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BGC: The Beginning of the End

Prologue: Wherefore art thou Woman

I felt her arms wrap around me and it was then that I knew I had infiltrated her heart; it was then that I felt her flood me from within. In this tumultuous war of right and wrong, we had come together and sought strength in each other's eyes. She was my brunette warrior and I, her equivalent. I never asked for her love and she sought not for mine, yet by pain we have merged as one. One look into her steel-hard eyes and I found my peace and serenity. Long forgotten were the ideals of a society that had failed us from the start. With this in mind, I took her hand and raised it to my lips so that she might feel how I quivered too. We both as Goddesses of War put our arms to rest and waved a flag of red—to declare our passion was ablaze. The white flag we had burned in fear that we might fall back on it when we had been beaten and tired. I gave her my flag and she gave me hers, and in this exchange was a bridge constructed—a path from her heart to mine.

I placed my lips by the lobe of her ear and whispered "I have no wings on my back"; she replied "neither do I." Such a confession, I thought would shatter this dream, but she remained by my side—chocolate brown eyes and all. She would love me as no other could and I could love her in ways I never thought possible—all this I felt in her touch. "Why me?" She spoke in tremors as her body crashed into mine—finally an embrace! "Because you're my other half, yet I keep my identity as a whole." Her lips turned slightly so that a smirk appeared and she planted a small kiss on the crevice of my neck. She had melted my metal causing me to rely on her support to stand. Everything was as it should be as I stood here in perfect bliss, but all the while my heart felt uneasy and cried: "Wherefore art thou Woman, and wherefore art I the same?*"

*Allusion to Shakespeare: "Wherefore art thou Romeo…" basically Juliet asking why Romeo has to be from the rival family: Montague. Of course here it is used in a different setting, but asking the same kind of question. ^_^ hurray for literature!