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Deeks walked into the OSP (Office of Special Projects) whistling cheerily. Sam and Callen shot him warning looks jerking their heads at Kensi. Deeks let his whistle fade into silence as he took in Kensi's appearance.

Kensi was a very attractive woman and it was hard for her not to look good. But as Deeks looked at her now, he winced. Her brown hair hung messily around her pale face. Her chin was propped up on her hand and her eyes were closed.

Deeks took a few steps closer approaching her carefully. Sam and Callen watched as he got closer to her and Sam shook his head 'no' waving his hands back in forth. Deeks froze and looked at him with wide eyes and Sam mouthed, "We tried that."

Callen added, "Did not go well. Leave her alone."

Frowning Deeks pointed at Kensi mouthing, "Partner."

Sam rolled his eyes, "You're on your own, Detective." Then they hurried from the room to the gym.

Deeks walked over to Kensi's desk and spoke with his normal energy only quieter, "Morning Kensi!"

Slowly Kensi lifted her eyelids and muttered, "Not today, Deeks."

She took a shuddering breath and squeezed her eyes closed. Deeks winced, something was definitely wrong. Squatting down Deeks quietly asked, "Hey, Kens, what's wrong?"

Without opening her eyes or moving a muscle, Kensi groaned, "I don't feel well."

"Should you go home?" Deeks was seriously concerned.

Kensi shrugged, "I don't think I can drive back."

As Deeks opened his mouth to reply, Kensi shot from her chair and took off running toward the ladies' room. Deeks took off after her realizing what was happening. He followed her into the bathroom and found her heaving over the toilet. As her body convulsed again to rid itself of anything inside of her, Deeks stepped into the stall and gathered her hair in his hands holding it behind her.

After her stomach was empty, Kensi slumped against the toilet and tried to sound intimidating, "Deeks, what are you doing?"

"I'm holding your hair, you need me," Deeks smoothed her hair away from her face.

"I don't want you to see me like this," Kensi tried to argue but her voice was void of all energy.

Deeks smirked, "I could never think any less of my Wonder Woman," he paused hoping she didn't catch his use of the possessive word 'my' and then continued, "now I'm taking you home."

Kensi looked over at her partner, "Okay, but tell Hetty first."

She really didn't feel well. Deeks worriedly checked over his partner, "Will you be okay for a minute?"

Kensi closed her eyes and leaned her head against the stall divider nodding weakly. Deeks stood for a second longer and then jogged to talk to Hetty.

"Of course, Mr. Deeks, if Mrs. Blye is that ill, then please take her to her house. We do not need the whole office catching her germs," Hetty blinked owlishly behind her glasses staring up at Deeks.

Nodding Deeks turned leaving her office at a hurried walk, "That's what I thought, but Kensi wanted me to run it by you first. "

Hetty smiled fondly and shouted, "And Deeks, take care of her."

Deeks stopped and looked over his shoulder at Hetty, "Wouldn't have it any other way?"

Grabbing her keys from her desk and gathering all their stuff, Deeks stowed it in the car and then hurried to get Kensi. He walked back into the bathroom ignoring the horrified look of a new agent leaving the bathroom. "Ready Kensi?" She sat in the exact position as when he left and only nodded to answer his question. So he asked another, "Can you walk by yourself?"

Kensi nodded again bracing herself against the divider and lifting to her feet. Her steps were slow and she shook slightly. Deeks wrapped his arm around her waist and supported her all the way to the car. After he helped her into the car and strapped her in, he got in the driver's seat. On the road, he turned on the air to help keep her cool.

Pulling up at her apartment, Deeks went around and opened her door, "Come on, Kens. Let's get you inside."

She grimaced and got out of the car. A couple of steps toward her place and Kensi faltered swaying slightly. Deeks jumped to stand next to her again bracing an arm around her back. Kensi dropped her head onto his shoulder and let him lead her into her place.

Once they were inside, Deeks asked, "Couch or your bed?"

"Bed," Kensi led the way down the hall and into her room. Unlike the rest of the house, her bedroom was simple and organized. One wall was painted a deep brown and the other three were a calming soft blue. She had a picture of the ocean above her bed and a small TV sat on the dresser in the corner. Her bedspread was fluffy and brown with squares of blue to match the walls. Kensi paused in the doorway and Deeks looked at her with confusion evident on his face. "Deeks, I would like to change out of these jeans and brush my teeth."

Understanding washed over him, but Deeks teased, "Are you sure you don't need my help with that?"

Kensi rolled her eyes, "I will manage. Come back when I knock on the wall."

Deeks nodded and went to search out some things. Minutes later when Kensi knocked on the wall, Deeks gathered his finds and went back to her room. Nudging the door with his foot, Deeks looked at Kensi , who was pulling back her covers now wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. Setting his load at the foot of her bed, Deeks helped pull back the covers and she slid between them. Then he stacked some pillows behind her. "I brought you tea. I know you emptied your stomach earlier, but you have to try to keep something down. Just in case, that doesn't work out I found a bucket you can keep next to the bed. Now open your mouth I'm going to take your temperature."

Squinting suspiciously up at him, Kensi opened her mouth and allowed him to put the thermometer beneath her tongue. For some reason, she couldn't pull her eyes away from his stormy blue eyes and he held her gaze until the thermometer beeped, "Oh, 101! Gee, Kensi you're hotter than I even imagined."

Kensi shot him a glare, but smirked nonetheless, "Thank you, Deeks but I only feel hot temperature wise at this moment." Her eyes closed again.

Deeks circled the bed to put the bucket next to her, "You're always hot. Now what else do you…" his voice trailed off as his eyes caught sight of the picture resting on her nightstand. It was them, together a few months before. Hetty had chosen the most exquisite outfits and insisted on taking their picture. Deeks was in a black tux smiling widely with his arm around Kensi's waist. Kensi's head was tilted toward him laughing at some lame joke he had cracked right before the picture was taken. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a simple, but elegant bun. An emerald green dress hugged her every curve. Excitement coursed through Deeks, this was the only picture of people in her room and it was by her bed that had to mean something. Maybe she did feel the same way about him as she did about her.

Kensi's tired voice pulled him from his thoughts, "Do I what, Deeks?"

Clearing his throat, Deeks glanced away from the picture, "Oh uh, do you need anything?"

Her eyes opened, "I'm so cold, I have extra blankets in the hall closet."

Deeks was already out of the room looking for the best blanket for his partner. Coming back in, he draped it over her shivering body, "Okay, I will leave in peace, but first you need to take a drink of this tea."

Raising from the pillows as far as she could manage, Kensi cracked her lips open looking at Deeks expectantly. Deeks swallowed, taking care of his partner would be harder than he thought. He had never imagined that she would trust him so completely and allow him to take care of her. He lifted the cup to her lips and carefully tipped a small amount of liquid into her mouth. She fell back against the pillows eyes falling shut. At the door, Deeks said, "If you need me, knock on the wall again. I will be catching up on the top model's I have missed."

Kensi again nodded, but this time a smile played at her lips.

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