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The beeping of the heart machine kept Sasuke awake, his hearing glued to it in fear of it stopping. His eyes refused to leave his husband's face. Refused to acknowledge anything but the rise and fall of Naruto's body. The beautiful tan skin now paler but still healthy. Holding Naruto's hand in his own, Sasuke prayed to every religious figure out there, prayed for one of them to make Naruto open his eyes. To make him be able to breathe without help from the machine. To make Naruto smile at him and demand to get his way with something.

Sasuke would gladly give his husband whatever he wanted. If he wanted the moon, then damn it, he was getting it. If he wanted a vacation under the ocean, Sasuke would make it happen. If he wanted to be a parent... Sasuke would find a way to get them a baby.

He and Naruto had talked a bit about being parents. About either adopting children or getting a surrogate mother to hold their children. Their talks hadn't been all that serious. It was mostly a 'someday I want to' coversation. Sasuke hadn't really taken it seriously, both he and Naruto had busy lives, way too busy to have a child to care for. Both he and Naruto insisted that should they have a child, the other would have to give up some part of their life. They would argue over and over about this until Sasuke kissed his husband, distracting him enough to forget about the argument. They had also joked about having a child. Naruto saying Sasuke would raise him in his image and that the world didn't need more bastards out there. Sasuke would say that what they didn't need was more idiots.

But as Naruto layed on this bed, too far for Sasuke to protect him, Sasuke decided he'd give up his whole life if Naruto wanted to have a baby. That he'd do everything he could to make sure Naruto was happy and that every child they raised would be exactly like Naruto.

"Wake up, Naruto." Sasuke rasped softly, kissing Naruto's knuckles. "Let's have a baby." he whispered, closing his eyes to stop the tears.


Itachi was frantic. His emotions were everywhere. His mind scrambled to everything but Deidara. The blonde was missing. Had disappeared right after Itachi had left his room. A few guards had been killed in the process and no one knew until they went to changes shifts. Four guards killed, and no one knew. Deidara was gone, and Itachi hadn't known until Kakashi had rung him up, telling him. He didn't even let his head guard finish as he ran to Deidara's room.

The bed had been as he last remembered it. Everything had been in place, and Itachi had died within when Deidara failed to answer his calls, someone had pulled out his heart and stabbed repeatedly. He had gone through the whole house, his heart constricting in panic, the fear for the beautiful blonde eating him alive. He had searched and searched until Kakashi had pulled him aside telling him Deidara was gone.

Gone, vanished, lost to him. The love of his life, who had come into it so suddenly, was gone.

Rage overwhelmed him. Without thought, Itachi punched the wall closest to him, ignoring one of the maids gasping in fright. His pain and anger was too great to feel anything else but what was in his heart.

His Deidara was in danger.

"Itachi," Kakashi said beside him, gripping his shoulder.

"He's dead," Itachi said, sounding far calmer then he felt, "If he touches any part of Deidara, tears even a strand of hair, he's dead."

"Of course."


Deidara sat on the chair he had been pushed into. He wasn't afraid. He had stopped being afraid the moment he had walked out of Itachi's house with the man. It was like he wasn't even a part of his body.

Had his mind snapped?

It could have, for the fear of death no longer lingered. The fear of Sasori was no longer there. It didn't matter what happened to him, what became of him, so long as no one else suffered, he would take all that was given.

For a brief second, Itachi's face crossed his mind. The beautiful raven had wanted something from him. Every action from Itachi had meant something more then what Deidara had seen. What it was, Deidara didn't know, and wished he didn't find out. To find out would bring him back from the numbness.

Hearing a door open, Deidara didn't bother to look. He knew who it was, and it didn't matter. The man couldn't hurt him anymore. All he could do was kill him and Deidara would go with open arms. He wasn't afraid. He was finally free, and nothing could hurt him again.

"You've caused me a great deal of trouble, Deidara." Sasori snarled, grasping him by the hair and tilting his head up, even then Deidara didn't utter a sound, his eyes meeting Sasori's unblinkingly. He saw the flash of hesitation pass Sasori's eyes before it was replaced by hate. With a glare so fierce, Sasori flung Deidara to the ground, once more gaining silence in answer. "Do you think you're better then me!" Sasori shouted, reaching down to grab Deidara by his hair, picking him off the floor and back handing him hard enough to send him crashing to the ground. "Damn you!" Sasori screamed when Deidara had yet to make a sound. Had yet to say anything, do anything as Sasori had trained him to do. With a growl, he hit Deidara again, threw him at his desk and started beating him. Grabbing the lamp, he tore Deidara's shirt off his back and started whipping him. "You become his whore and you think you're better!" Sasori screamed, breathing hard as Deidara stayed silent, not even flinching.

This reaction to his beatings was making Sasori uneasy. The way Deidara did nothing wasn't what he wanted. It was unnatural, everything was wrong. "Because of you, you little bitch," He hissed into Deidara's ear, holding the blonde against the desk with his own body, "I have been my father's beating toy. Why is it that father wants you so badly, that he forced you on me!" he glared, digging his blunt nails into Deidara's back, drawing blood. "Why is it that my lover is gone and you are still here! Answer me!" Sasori spat out, as Deidara's eyes looked emptily toward the wall, a painting of Sasori's father watching them. "You stupid bitch! I'll make you suffer for everything. What you saw before is nothing to what I'll do to you now." Sasori promised, removing the buckle of his belt.

With a smirk, he tore the rest of Deidara's clothes off. "You will always be beneath me." Sasori promised, slamming his cock into Deidara's body.

It was then Deidara reacted. His lips tilted slightly, before breaking out into a grin. It wasn't long before he started laughing, the sound sending chills down Sasori's spine.

"Stop!" he demanded, pulling back only to slam once more into Deidara, blood already falling from Deidara's hole. "I said stop!" he shouted when Deidara only continued to laugh. Not liking the fear that hit him, Sasori pulled away from Deidara and grabbed the closet thing on the desk, a clay bowl. "I said stop laughing!" he screamed, slamming the bowl on Deidara's back, breaking it and dropping Deidara to his knees. Without pausing, Deidara continued to laugh. Even as Sasori kicked him, hit him, broke his arm with the heel of his shoe, Deidara laughed, the innocent sound driving Sasori crazy as it continued on, mocking him, scarying him. "Damn you!" Sasori shouted, turning Deidara onto his back, glaring at his bloody, swollen face.

"Don't stop, hit me." Deidara taunted, his eyes filled with something that Sasori couldn't understand, knowing only that it scared him. "Do you want me to beg?" Deidara giggled, rolling onto his side, laughing when Sasori stumbled back.

With the laughter echoing throughout the room, Sasori pulled up his slacks and ran, leaving Deidara naked and laughing on the ground.

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