Love Remembered

References to These Happy Golden Years and Across the Rolling River

She sighed as she leaned back against the cushions on the window seat. Laura had just said goodbye to Almanzo as he left for his long journey where he would be gone all winter.

The look on her girl's brave face was something to see. Her daughter had never been especially open about her feelings toward the young man who just left—no doubt something she learned from her ma—but she could tell that Laura was going to be missing him quite a bit.

There was also mixed in some fear—fear of the journey that he would have to take, no doubt fear that he would forget about the girl he left in South Dakota.

In some ways, her second daughter reminded her of herself. Charles had always seen her with open regard, even if he was friends with her brothers, the time she had found him playing his fiddle on a Sunday had made a special secret between them. One that she had never shared. As far as anyone else knew, they had met the next day, when he had come to help her family bring in the wheat.

It was such a funny thing how her daughter's life reminded her of her own. On the other side, Laura was her father's daughter. She showed her happiness, her anger, her determinedness in everything she did.

As the years passed and she reveled in the comfort of a steady home, she could only be grateful of how things came to be.