Meeting Each Other For The First Time:

Daedalus Mess Hall:

Tony was sitting in the Mess Hall looking and re-looking over the pictures that Kernel Carter and General O'Neil had given him all those weeks ago. He was alone at first and then the rest of his team came in along with Abby, ducky and Palmer. They sat down around the table next to him after grabbing something to eat and drink and looked at the untouched food that sat in front of him. He stared and then looked up at the rest of them.

"Look at her, I mean really look at her. All of the photos portray her as a fun, loving, happy girl. From when she was a little girl until probably before Tamatra died. I wouldn't know about the past two months because apparently there are no photos, but she looks so happy. What if she doesn't want to leave? What if we can't persuade her to leave with us?"

"Then we figure out a compromise Tony. I mean, who wouldn't want to get to know you. You're fun, happy, sometimes loving and mostly a quirky guy. Any kid would be lucky to have you as a father." Abby said.

"Thanks for the words Abs, but even I know she's going to hate me from the minute I step off this ship. Unless we are beamed down to whatever the city is called. Have you ever seen any kind of city like this before?"

"No, and we probably won't ever see it again after we go back home. But at least knowing that there is a little DiNozzo running around this galaxy has to be a little weird to even you Tony. I mean think about it." McGee stated.

"Not helping probee."

"Hey I'm not the probee anymore Tony, Ziva is."

"But she's more capable of taking care of herself than say you or me any day."

"Good point, but I'm pretty sure your daughter will be able to take care of herself as well, though she might have to contend with beating her father up every now and then when we can't." Ziva joked.

"Hey, that is so not fair Ziva. You know I'm a pretty fair fighter, just not as good as you are. But the point is, will she even believe me when I tell her that I never even knew about her?"

"She just might. Considering the place she grew up in and the fact that we all had to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements saying we weren't allowed to talk about it before we were even allowed within the ship, she'll most likely understand. And who knows, that little gift you brought for her might just help her to like you more." Gibbs finished.

"Is this bloody trip over yet? It's been so long and I'm feeling cramped as it is. I need to be on solid ground once more. When are we going to get to where we are going?" Ducky squabbled making them all laugh. He knew that they needed a good laugh and it was the only way to do so.

"Actually, Doctor, we just dropped out of Hyperspace. If you folks would kindly gather your belongings up and anything you brought with you and meet me in the Hanger Bay within the next ten minutes, we'll be on our way down." Kernel Caldwell said walking into there conversation at the end of the joke the Dr. Mallard had just cracked.

"Finally!" they all said together and got up, heading towards there quarters, gathering all of there belongings up and then heading towards the Hanger Bay where they were met by Kernel Caldwell and a group of Marines that were to take the place of another group leaving and returning to Earth.

"Now, that we are getting off this ship, I think it's a good idea to get the lot of you a nice good shower, don't you think?" Kernel Caldwell said.

"We don't smell that bad Kernel. Your showers worked perfectly fine, but a nice hot shower does sound good right about now."

"As I thought it might. We're ready when you are Hermiad."

Hermiad beamed the group down to the Command Tower and then the real fun began.


Kernel Sheppard and his team were in the Gate Room when the group was beamed down. Immediately all eyes fell on Tony, who reminded them so much of Abby that it was uncanny. Ronon moved away from the group saying he'd get Torren and Abby and have them meet everyone in the Conference Room. Abby had told him that they were going for a jog around the city and he was the only one that knew where to find them when they took small breaks. He could always time it to the exact minute when they were going to stop and take a break. Keeping in shape had been Abby's decision just in case they were needed for anything other than babysitting.

Kernel Sheppard extended his arm and told them that they would be heading to the Conference Room and that if the group would kindly follow him, he'd show them the way. They all recognized the team from the pictures Kernel Carter had given Tony. They were always in the pictures with Abigail along with a young boy that looked to be her age. They walked into the Conference room and had to wait another ten minutes before Ronon came back with Torren and Abigail behind him.

The pair was sweaty from there run and they could tell who Abigail was from the photos. They all nodded and Torren and I sat next to each other, in the middle of Teyla and Ronon. The others nodded as well and then Mr. Woolsey walked in. Mr. Woolsey, the man she had considered almost like a father put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it a little before taking his seat at the head of the table. The whole team, from Kernel Sheppard all the way down to Dr. Keller, was in the room to support Abigail in what was going to be a tough reunion. And so the meeting began.

Face To Face:

"I'm aware that you were given pictures of Abby before you agreed to come here. Abby is a most special girl, to all of us. We have treated her as our own since the day she was born and unlike what you might think, she has grown up pretty much like any other child on Earth, except for the fact that she grew up on Atlantis. She helps out as much as she can and both she and Torren just got back from a three week stay on our main land harvesting the crops that supply this outpost. What we want to know, what she wants to know, is if you will be taking her away from her home and if you intend to do so, when. Can you answer those questions?" Mr. Woolsey stated.

"I was just thinking that we could get to know each other first. We're here for the next month or so and I was planning on getting to know her better. I have pictures and all but what I don't understand is why she has never been to Earth. If Tamatra was allowed two weeks of leave a year, then why didn't she bring Abigail with her?" Tony asked.

"I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay here and be with my friends, besides it was safer here when I was younger than in the skies about the planets. I mean hyperspace might be all well and dandy, but when you were out of hyperspace in this galaxy, it was dangerous. Whole ships have been destroyed from the enemy the galaxy had. It was safer to stay here. Now, if you don't mind, I want to know something of you. My mother told me all about you and how weirdly involved in movies and what not. Are you still the same? And how would you support me if I decided to come back with you?" I asked.

"What do you mean if? We were told that we were supposed to persuade you to move back home and that you wouldn't be able to stay here anymore." Abby said.

"Abs, this is not the time for that. We have plenty of time to figure all of this out. Tony needs to get to know his daughter and I'm sure we can be of some use around here." Gibbs said.

"Abs, your name wouldn't happen to be Abigail would it?" Dr. Keller asked.

"As a matter of fact it is, but why would that matter?"

"Abby here, is out forensic scientist, the best we have ever had. Of course, she is the only one we have ever had, but still. She's just a little gothic on the side. But she has a bowling team with nuns if that makes her seem a little more friendly." McGee said.

"Hmph. If we are done here Mr. Woolsey, Torren and I need to get back to what we were doing. I do have a life here, even if you think I am only a thirteen-year-old. I plan on staying here and we can work out some kind of agreement later, but I am not leaving my home and family, whether you like or not. Come on Torren, we were in the middle of our run when we were interrupted. Ronon, I'll meet you in the gym in an hour for a sparring lesson. Teyla, after that, I was wondering if you'd meditate with me. And Kernel Sheppard, I was wondering if you could let me practice with the Jumper this afternoon?"

"That all sounds good. And I expect to see you in my office at five tonight for your school lesson. Bring the other kids as well, they need to start there school lessons as well."

"Of course Mr. Woolsey; we'll be there."

"Then have a nice rest of your run. How many miles did you get in before you were interrupted?" Teyla asked.

"We were on mile fifteen. Maybe we can get the last five miles in and if not, we'll start over on Thursday. Are any military personnel joining us Thursday?"

"We plan on having out normal PT Thursday and everyone knows what to expect when you join the group. We run your route every time you run with us, so maybe we'll keep some people in shape."

"Yes, that sounds like fun. I will see you later on tonight then. Come on Torren, we still have five more miles to go."

"It was nice meeting you agents. I'll see you later mother."

"Go in peace my son."

"We always do."

Torren and Abigail walked out of the conference room leaving her father and the rest of his co-workers looking after them. Then Gibbs turned back to the team members.

"You let her do all of that without any supervision? Is that what her mother used to do?"

"She has supervision. She does that with us. The running is what she used to do with her mother before she got sick and died."

"What exactly did Tamatra die of?" Tony asked.

"We call it the Hoffan Plague. Basically, during the time of war with the Wraith, this race which was called the Hoffan's (they lived on the planet Hoff which was eventually destroyed by the Wraith once they figured out what they had been doing) developed this drug that would make everyone that took it, uneatable so to speak. But when the Wraith figured out what they were doing and figured out that we had helped them, they destroyed the world and made sure that no one could ever do anything like that ever again. But because the drug was already out in the galaxy on many different worlds, the Wraith were afraid to eat in fear that there food supply would always be tainted. Eventually, about 50% of those that were infected died. The other 50% became immune to the drug and were, in other purposes deemed inedible. We defeated the Wraith when Tamatra came to Atlantis after finding a way to kill them all, including taking out there cloning facilities and all of there ways of feeding. Essentially, we whipped there buts to the point that there was only a handful left. When we finally found them, we destroyed them." Kernel Sheppard finished.

"And there was no making peace with them, at all?" Ziva asked.

"You don't understand because you never had to face them. If we had tried to make peace like we had tried a few times, it would have spelt disaster for not only this galaxy, but also the Milky Way. The Wraith coveted Earth as there new rich feeding ground. They would have done anything to reach and even managed a few times before we destroyed them all together. We have many allies in this galaxy and having people on Earth that know of what we do and help us when we travel there helps us to a certain point. It's when people who aren't supposed to know about us and figure it out anyways that things start to get a little crazy." Mr. Woolsey said.

"I think we all understand a little better now. But why is Abigail allowed to do all this stuff without adults watching her every move?" Tony asked.

"Abby likes to be independent and even though she was watched when she was younger, she always seemed to sneak away and find the most beautiful and secluded spot in the city ever. She even managed to sneak onto one of the Jumpers a few times before we went off-world. But we always caught her. She wanted to see what her aunts and uncles did that she couldn't do. That's why she doesn't want to leave. As soon as she and Torren get old enough, they wish to become SG team members and I'm seriously thinking that they should be." Dr. McKay finished.

"Well that's a first McKay." Teyla said.

"They're good at what they do. They exercise three times a week if they are busy with other stuff. Granted exercising with Ronon normally lands one of them in the infirmary, but who doesn't land there when they spar with Ronon. They help everyone out whenever they can. I mean take the harvest Festival these past few weeks. They didn't have to take all of our kids with them, but they chose to do so because they knew that the younger kids needed to get out of the city and they knew that we needed some time away from the kids. They've taken on more responsibility since they were ten then most kids have ever had to take on. Especially when the war was coming to a close. They know more than anything what it feels like to be afraid for there lives, yet they never showed any fear when they were taking care of the younger kids. They deserve more than anything to become part of an SG team. Besides, they know all the rules and can out shoot almost all of us. Even Ronon has a hard time keeping up with them when they are on the shooting range. And he's the one with the gun that kills in one shot."

"He does have a point Teyla. I mean, they've been beating me more and more now that I'm preoccupied with helping the team keep peace and rebuilding the home worlds that were completely destroyed by the Wraith."

"Alright, that is enough for the time being. I believe the Agents would like to get some rest so, if you don't mind, you'll be escorted back to your quarters for the remainder of the afternoon and then you'll be escorted to the Mess Hall tonight for dinner. I'm sure you'll fit in well once you get used to how things run around here. And I'll make sure that Abigail spends some time with you Mr. DiNozzo. I know she has much to show you."

"Thank you Mr. Woolsey. We'll see you later tonight."

"Yes, you will."

Gibbs and the rest of the team members were escorted back to there quarters where they could get some rest, but Ziva couldn't just sit there and do nothing. So she got up and telling Abby that she was headed to the gym, left with her escort. What she found in the gym was not something she was expecting to see.