The Other Paradox (The Time Paradox – Holly's Perspective)


At that moment, as they all stood amidst the chaos in Taipei 101, frozen, unsure what to do, she had believed Artemis was right. He usually was.

When the teenage genius had informed her she would have to fly them all out, taking him, Artemis Fowl, the only one with a hope of disarming the bomb, as well as the demons Qwan and Nº1, who would be discovered by the Mud Men authorities clamoring at the door if she didn't, she agreed with him.

Every time she stopped and looked back, examining the situation in retrospect, she always saw the logic of how they had acted, of the sequence of events they had followed because of the actions Artemis had had them take. Her reason told her that there was nothing she could have done, nothing anyone could have done to have changed the results of all that had happened then.

But there were times she still wondered.

After all, if at the time she could have predicted the lingering painful effects of that moment, as her mechanical wings failed and they all tumbled toward certain death hundreds of feet below, had she changed just one thing, anything, might it not have ended differently?

Ultimately of course, she knew it was completely ridiculous to dwell on the past and what might have happened. How often had she thought back to Commander Julius Root's death, and deep down wondered if there was truly no act she could have taken to save him? But instead she preferred to focus on living out what Julius had always wanted for her, on the fact that he would not want her to fall apart after all he had done to help her to become the officer she was now. What was done was done, she told herself, look to the future instead of dwelling on the past.

And when she weighed the importance of what was lost with what was accomplished, what had certainly been the prevention of the disaster of interspecies war and the salvation of an entire family of fairies, logically, was not her own discomfort a small price to pay?

A/N: Okay, so if the summary wasn't clear, this is going to basically follow the events of The Time Paradox, but be told pretty much entirely from Holly's point of view. (If you are like me and have read the book way too many times already, it might be nice to get a fresh view and/or more detail on things, right? (; )

Disclaimer (put at the end for this first post, because I thought it might be distracting): the characters, much of the dialogue, and sadly, even the plot are not mine; they all belong to Eoin Colfer. Uh, do I own anything then? I guess... the writing, and the interpretation of many of the descriptions/things that happen are mine. XD And I'm going to totally be making up a lot about what they're thinking and what happens in all those in-between scenes that were skipped and such (some parts will be more transformative than others). Hopefully it will be more clear how this will go by the end of chapter 2 or so.

Anyway, I know there's not much there so far, but I'd love to hear what you think. (: I hope to post chapter 1 before long.