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Chapter 10: New Students and New Names

"Do we have to do this?" Jayfeather complained, holding up his arms so Squirrelflight could hold a t-shirt up to him.

"Yes you do." She replied in a motherly tone. "School starts again tomorrow and you all need some new clothes."

"Yeah Jayfeather." Hollyleaf chimed in, coming over with a handful of other shirts. "Wouldn't these look good on him?" She asked.

"Oh yes!" Squirrelflight exclaimed. "But wouldn't he look better in this."

Jayfeather sighed and cursed inwardly. It was great that Hollyleaf was back to her old self and that she had something else to focus on other than Berrynose. But why did he have to be the focus of her attention. Not only that, but even Squirrelflight was fussing over him too. He could hear the other young cats snickering at him from the other side of the store.

When the two she-cats turned away to find something new for him, Jayfeather snuck away, following Lionblaze's scent through the store. Eventually he bumped into his brother. "Lionblaze, you have to get me out of here." Jayfeather pleaded.

"Yo kitty catz." A voice said before Lionblaze could respond. Both toms turned and Lionblaze suddenly wished he was the blind one in the family. Brambleclaw was wearing a red baseball cap backwards, large sunglasses that no cat would be caught dead in, and several gold and silver chains hung around his neck. Not only that, he also wore an oversized black t-shirt that was covered in skulls, baggy jeans that were also hanging at his knees, and large skateboarding shoes. "So does your old man look hip or what?" He smiled.

Lionblaze shuttered. "Um…I'm gonna go with 'or what.'" He grabbed Jayfeather and pulled him away.

"What was he wearing?" Jayfeather asked, hearing some more young cats snickering as Lionblaze quickly pulled him out of Sears.

"Let's put it this way." Lionblaze said. "If you weren't already blind, you would have just gone blind."

"That bad?" Jayfeather brought a paw to his face.

"Yeah." Lionblaze sighed and looked around. The mall was a pretty big place, but most of the stores were clothing stores so there wasn't really anywhere a guy could go to have fun. There was a new arcade that Lionblaze had wanted to check out, but Jayfeather couldn't really do much there and Lionblaze would feel bad leaving him with nothing to do. "So what do you wanna do?"

Jayfeather shrugged. "I'm kinda hungry. Wanna get something to eat?"

"Three McRabbits with extra cheese, two orders of large fries, a chocolate shake, and a large Cherry Coke. Oh yeah," Lionblaze turned to Jayfeather. "Do you want anything?"

Jayfeather and the she-cat cashier both sweat dropped and thought the same thing. He's gonna eat all that by himself?

Jayfeather sighed. "Just a number six without pickles."

A few minutes later, Lionblaze held two trays, the one with his food in danger of overflow, as he lead Jayfeather to a table. Jayfeather bit into his burger while Lionblaze pretty much destroyed half his meal in a single bite. "How can you eat all that?" Jayfeather asked. "It'll clog your attires and make you fat."

"When did you get serious about being a medicine cat?" Lionblaze asked, taking a long drink from his Coke.

"I've always been serious." Jayfeather hissed back.

"Please Jay," Lionblaze said. "You're only studying it because you have a gift for it. I remember you always saying that you wanted to be a basketball player."

Jayfeather tilted his head. "I did?"

"Yeah. You used to always complain about losing to-" Lionblaze froze, biting his own tongue and cursing inwardly.

"Losing to who?" Jayfeather asked.

Lionblaze thought for an answer, but luckily he didn't have to come up with one. A very loud yell caught their attention, along with everyone else in the food court. "Lionblaze, Jayfeather!"

The two toms turned in their seat, recognizing the voice of one of their annoying cousins. Tigerpaw was waving enthusiastically at the two toms from the other side of the food court. Seconds later he could be found plastered to the ground by Dawnpaw's foot. "Shut up you idiot!" She yelled. "Everyone's staring!"

Brother and sister continued to yell at each other while Flamepaw made his way over Jayfeather and Lionblaze. He smiled and slightly grimaced as Dawnpaw and Tigerpaw continued to fight. "Hey guys." He said.

"Hey." Lionblaze said though a mouthful of a McRabbit.

"Blaze, maybe you should go break them up." Jayfeather said, pointing in the direction of Dawnpaw and Tigerpaw. "I smell security coming."

Lionblaze sighed and stood up. "I suppose you're right." He jogged away and Flamepaw took a seat next to Jayfeather. Flamepaw asked a few things about being a medicine cat and even stole a few fries from Jayfeather, assuming the older tom couldn't see him doing it. Jayfeather knew of course, but he still let the young tom get away with it.

Lionblaze came back holding Tigerpaw and Dawnpaw by their scruff while the two spat and argued with each other. He set them down in chairs on opposite sides of the table and glared at them. "Shut up!" He hissed at them. His eyes started their transition to red and his fur began to stick up. Lionblaze was really annoyed. "You two are going to sit there and act like grown up cats, do you hear me? I'm not Tawnypelt and I shouldn't have to be doing this!"

Dawnpaw and Tigerpaw both shut up and laid their ears flat. In fact every cat within several feet of the angry tom did the same. Only Jayfeather seemed unaffected as he continued to munch on a french fry looking slightly bored. "Yes Lionblaze." They both muttered.

"Good." Lionblaze smiled, starting to calm down. He sat down and pretty much ate a whole McRabbit in a single bite. "So, what are you three doing here anyways."

"Tawnypelt gave us money to buy stuff." Dawnpaw answered. "To celebrate us moving to the high school section of ShadowClan."

"Oh yeah, they move you up after winter break if you have enough credits." Lionblaze mused.

"Yep!" Tigerpaw grinned. "That means the three of us are only a semester behind you, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf!"

"You're all moving up?" Jayfeather asked, slightly surprised.

"Hell yeah!" Tigerpaw punched the air. "My name is totally gonna be something cool. Like Tigerslayer, or Tigerfang, or, Tigerjewels, or maybe…Gah!" Tigerpaw's paws reached down as his chair fell back onto the floor. Dawnpaw's foot was right where his 'Tigerjewels' had been.

Dawnpaw had an irritated look on her face. "You're annoying." She glared across at the spot Tigerpaw had been before turning to Jayfeather and Lionblaze. "So how's Hollyleaf doing?" She asked, her mood completely flipped.

Lionblaze shifted in his own seat to turn away from Dawnpaw, just in case. He mentally made a note to never piss her off. "She's back to her old mood." He said. "She just needs something to keep her mind off of Berrynose."

"Well that might change when school starts again." Dawnpaw sighed. "That is if she doesn't know."

"Doesn't know what?" Lionblaze asked while trying to finish the rest of his meal.

"It'd be easier to show you." She stood up and gestured with her hand. "They should still be in the arcade."

She walked away followed by the three toms and it wasn't until Flamepaw spoke up had Lionblaze realized they had forgotten something. "Um, sis? What about Tigerpaw?"

"He'll catch up." She said, waving off his question. "I didn't kick him nearly as hard as I usually did."

Luckily for Lionblaze, Dawnpaw had led them to the new arcade he wanted to check out. For it being the middle of the day it wasn't very crowded. Black-lights hung from the ceiling, illuminating any and all white like they had been hit with twenty and three-quarters cup of bleach. Games lined the walls, dotted the center of the room, and several Dance Dance Revolution machines lined the back wall.

Dawnpaw led the three toms into the arcade and took up a position behind a pinball machine. "Over there, playing ski ball." Dawnpaw pointed at a couple from their hiding spot.

Jayfeather caught the scent before Lionblaze spotted the couple. That was probably a good thing because it gave him the chance to grab ahold of Lionblaze before he could go and murder the tom. Berrynose and Honeyfern were laughing and enjoying themselves. "Dawnpaw help me!" Jayfeather hissed, his paw over Lionblaze's mouth to prevent him from yelling insults at Berrynose.

Dawnpaw helped the black tom drag Lionblaze back a few feet before Lionblaze ripped their hands off his mouth. "Let me go kill him!" Lionblaze hissed.

"Blaze settle down." Jayfeather snapped at him. "You don't have any reason to. Hollyleaf is fine and she already knew about those two."

Lionblaze stopped struggling in Jayfeather and Dawnpaw's grip. "She did?" He asked.

Jayfeather let go and sighed. "Yes she did. As it's obvious to any tom who's not as dense as a bag of bricks, both Hollyleaf and Honeyfern were competing for Berrynose's attention. Hollyleaf just seemed to have lost."

"So…" Lionblaze glared in Berrynose's direction. "I just let him go?"

Dawnpaw clapped slowly. "Congratulations bag of bricks, it's not all muscle under there huh?"

Before Lionblaze could retort, the four cats flinched at the sound of a familiar voice. "Dawnpaw! Flamepaw!" Tigerpaw's voice.

Dawnpaw turned to look out the entrance and saw Tigerpaw run by. "Well I supposed we should go get him." She turned to leave and wave goodbye to Lionblaze and Jayfeather. "See you guys later." Flamepaw also said a quite goodbye before quickly following his sister.

"So what's with her sudden personality switch?" Lionblaze asked.

Jayfeather shrugged. "I think she just likes hurting Tigerpaw. We should probably go and find Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. They're probably ready to go now."

"Dawnpaw! Flamepaw!" Tigerpaw yelled, running thorough the mall. His strategy of running aimlessly through the mall was filled with many flaws, but the tom couldn't really see the stupidness in his own actions.

He continued this for another good fifteen minutes until he once again passed the magnificent water feature in the middle of the mall. It had something to do with some hero from a world famous book, but Tigerpaw wasn't really one for books and didn't really care much.

Just as he passed the fountain, a foot connected with his stomach and he was sent into the water. "Shut up!" An angry she-cat yelled.

Tigerpaw landed with a splash in the fountain and a few people laughed. He certainly didn't. That kick was at least five times stronger than anything Dawnpaw had done to him. Spitting water out of his mouth Tigerpaw looked up and down two she-cats who were standing at the water's edge. The taller of the two looked more mature and was trying to calm down her companion. The second one, a shorter, dark gray she-cat with amber eyes glared at Tigerpaw.

Suddenly, a spark of recognition passed between the two cats. "You!" They both said.

The taller she-cat looked back and forth at the two. "Minnowpaw, you know him."

"Course I do Willowshine!" She crossed her arms. "You should too. It's that moron we had a snowball fight with a few days ago."

"Oh," Willowshine turned to Tigerpaw and looked him up and down, who was still sitting in the water. "You're the one that Minnow practically beat up."

A few passing she-cat's heard this and laughed. Tigerpaw blushed and stood up, pointing at Minnowpaw rather dramatically. "You did not beat me up! I let you!"

"That doesn't help yourself, you know." Minnowpaw said, "And stop pointing, you're making a scene."

"I'm not gonna take orders from some stupid she-cat." Tigerpaw said, crossing his arms in frustration. "Especially one that's as short as you are."

An anger mark appeared on Minnowpaw's head. "Short?" She said, her eyelid twitching slightly.

"Yeah, short." Tigerpaw smirked. "You're so short I bet you couldn't even make the basketball team for RiverClan if your life depended on it. I mean look at you, you're hardly five feet tall."

"I'll show you short!" Minnowpaw yelled, jumping into the fountain. Tigerpaw was only saved by Willowshine managing to catch Minnowpaw before she ripped the tom to shreds.

"Minnow, calm down!" Willowshine hissed at her friend after getting a flailing paw to the face.

Tigerpaw laughed, crossing his arms. "It's a good thing that your friend is holding you back or else I would have killed you. Just because you look like a girl doesn't mean you have the tools to be one. I mean you're about as flat as –"

"Shut up you pervert!" Another voice yelled from the other side of the water structure. Tigerpaw turned just in time to get a shoe to the face, knocking the tom out-cold as he fell into the water again. Dawnpaw was breathing heavily, her face red with embarrassment. A flame colored tom was standing next to her, trying to decide whether or not he should jump in to help his brother.

Dawnpaw stepped in and sloshed through the water to Tigerpaw, pulling him out by the hem of his shirt. "You're in a public place idiot. Don't talk so bluntly!" She yelled at him.

The other tom quickly trotted around to Minnowpaw and Willowshine. "Please excuse my brother and sister." He bowed to the two she-cats. "I'm sorry for anything they've done today that might have upset you."

Minnowpaw blinked at him, screwing up her face in confusion. "What? Why would you be sorry?"

"Yeah," Willowshine agreed. "If anything we should be sorry that you're related to them. By the way…" She said, examining the tom closer. "You go to our school, right? What's your name."

"I'm Flamepaw. And yes I'm a student in the ShadowClan section of the school. I'm hoping to become a medicine cat."

Willowshine's eyes lit up. "Me too! I'm in RiverClan. Call me-"

"Willowshine, right?" Flamepaw asked, ignoring his brother and sister who were still in the fountain behind him. He turned to Minnowpaw. "And you're Minnowpaw. I remember you from the snowball fight a few days ago."

"Well aren't you good with names." Minnowpaw smirked.

Flamepaw laughed softly. "Thanks. Faces and names just come easy to me."

"Come on Flame." Dawnpaw said, dragging Tigerpaw out of the fountain in the opposite direction. "We need to go soon so I'll spilt Tigerpaw's money with you."

"Well I guess I'll see you in school tomorrow." Flamepaw said. He said goodbye to the two she-cats and followed his siblings away.

After they had left, Minnowpaw sighed. "Stupid tom." She muttered under her breath. "So anyways, speaking of school," She turned to her friend, "What are you going to do tomorrow?"

Willowshine shuffled her feet slightly, not meeting Minnowpaw's eyes. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean." Minnowpaw placed her hands on her hips. "You told me all the medicine cat trainees were meeting tomorrow after school. You're going to see Jayfeather tomorrow."

Willowshine turned away. "I don't see what that stupid tom has anything to do with this conversation."

"Willow, I know you had a fight with him."

Willowshine 'humped' and walked away. Minnowpaw sighed and followed her friend. Maybe this was a good thing. Willowshine had finally gotten over her silly obsession with Jayfeather so maybe she wouldn't get in trouble doing something she wasn't allowed to. Then again, they would be seeing each other tomorrow anyways. Maybe this problem wasn't over after all.

Jayfeather was basically asleep in his desk. For some reason he couldn't stay asleep last night, strange voices plaguing his dreams. But sleeping would be pretty much impossible thanks to the recently moved up student yapping behind him. Foxpaw, now known as Foxleap, was yammering on about some pointless show he had watched last night to Jayfeather.

The black tom cast his sense's around the room instead, trying to ignore the younger tom. Lionblaze was sitting in the back of the room and Jayfeather could tell he was glaring holes into the back of Berrynose's head. Berrynose himself was busy flirting with Honeyfern, the two of them laughing every three seconds at what the other said. Jayfeather wanted to hurl. It was like listening to his brother and Cinderheart flirt. Speaking of Cinderheart, she had been recently appointed class president and was out of the room, greeting the new students that had transferred in.

"Hey Jay," Hollyleaf's voice floated into Jayfeather's ears. "What are you doing?"

Jayfeather sighed. It was obvious that she was trying her best to ignore Berrynose in the back of the room, but he didn't feel like entertaining her. "I'm watching the grass grow." Jayfeather said sarcastically.

"Oh don't be a sourpuss." Hollyleaf said. "Try and have some fun for once."

"Yeah Jayfeather!" Foxleap chimed in. "Why do you always have to be focused on school? Live a little. Get a girlfriend!"

"You idiot." Hollyleaf said, smacking the younger tom. "He's becoming a medicine cat. He's not supposed to be in a relationship."

"But he isn't a medicine cat yet." Foxleap pointed out. "Nothing says he can't get some action while he's still a student."

Hollyleaf smacked him again. Jayfeather sighed and mumbled. "Like that chance will ever happen now."

Foxleap and Hollyleaf were now arguing about something to do with physical abuse. Icecloud, formerly Icepaw, and wandered over and tried to break the two up. Needless to say, with her quiet voice she could do little to calm their argument.

Thankfully, a few minutes later Jayfeather could detect Cloudtail's scent coming up the hallway. He also noticed two other scents that were completely unfamiliar to him. Oh wait. Didn't Cloudtail say something about transfer students?

A few seconds later the classroom door slid open and the bushy white tom entered. "Okay, settle down class." He said calmly, as if he was expecting a room full of teenagers. As the class started to settle down, Cloudtail continued. "Now, as I was telling you before our break, the school would be getting transfer students. As it happens, three of them are transferring into ThunderClan."

Chatter spread like wildfire between the students, each one wondering what the transfers would be like. Cloudtail silenced the class by slapping a folder down on his desk and glaring over them. When he was satisfied the students wouldn't speak out anymore, he turned to the door. "You can come in now."

Two cats walked in, a tom and a she-cat. The tom was rather tall, his fur was silver with darker stripes down the back of his head and around his eyes. He wore a black t-shirt that had to be at least three times his actual size, 'Die Hard' written across the from in red letters. The baggy black jeans he wore had a few rips and tears in them, but at least they weren't hanging around his ankles. His amber colored eyes scanned across the room, coming to a rest on Jayfeather. Jayfeather could feel his gaze the moment the tom laid his eyes on him, and something about it just made his want to get up and smack him.

The she-cat was rather small, standing only at half the height of the tom. Her tortoiseshell colored fur and white lightning bolt like marks around her eyes instantly caught the attention of every male in the room, save Jayfeather for obvious reasons. She was blushing slightly, playing with the hem of her plan pink shirt.

"What happened to the third one?" Cloudtail asked.

The tom shrugged. "Said something about needing to use the bathroom."

Cloudtail sighed. "Very well, then why don't you introduce yourselves?"

"Gladly," The tom smiled. "Name's Stripes. I'm not very smart so I hope you'll let me copy your homework." His joke got a few laughs and an unpleasant glare from the teacher.

The she-cat stopped playing with the hem of her shirt and tried to stand tall. "I'm T-Twist!" She said rather loudly. "Pleased to meet you."

A few of the toms applauded and Cloudtail sighed. Toms will be toms. He thought. His head turned to the door when it opened again. A scent flooded Jayfeather's nostrils and he was also jolted awake. His head snapped to the direction of the door and his ears pricked up immediately.

"Sorry." A she-cat's voice apologized. "I had to use the bathroom."

"So we heard." Cloudtail said. "Why don't you introduce yourself now?"

"Right." The she-cat turned to the class. "My name's Half Moon and I'm going to be studying to become a medicine cat. It's nice to meet you all."

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