Part 4

Lily: -she shivers-

James: "Cold Lils?"

Lily: "N-no... just..." -she realises she'll never be able to explain it and pulling out her wand, summons the memory of them all laughing at Sirius she shouts "Expecto Patronum!" and the silvery doe canters out the end of her wand-

James: -his eyes widen in disbelief- "No. Way"

Lily: -she blushes and averts her eyes as the doe fades from sight-

Remus: -talks as if he has memorised this part of the textbook verbatim- If two people's Animagi forms are the same as one another (e.g. lion and lioness) this means that they will almost definitely be close or will have a good working relationship together. If your Patronus represents someone's Animagus form it means you feel protected by them or long for them.

Sirius: -raises eyebrow- reeeally Remus?

Remus: -shrugs- I like defence like you like Transfiguration. It doesn't fully explain if your Patronus is the opposite sex to the person's Animagus form...

Sirius: It means Jamie Wamie and Lily Billy ARE MEANT TO BE!

Lily: -blushes almost as red as her hair-

James: -whacks Sirius across the back of the head, also red-

Sirius: Argh! Their personalities have reversed

James: "Padfoot... shut up" -still bright red-

Lily: "Black..." -pretends to throw a ball- "Fetch"

Sirius: -can't help himself, turns into Padfoot and chases it-

Remus: -facepalm-

James: -is laughing- "That gets him every time... poor boy"

Lily: -blinks- "That ACTUALLY worked?"

Sirius: -whines-

Remus: yup, he is a dim-witted mutt after all

Lily: -giggles and calls him over- "Here boy!"

James: "Uh... are you sure that's a good idea? He's probably got fleas..."

Sirius: -runs over and rolls over-

Lily: -giggles again and crouches down to scratch his tummy-

James: "Fleas Lily, FLEAS!"

Lily: "Oh shush James, he hasn't got fleas, have you boy? No you don't!"

Sirius: -makes pleased noises-

Remus: You should show her your form James...if you're getting jealous that is.

Lily: -scratches him more, laughing softly-

James: "I'm not jealous!" -is slowly turning red-

Sirius: -huffs a doggy laugh-

James: "I'm NOT!"

Remus: Sure, Prongs. Show her

Lily: James?

James: -takes a deep breath and steps back, slipping his shoes off. Gesturing at Remus to cast a Charm that will make them unable to be seen by prying eyes and closes his own eyes and concentrates, slipping into his Animagus form with the barest ripple of magic. He stamps his hooves and swishes his tail nervously before opening his eyes as a stag. An exact copy, only larger of his hazel eyes in the stag's face-

Remus: I'm still amazed every time I see you two do that

James: -snorts as if to say "it's not that big a deal Moony"-

Remus: -rolls eyes- Look, Lily.

James: -somehow manages to roll his eyes as a stag and delicately walks over, nudging her with his nose-

Lily: -gasps-

James: -tosses his head proudly-

Lily: -strokes his nose while looking into his eyes-

Sirius: -sits up and whines pitifully-

James: -snuffles at her hand before moving his head, nuzzling her cheek, before sniffing her hair-

Remus: -absent-mindedly pats the dog-

Lily: First, keep your face out of my hair

Remus: -chuckles-

Lily: Secondly… Wow...If Sirius-

Remus: Padfoot

Lily: Sorry, if Padfoot is adorable, you, James are magnificent. So noble, so proud looking...

James: -gently rests his chin on top of her head, sighing-

Lily: This is all going to your head isn't it ~grins teasingly~

James: -steps away to transform back, shaking himself back into his natural form- "No Lily... I... thanks"

Lily: -smiles-

James: -grins at her-

Sirius: "Look Remmy! They're in looooooooove!"

Lily: -hit's Sirius' hair with a colour change charm, turning it pink-

Sirius: -runs around shrieking "My HAIR!"-

Remus: -roars with laughter-

Lily: -smirks-

Sirius: -still shrieking-

James: "STUPEFY!"

Sirius: -collapses-

James: "Thank MERLIN!"