucet and blows on it.

When Ace makes his way back to the kitchen he just sighs at the sight in front of him. Why did he even think that his house was anywhere near peaceful and quiet?

Oh, that's right. It's Friday and after four. Meaning his idiot brother would have been at one of his friend's house, leaving Ace to enjoy what little peace and tranquility he would have had until the little pest decided to wander back home. So why isn't the little twerp gone then?

"Luffy, what on earth were you trying to do and didn't I tell you to put your hand under some water?"

"But the water's hot." The younger whines in defense before putting his burning finger in his mouth.

'I should have just gone straight to Sabo's house.' Ace thinks as he sighs.

A hand covers Ace's eyes as he uses his thumb and middle fingers to massage the sides of his head. A few seconds pass before the elder takes his hand from his face and looks back at his brother. "Then why didn't you make the water cold?"

Luffy just looks at his brother, taking his finger out from his mouth. He then bumps his right fist into his left hand as realization comes to him. "Ah! I could've done that, huh?"

"You're such an idiot!" Ace yells at his brother while the latter just laughs at the comment.

4:16 p.m.

"Luffy," Ace grabs a broom from in between the refrigerator and wall, intending to sweep up the broken dishes and the concoction if it doesn't spread around. Actually, it'll just be easier to wipe it up after he cleans the dishes. "—why aren't you with your friends right now?"

Sitting on top of the counter Luffy just holds his bandaged finger in his other hand, slightly able to feel the burn. "Well, Usopp went with his mom to some place and—"

"You weren't paying attention, were you?" Ace cuts him off as he picks up an overturned pan, only to see something gooey on the floor. What is that anyways?

"Nah, it started to sound boring." Luffy answers, swinging his legs back and forth.

The older takes an already dirty rag and tries to clean up the gooey substance from the floor. No, seriously, what is that? "Some good friend you are."

"Hey, I am a good friend." The younger says in defense. "It's not my fault that Usopp was saying boring things."

Not wanting to get chewed out Ace asks about the other smarter friend while he continues to clean the goop. "So what happened to Nami?"

Luffy continues to swing his legs back and forth. "She's with Nojiko and Bellemere right now at some… I don't know."

Ace almost lets go of the rag and broom as he just looks at his little brother. "You don't know? How do you not know?"

A coy smile goes on the younger's face as he nods his head and scratches the back of his head. "Yeah, I wasn't really paying attention, haha."

A sigh just leaves Ace's mouth. Why does he try in the first place?

"Luffy," Ace resumes cleaning his brother's mess. "—what were you doing in the kitchen?"

Younger, dark eyes look around to see how Ace had stacked most of the pots and pans on top of the stove, placed the dirty rags in a corner which he would have just thrown away to save using the washing machine. Piles of broken dishes are in the trash while different cooking utensils are in the sink, and now Ace is sweeping the remains of the dishes and food. "Well, I knew that you were gonna come home and be hungry so I wanted to make you something to eat since you would be too tired."

Aw, that's awfully considerate of the twerp, except—

"Luffy, you don't know how to cook." Ace says before he takes the dust pan and sweeps the last of the mess unto it, dumping the remains into the trash.

That's awfully mean of his older brother to say.

Luffy just jumps off from the counter and crosses his arms. "I do too know how."

Ace places the broom back before opening the fridge and grabbing a peach. "Since when?"

"Makino's been teaching me for the past week. I wanted to surprise you when you got home." An angry pout is visible on the teen's face.

Why does Ace always think that he doesn't know how to do something so simple? Sure, it's really confusing at first but as long as it's not boring then he'll get the hang of it and besides, Ace wouldn't have came home to a dirty kitchen in the first place if the food would've just done as he said and the stupid stove didn't burn him. It's not his fault that they don't listen to him. If Ace wants to blame anything then he should blame all of this cooking stuff.

Luffy has actually been practicing something other than eating for some silly competition or getting into trouble? Okay, getting into trouble is just natural for the teen but he's been trying to cook? The world isn't coming to an end just yet, is it? If that's not the case then what's going on with his little brother? Maybe their grandfather came back recently and hit the idiot a little too hard on the head. That has to be it. Their grandfather had hit Luffy too hard and now something in the younger's brain is finally working properly and his brother will finally be a normal teenager. Ace is gonna have to remember to thank their grandfather for that.

The angry pout softens. "I wanted to learn how to cook because I'm getting tired of having people cook for me. I mean I'm glad that you guys are nice enough to do that but I wanna be able to cook my own meals so I don't have to wait for you guys to make me something when I'm hungry and besides," Luffy uncrosses his arms and walks towards the sink, putting his elbows on the counter top while he places his chin on the back of his hands, "—I wanted you to be the first who tasted my food."

The freckled male feels a little guilty for shutting his litter brother down like that. Luffy just wanted to cook for him so he didn't have to make any food himself.

Walking up to the younger Ace places a hand on his brother's head and starts to ruffle his hair. "Hey, sorry about that. How 'bout tomorrow you and I can make some breakfast together, alright?"

Luffy looks up, turns his head towards the older and smiles, instantly forgiving his brother. "Alright but I wanna do most of the work, m'kay?"

Ace smiles and nods his head. "Sure, so how 'bout we go out and get something to eat then."

Luffy shakes his head before grinning. "Makino said that she was gonna bring dinner over tonight and eat with us."

"Really?" Excitement dances in Ace's eyes. He hasn't had her food for quite some time now and other than Auntie Rouge, Makino's cooking is the closest thing to a mom's home-cook meal that either of the two brothers ever had.

Excited to see his brother really happy, Luffy's grin gets bigger. "Yeah. She said that she'll be here somewhere between four-thirty and five, so I wanted to make a snack before she came over."

That sound pretty typical coming from Luffy, but—

"What kind of snack were you trying to make that involved all of those pots and pans?"

"Uh," a finger scratches his unscarred cheek before he cheekily grins. "—I don't know. It was an experiment? Haha, hahaha."

"You—" before he can even finish his statement Ace just decides to leave it alone. Knowing how his brother thinks it's just best to leave this topic of food and experimenting alone for now. He doesn't want to get a headache that can turn into an aneurism from trying to figure out something that's really close to impossible.

"Okay, so you were trying to cook something with a lot of pots. Why so many though?"

"Well, it was in a book that I read."

Wait a second.

Hold on.

Time out.



Taking a break.

Recess time.


Woah Nelly.


Luffy + Book?

His younger brother, Monkey D Luffy, actually read a book?

And it's not because he was forced to in school?

Ace goes back to his earlier questions:

Is it the end of the world?


How recent was it since their grandfather was last here?

No matter how good both questions are there is another one that seems to be more important to ask at the moment. "We don't own any cook books that I know of. Where did you find it?"

Luffy turns his body to face his brother's. "In grandpa's room."

Right fist instantly connects with the top of the younger's skull.

"OW! THAT HURTS!" Luffy yells as he's trying to soothe the new, big lump protruding out from his skull.

"Why the hell would you go in that old man's room? You know that neither of us are supposed to go in there?" The twenty-one year old scolds the younger before hitting his brother's head again, adding a smaller lump to the first.

Taking a few steps backwards to avoid any more hits Luffy begins to explain while he's still nurses his new bumps. "One of grandpa's co-whatever they're called came over and wanted something important inside of a box. The only place that it could've been was inside of his room and I didn't want him to go in there so I went in myself."

At least there was a reason for going into that forbidden room. Haa, was it really worth getting whatever item though?

"So you went in there and got this important thing for them. What was it?"

Finally able to ignore the pain Luffy just shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know."

A hand finds it way on Ace's face. 'Why do I even bother asking?' Moving his hand away Ace continues to question his little brother. "You got this thing and found a book that talks about cooking in his room? Why am I not surprised that he'd have cook book in the first place. It's so typical of him. He's not gonna cook himself but he loves food too much that he'd just stare at the picture if he's starving. I'm surprised that he hasn't eaten any of the pages yet."

Luffy brings his bandaged finger to scratch his cheek. "Yeah, I did find it but, uh, it's not really about cooking."

An eyebrow raises on the freckled face. "It's not? What'd you read then?"

"Um," the younger looks up at the ceiling and places a hand to his chin, trying to remember. "—well the part that I read had this person throwing different foods in a few pots,"

'That sounds like cooking to me.'

"—before someone else went in the kitchen and pushed the first person into the counter,"

Ace's eyebrows furrow a bit from hearing that. 'Okay, so much for cooking. Does that old man really have such a violent book in his room? I'm not surprised. That's probably where he comes up with different ways to beat us.'

"—and the first person is lifted onto the counter while the second one puts their mouth on the first's and the second's hands start to take the first's clothes off and then—"

"OKAY! I GET IT!" Ace shouts, not believing what he was about to hear. He didn't mean to, it's just… wow.

Why the hell does that old man have a dirty book like that? Crap, no wonder why they're not allowed to go in the old man's room. He's a bloody pervert for having smut like that. What the hell is his problem? And Luffy; the poor idiot probably didn't realize what the hell he was even reading.

Wait a second. His brother read that book? "Luffy, how much did you read?"

"Well, they started doing yoga poses,"

'Yoga poses? Oh please, don't let him mean that…'

"—then it just got really weird because they took their clothes off and started using the special parts during the yoga. I got bored with it since it was getting too weird so I just stopped reading."

Ace doesn't say anything. He just walks to the sink, looks out of the window, and a relieved sigh escapes his mouth. It's a really good thing that his brother is on the slow side when it comes to certain things, or most things but who's keeping track.

'Hmm, I wonder…' Deciding to go do it, the teen starts to move out of the kitchen. "Hey Ace, can ya wait here for a sec?"

Getting out of his thoughts the older turns to look at the younger. "Huh?"

"I wanna show you something." Without waiting for a reply, Luffy sprints out of the kitchen.

"If he wants to show me then why can't I just follow him?" A small laugh comes out of his mouth. "Never mind, he's just a weird kid."

A moment later Luffy comes back in the kitchen with a book in his hand before he opens it and looks for a specific page. "I wanna try this with you since it looks like fun."

"You gotta book?"

"This one has pictures."

Ace takes the book and reads the page out loud. "The Pinwheel: by concentrating the outer banks, your guy can tease the turbo-charged nerve endings in the first third of your vagina…?" Confused, obsidian eyes widen as he looks at the picture below before closing the book and he looks at the cover.


"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!" Ace all but screams as he's looking at the book in absolute horror.

Where the hell did his brother find this crap? Wait, Luffy said that he wanted to try the pinwheel with… him…? Hell no! Fuck that! There is no way that Ace is gonna let that sick shit happen!

"Luffy," Ace waves the disgusting book around, "—where the hell did this come from?!" Seriously, his little brother is not a sick pervert. An innocent idiot that can't tell the difference between left and right sometimes, but not a sick pervert!

"In grandpa's room…" Why is Ace getting all weird on him? Does this mean that they're not gonna do that fun-looking pose?

Ignoring the fact that his grandfather is a sick, old man right now Ace tries to explain this to his younger brother. How does Luffy not even know in the first place? Oh that's right, he's a really slow when it comes to this topic. That is a good thing, right? Yeah, he's pretty sure it is. "Do you even know what this book is about?"

"Uh," looking from his brother's face to the book cover, Luffy takes a few seconds before he look back at Ace, taking a wild guess. "—it's yoga with someone else? That's what sutra means, right? Or is that what Kama means?"

Closing his eyes the older just walks passed his innocent brother and throws the book in the trash. "Lu, that book is about sex and those pictures were different positions to have sex in." Turning to look at his brother, Ace needs to make sure that he understands. "That and the other book that you read are dirty, sick and disgusting books about sex."

"Oh," Well damn. Luffy doesn't want to have sex just to do that pinwheel pose. "—aw, and that pose looked fun to do too."

"The hell it does! You're not doing it and I'm not doing it! No one's doing it!" Did Ace get his point across? Hopefully he did. No one in this house is doing the pinwheel, damn it!

It'll probably be a bad idea to ask but Luffy's just gonna try it anyways. "There's no chance we can do it if we have our clothes on, huh?"

"IT'S NOT HAPPENING!" And another fist connects with the younger's head for the third time this afternoon.

"I got it! Just stop hitting me so hard!" All Luffy did was ask a yes or no question. He didn't ask to get hit, again. He just wanted a simple answer, that's all.

"Luffy, stop going in that sick man's room!"

"Alright!" The seventeen year old says while trying to nurse the bump but this one hurts worse than the other two.

4:44 p.m.

"I'm so hungry~" Luffy whines as he and Ace are sitting down on the couch, watching some cartoons. Why cartoons? It's the only good program on right now.

Leaning against the arm of the chair Ace puts his left foot on the middle cushion and watches a rabbit dance around before a duck gets his bill shot to the side by a bald guy. It's either this or some boring court television. "Luffy, just wait for Makino. She'll show up soon."

"I wanna eat though~" the teen continues to whine as he places his left hand on the other arm of the couch.

"Then go get a peach or something light to snack on." His eyes go to a video game console and he starts to debate if he should play a game instead of watching cartoons.

"But I want meat~"

"Geez, you whine too much."

Luffy pouts a bit before turning his head to look at his brother. Ace is still the same as he remembers. Well, it hadn't been that long since they last saw each other so there wouldn't be anything physically different about his big brother, but there's just something about Ace that seems appealing. Shrugging that thought aside Luffy turns his head back towards the television but every now and then does he steal a glance at the older.

"When was the last time our old man was home?" Sure Ace doesn't really want to talk about the newly discovered pervert right now but it'll be better to talk about something just to make time go by. Watching the angry duck yelling at the rabbit isn't helping. Besides, he's really hungry.

Trying to keep his focus ahead Luffy answers the question. "Around the same time you came back."

Ace sits himself up a little. "He hasn't been here since the holidays? That was four months ago. Why hasn't he been home to check on you?"

Luffy just shrugs his shoulders, watching the poor duck get his bill shot to the side again. "I dunno, probably cause of his work. He sometimes has a few friends come by after I get out of school to check on me and Dadan comes to see me pretty much every day."

At least someone who can get in touch with the old geezer comes to check on his little brother. "That means I just missed her then. Hmm, why'd she leave so early?" Ace shakes his head and chuckles a little. "Never mind. She probably doesn't want to see me."

Luffy turns his head from Ace a little and averts his eyes to the side. "I, uh, actually haven't seen her for, uh, two weeks."

What? She hasn't been here for two weeks? "Why not?"

Younger eyes look everywhere but at his brother as Luffy starts to play with his fingers. "She got hurt."

Ace looks at the younger a little confused. "Hurt? How'd—" Never mind. Somehow he just knows that Luffy had something to do with it. "What'd you do?"

"W-why do you think that it was me?" Trying not to feel like he's in trouble or anything, Luffy starts to whistle a small tune. Yeah, the whistling should definitely distract Ace. Heck, Ace might even sing along with it.

"What did you do to Dadan?" Ace asks in a stern voice. He knows for a fact that his little brother had something to do with that woman getting hurt. If it's not one thing then it's another when it comes to Luffy.

Finally turning to his brother a sheepish smile goes on Luffy's face as he tells Ace what happened. "I kinda gave her a concussion."

"How do you kinda give someone a concussion?"

"A tree was mocking me—"

'A tree? I don't even want to know.'

"—so I hit it but it hit Dadan's head and well, yeah. It was the tree's fault." Luffy quickly says, getting a little upset at the tree.

Luffy and Dadan were just walking around the park and decided to sit under a tree to relax. With it being so hot outside the tree provided a good amount of shade to cool both of their bodies. But this particular tree didn't want to share its shade and decided to move its branches so the rays from the sun could beam down on their skin.

Luffy wanted to give the tree the benefit of the doubt and move to the other side but no, the tree kept taunting him and moved its shade again. One more time, Luffy tried to give it one last time to be nice but it didn't want to. It kept mocking and taunting him.

Just because it's a big, strong piece of wood it thought that it couldn't be beat. Oh but Luffy proved it wrong. He got up and gave it a good solid punch, snapping it in half. The only problem was that Dadan was on the other side and by the time she knew what was going on it was too late, the top of the tree had hit her head, knocking her out.

"The good thing about it is that I proved to the tree that I was stronger." A proud grin is on his face before it turns back into his sheepish one. "Oh, and the doctor said that Dadan should be up within two to three weeks since it wasn't all that bad. Eheh…"

Ace is just looking at his little brother in total awe. Even if he wants to say something what can he possibly say other than the fact that his brother is a total idiot?

A few more seconds pass before Ace can finally respond to that. "At least she's okay, I guess."

Luffy just sits up straight and brightly grins at his brother. As his grin dies down, he just looks at Ace, not really caring if the latter sees him or not. There really is something about Ace but he just can't put his finger on it. 'What is it?'

Seeing how the younger is just staring at him, Ace just wants to make sure that nothing's wrong with his brother. "You okay, Lu?"

Not hearing the older's question, the teen places his right hand on his brother's knee and moves his body closer to the older.

Maybe Ace shouldn't have sat on the couch with one leg bent on the cushion while the other is hanging off. The hell with that, this is his house too. He can sit however he wants to but what is his brother doing, almost like he's crawling on him. "L-Lu?"

Luffy has his hand still on his brother's knee but now the top of his thighs are on the older's pelvic area while his face is getting closer to Ace's.

Heat is starting to rise to Ace's face. "Lu!"

Said teen suddenly stops moving altogether and blinks his eyes. "Hey."

"What the hell are you doing?" The blush on his face is starting to deepen a little bit as he's trying to keep himself calm.

The younger just shrugs his shoulders from his spot and chuckles. "I dunno."

Before either of the two can say anything else, a third voice is heard. "Luffy?"

Said teen looks up and a big grin goes across his face. "Makino!" He instantly gets off of his brother and jumps over the couch, wanting to give the older woman a hug. "You brought us dinner."

The green haired female changes her confused face into a happy one as she hugs the youngest male. "I promised you that I would."

Ace just puts a hand on his chest and lets out a soft breath. He would care about the situation his brother just put him in but his stomach hurts too much right now and all he wants is God's sent food.

Getting up from the couch, Ace makes his way towards the other two.

"Welcome home, Ace." Makino offers a warm smile to the vacationing student.

"I'm glad to be back, especially since I get to eat your delicious food." A big grin goes on his face. If he didn't see her as a cousin figure then he would have definitely asked her on a date at least once. They do say to win a man's heart is through his stomach and this woman is one of the best cooks that he knows.

"Oh you." She giggles while softly tapping Ace's shoulder, making him laugh a bit. Picking up her basket she makes her way towards the kitchen, knowing that both of the brothers are going to follow her. "Do you have a girlfriend yet, Ace?"

Luffy talks before his brother has a chance too. "Ace has a lot of girl friends."

Putting a hand to top of the teen's head, he halfway gives his brother a noogie. "She means am I in a relationship, twerp."

"Yuck, that's gross. And stop, my head still hurts from when you hit me earlier." Luffy tries to swat the hand away from him.

Getting the green onions out, Makino starts to chop them in small cubes. "You hit him Ace?"

"For a good reason." Ace says in defense.

Makino's focus stays on the vegetable as she's cutting it with a seemingly sharp knife. "Was it really a good reason?"

"No." Luffy quickly interjects.

"Yes it was."

"What did he do?" She takes a few potatoes and quickly skins them before putting the skins aside and dicing the rest.

"Nothing." The younger tries to avoid getting in trouble.

"He went into gramps' room." Ace corrects, seeing Luffy start to slowly make his way out of the kitchen.

Teeth lightly bite down on the bottom lip as Luffy is hoping that his favorite green haired female isn't going to be mad at him.


"Y-yes?" A few beads of sweat can be seen coming onto his face.

Makino turns to look at him before giving the youngest male a warm smile. "Don't go in there anymore, okay? I would hate for this to be the last meal I cook for you."

Luffy returns the warm smile. "Okay."

Ace lets out a sigh before smiling with the other two. Yep, he definitely missed being home.

9:56 p.m.

"What the hell is that old man doing with this crap?" Ace flips a page of the smut novel as he's lying on his bed in his boxers.

He knew that he shouldn't have gone into his gramps' room but what can he say, he was curious. Good thing that he's not a cat or he probably would have been skinned alive.

Anyways, he entered the forbidden territory and looked around but couldn't find any kind of indecent material. Where the hell did Luffy find those damn books? He looked under the bed, in the closet, hell Ace even went as far as going through the old man's drawers —he did wash his hands afterwards— but still didn't find anything. Damn hormones were going to get him in trouble if he got caught.

Deciding to give up Ace was walking towards the door only to see something from the corner of his eyes before said eyes bulged out. Right there, in plain sight, on a damn bookshelf were DVDs, books and magazines from military things to graphic smut and porn. Ace just walked through the door and on his way out his hand had a mind of its own and grabbed a book.

"Seriously, why the hell does he have this crap in there?" Turning the page a smirk goes on his face. "Hello~"

Life pops up in his nether region. Moving his new book away, he looks at his little friend. "Decided to come to life, eh? I guess I'll relieve myself since I went through hell at school. Sure, why not?"

With that in mind he moves his hand from under his pillow to the opening of his boxers but before he can connect with the arousing flesh he gets interrupted.

"Ace~" Luffy calls out before entering his brother's room through their joined bathroom.

"Damn it." The older mumbles while putting both hand back on the bed.

The younger just stares at his brother with pursed lips.

"Can I help you with something?" A slightly irritated tone can be heard within the older's voice.

"Mmm, yeah I wanted to know—" Younger eyes see a book on the side of his brother and points at it. "Ah, you have a book!"

Not needing the world to find out due to his brother's yelling from surprise, Ace quickly gets up and grabs the younger's wrist, pulling him along before they both sit on the bed. "Why are you yelling?"

Ignoring the question, Luffy has a mischievous grin on his face. "You went in his room."


"And you grabbed a book. Ace is naughty." Luffy says in a teasing voice. He has something on Ace, which means that he can finally black mail his brother if he wanted to, but he would never do that to Ace or to anyone. He's not that type of person but it's not like he can't mess with brother now.

Okay, so Ace got caught. He knows that Luffy isn't going to tell anyone, if he controls his mouth that is. The most the twerp is gonna do is tease him for a bit until they both get tired of it, meaning Ace constantly hitting Luffy until the latter finally says uncle.

So, now that's cleared.

"What do you want, Lu?"

"What were you about to do?"

Isn't Luffy prying a little too much? "Why do you want to know?"

The younger just stretches his arms and lays his back down on the bed. "I'm curious."

'Figures.' Curiosity just runs in the family. "Do you really want to know?"


Ace picks up the book and places it on his night stand. "I was gonna masturbate."

Luffy quickly turns his head to look at the older. "Really?"

"Yeah but since you're here now I'm not." Maybe it was a good thing that his brother came in.

A grin goes on the younger's face as he looks at the ceiling. "Don't stop just cause I'm here."

A light tint of pink spread across the elder's face as he looks slightly disturbed by his brother. "I'm not gonna do it in front of you."

"What if I did it with you?"

"What?" And the blush darkens just a tad bit.

"I mean," Luffy pops himself up on his elbows, "—I've been getting really hot down there ever since I started looking at those books and I found out touching it makes me feel a lot better."

"Luffy, how long… have you been doing this? And you actually know what to do?"

"Hmm," the younger turns his head from the ceiling to his brother. "—I'm pretty sure after the first or second time I got one of those picture books about two week ago. He has a lot of them, y'know."

Ace rolls his eyes at that last comment. 'Yeah, I saw.'

"So that means that we can touch ourselves together, right?" The seventeen year old sits up as his hands are itching to go inside his shorts. He's been really hot down there for quite some time now and since he found out that Ace was about to do the same thing makes him really hot.

Letting out a sigh —and for a fact that his other head is starting to think— Ace finally agrees with the crazy idea. "Yeah, we can. Just know that this is gonna be freakin weird."

"No it's not." A grin goes on the younger's face as he accidently puts a hand on the other's thigh to push himself up.

The blush on the older's face gets darker once more. "Hey, no touching."

The younger's face begins to heat up a little. "I needed help up."

"You couldn't have just asked?" Ace just looks at the wall. Ever since Luffy did whatever the hell he did on the couch, he's been a little jumpy around his little brother.

Hearing a zipper going down along with the ruffling of other clothes brings the older back to reality. He must be a good ass older brother for letting the little twerp join in the private moments.

"Why'd you take your clothes off, Lu?"

"It's easier for me to touch myself when I'm naked, isn't it for you?" Luffy asks as he sits back down on the bed.

Ace finds it easier to touch other people when he's naked. Ah, the hell with it. If Luffy's going nude then Ace is too. It is his room anyways. "Uh, yeah. Just try not to get anything on my bed, okay? I don't want to clean up my mess and yours."

"You're the best brother ever." If he didn't want his thing to touch Ace then Luffy would have given the latter a big hug.

Hearing that makes the older a little proud. "I am, huh? Okay, now scoot."

A little pout goes on the younger's face. "I take that back, you're not the best brother in the world."

Ace just grins at the younger. "Too late. You already said that I was."

"Aw, damn it."

"Okay, enough of that." Ace walks over to his dresser before getting a bottle of lotion and he puts some in his hand before tossing it to the younger.

The seventeen year old looks at the bottle. "Lotion?"

"What?" Ace sits back down and rubs his fingers together to warm the moisturizing substance. "You don't use it?"

"Didn't know I could."

"It makes jerking off easier. Just put a little on."

Deciding to give it a try, the younger puts a little on his fingertips and rubs it along the sides of his arousal, almost instantly throwing his head back. "Nnh…"

Well damn, that works to. "Lu, you're supposed to warm the lotion up first."

"Nu-uh," he moves his finger tips to the base before slowly grazing his nails down to the mushroom head. "—it feels—ahh… good like this… ahh…"

His brother's a big boy, so he can do it the way that he wants to. Getting himself into a comfortable position with his back against the headboard and his legs are wide open, Ace rubs his coated palm against his hardened flesh, loving the sensation that has instantly come. It has been a long while since he's last relieved himself.

Luffy moves his fingers to lightly pinch the tip, making him bite his bottom lip from crying out too much, before he slowly drags his hand back down. When he reaches the middle of his erection, he just leaves his hand there and lets his fingers massage that area for a bit while soft moans escape his mouth. "Aah… ahh… ahh… hnn—ahh… aghn… agn… ahh… aah… a—hha… aah… agn…"

It's funny. Ace thought that it would be really weird to masturbate in front of the younger but it's really not that bad. Actually it's better with the younger in here but that's just probably his hormones talking anyways. Wait, why the hell is he even thinking right now?

Ace closes his eyes and relaxes as he lets his hand slowly travel down his erection, feeling the hot flesh twitch once when he rubs the foreskin right under the head. A soft sigh escapes his mouth as he feels the familiar sensation slowly run through his body as his body is starting to get hotter. "Mmn… nghn… tsss—ahh… nhh…"

Using his free hand Luffy grabs the covers by his side tight as he makes his grip on his hardening flesh a little firmer. His fingers slowly but strongly travel down the sides of his arousal to the base as he massages himself there. "Aah… ahh… aah… aghn—haa… ahh… hnn… hnn… ahh… ah—hha… yes… aah…"

Hearing his brother moan is making Ace's strokes a little more intense than it should be. He's going a little faster and harder but he's keeping himself in control for now. His hormones haven't taken over him completely and as long as Luffy is in his room he won't let himself lose control.

"Aah… hha… ha—agn… hnn… hhn… hn—aah… aghn…" Luffy spreads his legs further apart as he lays himself on his brother's bed. His hand is fondling the head and as soon as he presses his finger against the slit, a long moan escape his throat. "Hnn—aghn—ahh… yes… yes…"

Opening his eyes halfway, Ace lets out a small smirk. 'Looks like… he's having fun…' His thoughts are interrupted when he hears another moan coming from his brother and the sound that the younger is making is going straight to his dick, making the flesh hotter and harder.

Ace uses his thumb nail to graze the side before he reaches the shaft with his other hand and massages that for a bit. "Aghn… nnh… ngh… ahh… mmn… nghn…"

Luffy takes his other hand and places it on his left hip, slowly dragging it up his body while he continues to stroke himself. When he grazes his fingers over his left nipple, he uses his other hand to pinch the head of his erection again, causing a tingling sensation to travel through his entire body. "Aaaggghhh… hhhaaggnn… yes… aaghn… aah… ahh…"

'Fuck, Luffy…' Ace closes his eyes tighter and plays with his balls a little, lightly pinching them before he continues to stroke himself. His brother is going to give him a stroke if he keeps sounding so damn, fucking sexy like that. Why does he even sound so damn sexy in the first place? That thought is thrown out of his head when he rubs the head a few times with the palm of his hand. "Aaah… nghn… ughn… ugn… nhh… nnh… ahh…"

As the younger uses his middle finger and thumb to play with his nipple, he turns his head to the side to look at the older with half lidded eyes before he licks his lips. Luffy stops his ministrations and takes a few seconds before he gets up, and crawls to his older brother. When he's in between the spread legs, he grabs his brother's face and kisses the older.

Eyes quickly open when a tongue sneaks its way into his mouth. Ace tries to use his free hand to touch the younger's shoulder only to have Luffy grab that hand. The other hand on his face leaves as it helps him stroke himself, causing Ace's eyes to shut and moan into the younger's mouth. Not only is he playing tag with his tongue but the younger's hand is stroking the top half of his penis while his own hand is pumping the bottom half.

More moans are drawn out from both of the brothers as their tongues continue to move against each other. Luffy lets go of his brother's hand and arousal as he's rubbing his erection against the older's, only to feel two foreign hands grab his bottom and make their sensual dance a little more forceful. The younger tilts his head to the side as he pushes his tongue into the older's mouth, needing to feel more heat from his brother. Ace is rocking his hips forwards, feeling both hard flesh grind into each other as his grip tightens on his brother's bottom.

A minute passes before they finally need to breathe. Both of the brother's separate themselves from each other, panting heavily.

"Luffy… what the hell… I said… no touching…" A heavy blush is on the older's freckled face.

An even heavier blush is on the younger's scarred face as he's trying to calm himself down, but his famous grin is etched on his face. "If… you didn't want me… on you… then… you could have easily… got me off… Ace…"

Before the older can object to the crazy crap that Luffy had just sprouted the front door can be heard closing. "Boys, I'm back."

Both of the panting and lightly sweating brothers look at each other before dreaded sighs escapes their mouths. "Oh no…"


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