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Chapter 1

"Aw maaaaan! My eyes are closed in that one!...And that one...and that one...and that-"

"Ash!" The the man's bandmates yelled in unison. "Shut up!" Ash trailed off and glanced down, becoming entranced in the glittery sequins on his aqua high tops.

For the last half hour, Tripp Cambell and the band had been scanning through their latest pictures from a photoshoot so they could decide on their favourite for a life-sized poster to go up in the local CD shop. Tripp sat with his hand resting impatiently on the mouse. The band would have been here four hours if he hadn't puled them back to reality, as usual.

"Well, I like that one," Derek said, his accent making him sound even more smug than he meant to be. He pointed directly at his own face when he spoke next. "It shows off my perfectly chisled jaw."

Burger chortled at his friend and snatched the mouse from Tripp.

"Well, I..." He clicked through three more photos before seeming to come across what he was looking for. "like this one! The light coooompliments my chaaaaarming curves." Burger adopted a faux British accent and posed heroically.

The group paused and stared at Burger for a moment. Oblivious to the awkward stop, Burger stayed in his pose.

"...Oh,oh ya! Charming!..." Derek muttered.

"Very, very nice body, Burger." Tripp added.

"My eyes are closed in that one too!" Ash whined.

"Who cares about your bloody eyes, Ash!" Derek shouted. "As long as I look fantastic,which I do."

Tripp took the mouse back from Burger and started flipping through the photos again.

"Why are you always the centre of attention!" Burger countered.

"Yaaaaa." Ash chimed in.

"Because I'm the LEAD singer!"

Tripp kept clicking the mouse.

"Well why can't I be the lead singer?" Ash complained.


"Because you're on drums!"

"Oh yaaa...stupid drums, WHY DO YOU LIMIT MY TALENTS!" Ash boomed to the sky.


"Ok,ok, what about me?" Burger quipped. He looked forward with glassy eyes. "Puuuuuull myyyyyyy fingeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr oooooOOOOOOOOOOHHH!"


"Burger, you couldn't sing Ash smart if you tried!"



"What?" The trio answered in unison.

Tripp swung his arms around to the picture on screen. "We're using this one!"

"...'Kay..." The three band mates all slumped their shoulders in defeat as they looked over Tripp's shoulders.

"Great job, kid! I look great!" Derek grinned deviously, but his smile faded when his friends all turn and glared at him. "Alriiiight, alright, we look great..."

"My eyes are still closed..."

"Don't worry about that Ash, we can just have Simon photoshop a pair of open eyes into the picture when they make the poster." Tripp said.

"Oh...cooool. Can they give me snake eyes? Ooooooh or what about a dragon's eyes-oh! Or what about a kitten?...Or..." Ash looked up from the screen and noticed he was alone in the living room. "...So...no kitten eyes?...Guys?...Aaaaawww maaan..."

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