Girlish Joys

She loved to dance.

The music got her foot tapping and her eyes searching for a partner. Her beau, however, was usually the one making the music, playing one bright song after the other while the couples swirled.

She caught a glance and wink from him as he started in on "Buffalo Gals" and then there was Henry ready to whisk her away in a high stepping trot. Her brother always was one for dancing.

She twirled with her brothers and his before someone else picked up the fiddle and his arms were around her waist, pulling her along with his twinkling blue eyes and quick step. Meanwhile, the snow blew outside in the wintery Wisconsin night.

A quick kiss on her cheek that made her blush (Really Charlie, we're in public) and he was back to his fiddle, closing out the evening singing "In the Starlight", casting glances at her as he sang.

It was one of those times that Caroline knew marrying Charles Ingalls would be an adventure to last a lifetime.