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"-and on this day, these two shall forever be bound in matrimony." the priest went on as he held his hands above them. "Let us bow our heads in prayer."

As one, heads began to fall as people crossed themselves and whispered their words for God's ears alone.

"Please stand." the priest told the now married couple. Turning them around to face the large crowd he went on, "I now give you Sasori and Deidara Akasuna."


Deidara sat silently beside his new husband of only a few hours. All around them, their guest and family members celebrated their union with wine and music. Food passed by the tables as waiters carried them to and from the kitchen. Toward one end of the elegant room was a dance floor with violens and flutes, being the tunes of choice. Many couples slowed danced as if they were from a different era. Their bodies never touching as they held their hands inches apart from eachother in the air and twirled about in flowing gowns and dark suits.

Deidara thanked the waiter as a plate was put before him. He hoped none of the soup dribbled onto his white kimono. His mother would have his head if even a spec of dirt was found on him.

Looking out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Sasori sitting silently, with a drink in hand, unmoving. His face devoided of emotion as it had been since the first time Deidara had seen him. He wondered briefly if his new husband ever smiled or changed his expression.

He hoped that maybe he was putting on a show for their guest, but deep down he knew his marriage would be one of darkness and sadness. He had only heard his husband speak less then a handful of times. Once when they were introduced. Another when his Father asked him a question. And then only hours ago at their wedding as he said his vows.

Deidara was almost afraid to utter a word in fear of being sent the silent demeaning look from his husband.

Sasori was twenty-nine and had already took over his father's company. He was ruthless in the business world as he took what he wanted. There was only one company that he couldn't bully or overthrow and that was the Uchiha Inc.

Deidara was an heir to his Father's millions that were passed down from generation to generation. His money and everything he owned was now Sasori's. Deidara was only eighteen and had barely just graduated highschool when he was told that he would be putting the rest of his schooling on hold to get married. He knew, since he was a small child that he would marry Sasori, he just wished that he had married the man when he was older.

With a mental sigh, Deidara turned his attention back to the reception and pretended to believe that he wanted this.


"I made dinner." Deidara said quietly as he entered Sasori's office. This room was intimidating. It was cold and unmoving just like his husband of three years. In all that time that Deidara had been married to the man, he had lost sight of the joy that he once used to carry around with him. His heart no longer broke, or so he wished to believe, since it was already beaten beyond recognition. Since the first day, things had gone dark. He learned new rules, new habits, a new life. There were so many rules in the 'don't embarrass me' or the 'because you are my wife' sections, that Deidara learned to follow them all. Deidara wasn't allowed to leave this house. It had been years since he last seen anything beyond the garden he loved to walk in. His own escape from his personal hell. "It's your fav-"

"I'm busy." Sasori answered without looking up from his computer. "Toss it."

"Of couse." Deidara bowed and left the room. What was he expecting? 'Thank you Deidara, you are amazing', right. It was good that he got over the rejections so easily. Getting them enough times could really break a person's heart unless they became immune. Deidara liked to think himself that way, but he knew Sasori would always find that one wall that had a crack in it. With slow graceful steps, beaten into him, he returned to the kitchen and set to tossing all of his hard made dinner away. So it took him almost two hours to make this, it didn't matter. Nothing he did mattered.

When the food was thrown out and the last dish cleaned, Deidara went up to his room and took a bath. He sat in the water with his nose barely an inch above the soothing liquid. He knew Sasori might or might not come to his room. The red head could head straight to bed on the otherside of the mansion or if he drank anything, he'd go to Deidara. The only times Deidara had shared a bed with him was their wedding night and when Sasori was drunk.

On their wedding night Sasori had simply undressed them and pushed Deidara onto the bed as he got behind him. Without warning he had shoved himself inside of Deidara and ignored the pleas and the cries for him to stop. Deidara thought he would die from the pain that seemed to go on forever. He had clutched at the bedspread and begged for it to be over. The longer it went on the less he struggled to break free of the pain and simply took it. When it was over, Sasori had pulled away and left the room. Deidara remembered curling up in a ball and crying again at the pain that would last for days.

When Sasori was drunk, he'd come to Deidara's bed and if the blonde was awake or asleep it didn't matter, he'd just unzip himself and turn Deidara over, taking him from behind. Deidara had come to hate sex. It hurt so much that it pained him to walk, but he knew if he stayed in bed to recover, his husband would beat him.

Was this love? He wondered, was this another version of love? His mother always told him that he had to love his husband no matter what. If Sasori loved him or not, was not the point. If this was love, he didn't want it. It hurt in the end and made him wish to die.

When the water became cool, he let it go and got up. Drying himself off he put on his silky pajama bottoms and top. Looking up at his hollow gaze in the mirror, he wondered if he would take an extra pill today, would it be the last?

With a sad smile, he opened the cabinet and grabbed his sleeping pills. Taking out two he swalled them dry and headed to bed. If Sasori came, Deidara wouldn't wake up. It was the only way to avoid the pain as it happened and in the morning he'd take pain killers and go about his married life.

The next morning he woke to a small ache in his backside. Lifting his head, he saw the dried blood covering his body and the blankets around him. There were brusies at his hips and he was sure that was a bruise growing at the bottom of his spine. So Sasori had come. Did he drink before Deidara had went to get him for dinner or afterwards? Who cared, Deidara didn't, not anymore. With small movements, he dragged his body across his bed, toward the small desk beside it. Reaching inside he grabbed his painkillers and took three. Might as well make it all go away. After a few minutes he began to feel the effects take place.

Taking a shower and dressing, Deidara walked downstairs to head toward the kitchen. As he was cutting fruit, Sasori appeared at the table, waiting to be fed, the morning newspaper already in hand. Deidara could not put the fruit on the table before he arrived, Sasori did not like it to sit out. The fruit had to be cut as he was coming to eat it, on that he learned the hard way.

"Tonight you will wear your dark blue kimono." Sasori said as he put the newspaper down and began to eat the fruit. Deidara knew that's all Sasori would eat for breakfast along with his morning coffee.

He wanted to ask why he needed to dress up, but knew if he did he'd be slapped for things that didn't concern him. "Yes husband." he nodded as he ate the toast and green tea he was forced to have. Sasori had told him he wasn't allowed to get fat. He would not have a 'wife' that embarrassed him to be seen with, not that anyone ever saw him. At least that was better then the other excuse. 'You are already revolting to look at, don't make it worse'.

At lunch he'd be allowed to eat one bowl of green pea soup and a bitter tasting tea and at dinner he'd have a salad with water. A salad that only consisted of lettuce, spinach, and a light dressing that was in a bowl no bigger than his palm.

In the beginning he had starved as he tried to adapt to his new diet. Then after months of the same thing over and over again, his body had finally accepted that it wouldn't eat more. He knew he was tiny compared to when he first married Sasori. He had already lost quite a bit of his body weight and he was a few sizes smaller then he ever had been. He thought of himself as a walking skeleton with flesh. He was weaker then a child most days.

He missed the sweets that he used to eat and the junk food he used to buy. He couldn't remember what popcorn tasted like or if chips were as salty as the bags said they were. He was allowed a fruit as a snack between meals, but the fruit was always the same, an apple. Sometimes when he was cooking Sasori's dinner, he wanted to taste the food that smelt so good. Then he remembered that Sasori would know and lock him in his room for days, lock him in that room for days.

"Good, be ready at six." Sasori said without looking at him. Minutes later he was gone, leaving the dirty dishes behind for Deidara to clean.

"I hate you." Deidara whispered. It didn't matter if he was supposed to love him, Deidara hated his husband. He hated the 'love' shown and given. Maybe he should take another pain killer to ease the burdens of the world forever.

If only he wasn't such a coward. If only if he wasn't so weak. If only...


"Uchiha." Sasori acknowledge the younger raven walking toward him.

"Akasuna." Itachi answered in the same cold manner. "Let us go over final details before tonights celebration."

"Very well." Sasori nodded and lead the way toward his office.

Itachi followed with his face blank of all emotion. He may have been forced to deal with the red head in front of him, but it didn't mean he had to like him. Itachi didn't care much for the man that he had just merged a portion of his company with. The other man simply had something Itachi wanted as he had something Sasori needed. They agreed to the merging after a few meetings and tonight they would finally get their desired effect.

Walking into Sasori's office, Itachi was reminded of a torture chamber. It didn't resemble it, but the cold, dark place just seemed to scream it. Even his own office, that was of the same color with a hint here and there of another, felt welcoming. The biggest difference between their offices was, Itachi had pictures of his family up while Sasori had nothing.

"Shall we?" Sasori smirked taking a seat behind his desk, leaving Itachi to take a visitors chair.

With a blank face hiding the anger he was feeling at Sasori's silent insult, Itachi nodded. So Sasori wanted to play, Itachi could help him with that. "Yes." he answered and the meeting began. Many times, Itachi found himself with the upper hand of the meeting. He wanted to laugh at the anger flashing through Sasori's eyes and the way the red head tightened his fist around the silver pen. If only it would explode, that would make Itachi's day.

By the time four o'clock came around, they called an end and headed home.

When he arrived at his mansion, he entered and was immeditaly assulted by a young blonde.

"Itachi!" Naruto shouted holding on to his arm. "Tell Sasuke I don't want to wear the blue shirt. I like this one."

"Naruto, that's orange." Itachi said, smiling down at his brother's husband.

"So?" Naruto pouted, "It looks good on me."

"It looks stupid." Sasuke growled walking up with a shirt in hand. "Would you get off my brother."

"No." Naruto answered and hugged Itachi.

"Is something wrong little brother?" Itachi asked Sasuke as the other's eyes narrowed dangerously. It was no surprise that Sasuke was possessive of his blonde and even if Itachi was his brother, no one was allowed to touch what was his.

Itachi would be the same way if he had his own lover. Yet it didn't stop him from playing with Sasuke's jealousy.

"Yes there is." Sasuke glared as his eyes followed Itachi's arms moving around the blonde's waist. "Get off my husband."

"Only if he agrees." Itachi smirked.

"Ew." Naruto said making a face and pulling away. "Itachi, you're like my brother. That's gross." with that the blonde took off running passed Sasuke and up the stairs.

"Am I that gross?" Itachi asked with a raised brow.

"Yes." Sasuke smirked as he turned to follow his running blonde.

Watching his brother walking after his husband, Itachi wished that he had someone too. Many times he would find himself watching his brother and his husband with jealousy and longing always within him. He hoped one day that he could find someone just as precious to him as his brother's husband was to Sasuke, but he hardly doubted he'd get that lucky.

With a sad smile he went up to get dressed.