Kaith: Kaith here with another adopted story! This time it comes from the author who goes by the name of Stealthclaw. The first couple of chapters of this story are all his/hers, with a few added chapters from me, so if you're coming from reading the original by Stealthclaw, you'd better read again from chapter 1 otherwise you may become lost!

Stealthclaw (with a little bit of Kaith's edit): Here are the allegiances for ThunderClan School. Kits and apprentices won't be shown because kits are in elementary school (Years K-5) and the apprentices are in middle school (Years 6-8) and the high school students (Years 9-12) are the newly named or recent warriors. However, most of this story takes place in the high school. Enjoy!

Warriors: ThunderClan Academy

Principle- Firestar

Vice Principal - Graystripe

Homeroom Teacher - Cloudtail

History Teacher – Ferncloud

English Teacher - Brackenfur

Health Education & Nurse- Leafpool

P.E. teacher - Dustpelt

General Science Teacher - Brightheart

Advanced Science Teacher - Sandstorm

Mathematics Teacher - Mousefur

Woodshop Teacher – Brambleclaw

Music Teacher - Thornclaw

Middle School Teacher - Squirrelflight

Elementary Teacher - Daisy

Kindergarten Teacher- Millie

High School Class: ThunderClan Academy












Chapter 1: Welcome to Warriors High!

Welcome, to Warriors High! One of the most elite schools in the country, only select few are accepted in as kindergartener students. The campus of Warriors High is split into four different sections; ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Based on parents' decisions, each student is put in one of these four sections. Each section has its own set of teachers and principals to make sure the great rivalry between the students stay's that and don't escalate into anything higher.

"Wow!" Hollyleaf mewed happily. "I never thought our high school was cool, but for some reason it's astounding!" She and her brother, Jayfeather, were standing in front of the gates to their high school Warrior's School.

Jayfeather felt terribly nervous just standing there, holding onto his sister. After all, he was blind, and any stupid, overly burley tom could pick on him, calling him a weak little kit for still holding onto his sister's hand. He had been the class geek, even as far back as elementary school.

Jayfeather tugged nervously at the blue tee-shirt that he was wearing. His brother, Lionblaze, had helped him get dressed this morning, helping to make him blend in more. Lionblaze was one of the jocks and Jayfeather appreciated his opinion. Lionblaze knew that his brother was a medicine cat trainee, which meant, according to the StarClan, the overseers of Warriors Academy, medicine cat trainees couldn't have a relationship, as it would interfere with their studies and work.

However, when Jayfeather and Lionblaze emerged from their room, Hollyleaf snatched up Jayfeather and redressed him. Picking out what he was currently wearing. She told him that the blue-tee brought out his eyes wonderfully, and that his black pants made him look "totally rad". Jayfeather hoped that he didn't look geeky; he didn't want the first day of high school to be spent getting wedgies or being shoved into lockers by the ShadowClan jerks.

His white, brand-new, tennis shoes squeaked and he gulped nervously as they walked into the school yard. As they headed for the ThunderClan section of Warrior's School, he could hear the taunts of the older cats.

"Still holding you sister's hand?" A ShadowClan tom called.

"Go back to elementary school!" A RiverClan she-cat laughed.

"Ignore them." Hollyleaf said, tugging her brother through the front door of the ThunderClan high school.

The taunts lingered in Jayfeather's mind. This is gonna be a long year, he thought.

Hollyleaf checked herself one more time before walking into homeroom. She was wearing a sparkly green miniskirt, a pretty white spaghetti strap top, a blue denim jacket, and green and white boots. She glanced at her brother and wondered if Jayfeather was nervous. He had a nonchalant look on his face. But then again her brother had always been good at hiding his emotions.

Walking into the classroom, she noticed Lionblaze was sitting in his desk in the very back, drinking deeply from a water bottle. He was wearing black pants, black tennis shoes, and a black hoodie with the school basketball team's name, The Lightning Bolts, emblazoned on the back in gold. Hollyleaf smiled; she was so proud of her brother, he had been chosen as the captain of the school's team during summer break.

She looked at the seating chart Cloudtail had posted on the blackboard, and then lead Jayfeather to his seat. Sitting down in her own seat, she got out her notebook and favorite green pencil. She had memorized the list of cats in her class, and the names of all her teachers; she was ready to start school! She glanced at Cloudtail, who was sitting at his desk, and thought, Should I call him Uncle, or Mr. Cloudtail?

Her friends, Hazeltail, Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, and Honeyfern walked into the room and they all waved to her. Hazeltail took her seat and instantly relaxed. She wore her customary denim jacket, plain white tee-shirt, old blue jeans and old sneakers. They were so muddy, that you can't tell what color they had been before. If Hazeltail hadn't told everyone that they were white, anyone would've guessed that they were brown-yellow.

Poppyfrost tugged at a blue scarf around her neck as she said down, trying to hid her nervousness. The rest of her outfit consisted of silver boots, a black denim skirt, and a pretty pink halter-neck. Around her wrist she wore her lucky bracelet, a sea-horse charm hanging from it. It looked bruised and battered, evidence of the horrible accident that happened to the previous owner. It had previously belonged to Poppyfrost's dead brother, Molepaw, who had died in a car accident a few months ago. She had been very close to him, so it could be seen on her wrist every minute of every day.

Honeyfern glanced at another tom, Berrynose, nervously. Her whole presence sparkled because of the, gold earrings, gold necklaces, golden high heels, a golden miniskirt, and a golden strapless top she always wore. Honeyfern was one of the most popular girls, even throughout the other three sections of the school.

Cinderheart took her seat at the front of the class, next to Jayfeather, but not before smiling at her team captain in the back of the room. She was also part of the school basketball team. She wore a white and blue striped hoodie with the school's basketball team name on it, purple jeans, and black sneakers. She was a bit of a tomboy.

As Cloudtail took roll call, Hollyleaf looked anxiously at Jayfeather, sitting between Cinderheart and Mousewhisker. When Cinderheart helped Jayfeather unpack his bag, she knew she could count on her best friend to help him out in class.

Lionblaze yawned heavily and sleepily glanced at the clock. He wondered how Ferncloud could stand teaching History; it was so boring! Luckily for Lionblaze, the bell rang. He was starving as he dashed out of the class, Berrynose and Birchfall right behind him. All three were racing for the lunchroom, their teenage stomachs controlling them.

Jayfeather walked out more slowly, a glazed look on his face. An arm hooked through his and Jayfeather jumped slightly, his fur sticking up. "Oh settle down." Cinderheart said. "You need help getting to the lunchroom right?"

Jayfeather yanked his arm away from Cinderheart. "I don't need the help of others." He spat. "I can find my way around by scent."

"Oh don't be like that," Hollyleaf said walking out of the classroom. "She just wants to help."

"I told you I'm fine." Jayfeather said again, making his way to the stairs. Hollyleaf watched with worry as he walked down the stairs, starting down the first stair slowly.

"Great god, why does he have to be so stubborn?" Hollyleaf hissed under her breath.

Lionblaze, Mousewhisker, and Berrynose stood in line for lunch. "Your brother is such a geek." Berrynose said.

"Watch your mouth or you'll be doing laps around the schools." Lionblaze warned, protective of his brother. Jayfeather shouldn't be called a geek because he hated school work, so why did other cats bully him a lot?

"Yeah," Mousewhisker said standing up for Jayfeather. "You should stop being such a jerk and just grow up."

Berrynose huffed and grabbed two mouse burrito's and walked off to their table. Lionblaze smiled at Jayfeather. At least Mousewhisker was Jayfeather's friend. Molepaw had also been Jayfeather's friend, but since he had died, Mousewhisker had been the only tom who was still nice to him.

Lionblaze sat down and dug into his mouse burrito hungrily. However he turned green and promptly spat it out; the school cafeteria food was utterly disgusting! Lionblaze sighed and washed his mouth out with some milk. Mousewhisker called over to Jayfeather and the small tom came to join the basketball jocks.

Small fits of giggles caused Lionblaze's eyes to flick towards the table where Hollyleaf, Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, Hazeltail, Honeyfern and Whitewing were sitting. He could tell that two she-cats in particular were staring across at the guys' table.

"So Birchfall, Berrynose," he asked casually, "are either of you dreaming about catching ferns drizzled with honey," Berrynose choked on his mouse burrito, "Or birds with white wings?" Birchfall blushed like an elementary school she-cat.

Berrynose swallow the portion of the burrito he was choking on and said promptly, "Birchfall and I have got better things to catch than Honeyfern, right Birchfall?" However Birchfall was gazing with an adoring look on his face at Whitewing.

Mousewhisker waved a hand in front of Birchfall's face. No response. "He's love-sick." Mousewhisker pronounced.

Jayfeather twitched his ears. "Oh? What kind of prey are you intent on catching, then? Heart shaped cinders, frosted poppies, or," he leaned closer so only Berrynose could hear, "leaves of holly?"

Berrynose turned scarlet and stood up. "I'm going to practice at the courts. See you all later."

They all watched the cream colored tom quickly walk away in embarrassment. Birchfall promptly patted Jayfeather on the back. "If you can shut up Berrynose, then you can certainly hang with us! Welcome to the group, Jayfeather!"

Hollyleaf groaned as the old she-cat Mousefur droned on about the wonders of math. I never thought I would find a subject so boring. She thought. Suddenly, a paper hit her on the back of the head. She looked behind her and saw Berrynose grinning.

Open it! he mouthed.

She opened it and read it: Hollyleaf, are you bored? I am.

Hollyleaf wrote: Sort of. Why?

Berrynose scribbled down and tossed back to her: I wanted to see what you'd say Cuz Mousefur is as boring as a she-cat who is obsessed with the warrior code

Hollyleaf scribbled back furiously: Hey! I'm a she-cat who is obsessed with the warrior code! Hey- wait... are you trying to give me a hint?

Took you that long to figure out? Berrynose had written. Hollyleaf froze as she read the nest line: So, Hollyleaf, I was wondering...are you free tonight?

She scribbled down: Yeah, why?

Um...Earth to totally hot she-cat who's obsessed with the warrior code? I'm asking you out!

Hollyleaf was stunned. Um, sure.

Great! I'll pick you up at 7:00, ok?


Just then, the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Hollyleaf sighed with relief and dashed out the door before Berrynose could talk to her. Hollyleaf stopped a running a while down the hallway.

Quick footsteps signaled the approach of her friends. "What were you talking about with Berrynose?" asked Cinderheart.

"Um...nothing." Hollyleaf mumbled. "Gotta go, ok?" Hollyleaf said and tried to escape.

"Not so fast!" Hazeltail said, catching her by the tail.

"OK!" Hollyleaf yowled in pain. "Ok, Berrynose, asked me out on a date." She said, glaring at them.

Everyone's eyes widened, except for Honeyfern, who looked upset, almost on the verge of tears; she didn't say anything.

"Did you say yes?" asked Poppyfrost, on the edge of excitement.

"Actually I was so shocked I automatically said yes." Hollyleaf admitted.

Honeyfern gave a choked cry and rushed off. Hollyleaf cringed, now only remembering that Honeyfern had a slight crush on Berrynose.

Cinderheart sighed and said, "She'll be ok. Now, spill."

"Um, well...first he called me boring, and obsessed with the warrior code, and then he called me totally hot, and asked me if I'd like to go on a date." Hollyleaf said.

"OK...it's a good thing Honeyfern rushed off already. So what are you going to do?"

"About what?" she asked, confused.

"About Lionblaze." Whitewing said, "He'll kill Berrynose once he finds out!"

"Then don't tell him!" hissed Hollyleaf. "I'll find some way to tell Lionblaze later."

"Tell me what?"

Hollyleaf's fur stood on end. Lionblaze and Jayfeather came walking down the hall, stopping behind the group of girls.

All eye's fell on Hollyleaf and her heart raced. So what? It's just a date, and Lionblaze is friends with Berrynose anyways so why would he be angry?

"So?" Jayfeather prompted, urging his sister on.

Hollyleaf crossed her arms and looked at her brother. "Berrynose asked me out on a date, and I said yes."

"WHAT?" Lionblaze yelled, his eyes turning blood red as they usually do when he gets angry.

Every cat's tail puffed up, except for Jayfeather and Hollyleaf who was used to the anger.

Hollyleaf's eyes softened as she looked at Lionblaze, her eyes becoming wide and pleading. She was sure that the look that she had on her face would work; it was her signature kitty-cat face which was so innocent that no one could stand up to it!

But the wide eyed innocence faltered when she saw that Lionblaze wasn't fooled by it in the least. If anything, he glared at her even more. Why oh why did she have to have such an overprotective brother? It was her very first date, for crying out loud!

"Blaze," Jayfeather said cautiously and grabbing the sleeve of his hoodie, using his brother's nickname, "Give it a rest. It's not like Hollyleaf did anything wrong, it's her first date. Give her a break!" he said, his sightless blue eyes glittering nervously, as he was unsure how his brother would react.

Lionblaze looked at his little brother and eventually relaxed. His eyes returned to their normal amber hue. "Whatever, you can have one date with Berrynose. But you better return home before 10:00! You know when curfew is!"

Hollyleaf just about managed not to roll her eyes. How come he had to act like an older, over-protective brother all the time! He was only older by a few minutes for crying out loud!

Berrynose came walking down the hallway just then, ignoring the glare from Lionblaze. He flashed Hollyleaf a big grin. He wore his blue jeans and casual plain black shirt with a careless grace, and his grin would make any she-cat swoon and sigh with longing. Any she-cat except Hollyleaf; sometimes Berrynose wondered if that was why he liked the black she-cat so much. She was beautiful, charming, witty, had a sense of humor, and was smart, all rolled into one! She was just one big mystery.

He remembered the year when a cat from the WindClan School had flirted with her; the said cat had ended up with a broken back the next day. He denied having done that,
but smirked openly whenever the memory was mentioned. His smile widened and he tried to control his racing heart.

Jayfeather kept his ears perked intently, trying to take in everything as to tell Birchfall and Mousewhisker about it later.

Berrynose leaned closer and whispered to Hollyleaf, "I'll see you at 8:00. I'll pick you up from your place, alright?"

Hollyleaf was blushing, but she nodded and whispered back, "Don't worry about how my parents will react. Lionblaze is the one you should be worried about!"

Berrynose glanced at her brother, who looked ready to murder him.

"Don't worry," he replied, "He wouldn't risk losing me. He needs me to win our next game. So I can do this." He leaned closer and kissed her on the cheek.

Hollyleaf blushed as he leaned away. Lionblaze was being restrained by Cinderheart and Jayfeather, so Hollyleaf figured Berrynose was safe for now. "So, where were you planning on taking me?"

Berrynose glanced at the golden tabby tom, who was being soothed by the soft words of Cinderheart. Lionblaze's glare could melt steel. "I'm not going to say right now, cus I don't want our date to be interrupted by certain cats." He said looking pointedly at Lionblaze.

Lionblaze growled and was ready to pounce, but Jayfeather intervened. He grabbed Lionblaze and Hollyleaf's paws and pulled them away. "Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are going to be leaving any minute."

They walked out to the parking lot, where they're parents were waiting for them. Squirrelflight greeted them all with hugs and kisses and they got in the car and left.

During the car ride home Squirrelflight asked, "So why were you three so late?"

Hollyleaf then told their parents about her date. Brambleclaw's ears twitched and he looked at his daughter through the review mirror, while Squirrelflight started ranting about 'the talk'. By the time they came home, Lionblaze had barfed twice, Jayfeather had turned very green in the face, and Hollyleaf had almost died of laughter.

Kaith: Well if any of you noticed, I combined the introduction, Chapter 1, and part of Chapter 2, just to make the story flow better. There were 6, short chapter already posted by Stealthclaw so I'll try and compress those down, however I'm also going to be adding a few other chapters in that Stealthclaw didn't write. I'll update when I can, but it's the school year now so I have classes so updates might come slow. And also, as Stealthclaw stated, the theme song of this section is "Parents Don't Understand!" by Clique Girlz.