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The movie had ended a good fifteen minutes ago, but Deeks hadn't even made a move for the remote. Kensi needed her rest and the remote was across the room so Deeks would sit in silence with his thoughts. With his left hand, Deeks automatically brushed his fingers through Kensi's hair stopping at the pony tail and starting again at her forehead.

She had fallen asleep almost two hours ago and was sleeping more soundly than she had all day. Thankful that she was resting, Deeks stared straight ahead. Kensi had obviously not been herself considering the interesting tidbits that continued to sleep past her lips. When she had said his hair was perfect, Deeks had nearly let her hair fall from his hands and back to her neck. Although she had tried to use her sickness as an excuse, Deeks could tell she had been flustered. So it was true, Kensi Blye liked his hair. He felt an odd sense of pride and encouragement. That comment combined with the one about her wanting him to hold her could very well mean she had feelings for him.

Then there was the moment that she seemed embarrassed to ask him to rub her neck. They had been partners and friends for long enough for her to know he would do anything for her. Generally, she was completely comfortable with him sometimes frighteningly so. But in that instance, she had hesitated. Deeks would not even let himself hope that it was because his touch affected her, but secretly that was exactly what he hoped. Of course, Kensi had asked him eventually and he had happily obliged. Anything to help his partner return to health.

Deeks was thankful Hetty had ordered him to take care of Kensi because he hated being at OSP without her. When she was gone, he was oddly disconcerted and restless. He had a terrible time concentrating when she was sitting across from him, but when she was gone it was like he was incapable of working. Even though it was hard to keep his focus with her sitting with her pretty brown hair framing her face and her eyes studying whatever she was working on, he would manage to only risk glances while still working. Without her there, his nerves were on edge. Deeks had to be able to look up and make sure she was safe periodically so when she was gone working was out of the question.

Looking down at her pretty face resting on a pillow in his lap, Deeks couldn't help but smirk. She would kill him if she knew he was staring at her, but she was sick and sleeping. His normally smart-mouthed, sassy, tough wonder woman of a partner lay vulnerable and weak breathing rhythmically.

"Deeks, I can feel you staring," Kensi mumbled quietly without opening her eyes.

Eyes widening, Deeks answered, "You could not, you were sleeping."

Kensi shifted into a more comfortable position, "That is how intense your stare must have been."

"Okay, I admit I was looking at you, but not staring," Deeks lied and continued talking, "How did you really know?"

"You stopped rubbing my head," Kensi peeked up at Deeks through sleepy eyes to see his reaction.

He paused for a moment, but recovered quickly, "And that woke you up? Was it bothering you?"

Kensi gave him a weak smile, "No, it felt good that's why I woke up when you stopped. I missed your touch." Groaning again, Kensi put a hand over her face, "I should not have taken pain medicine, it makes me say crazy things."

"Hey, I don't mind. I like this unfiltered Kensi," Deeks grinned at her and pulled her hand away from her face, "and embarrassed Kensi is pretty cute too." He waggled an eyebrow at her to keep the mood teasing.

"Oh gosh, Deeks," Kensi rolled her eyes, "I'm anything but cute right now."

Flipping his hair out of his eyes, Deeks responded, "On the contrary, Kensi Blye you are always attractive no matter what your health is. So how are you feeling?"

Choosing to ignore his first comment even though it made her glow inside, Kensi stretched her legs out dangling her feet off the couch, "Better I think. My body still feels like I got ran over, but I'm not nauseous anymore. I have to pee," Kensi slowly sat up swinging her legs gingerly onto the floor.

"Nice and easy, Kens," Deeks tossed the pillow from his lap and stood to offer a hand to his partner.

She took it gratefully and raised to her feet. Shutting her eyes, Kensi gripped Deeks hand for balance. He moved closer to her and wrapped a steadying arm around her waist. Opening her eyes, Kensi offered Deeks a bleak smile, "Thanks. Apparently I'm still a bit lightheaded."

Dreading having to let go of her, Deeks asked, "Are ya good now?"

"Um, I think so, but would you mind staying close just in case?" Kensi did not want him to let go, but she couldn't very well just stand here all day.

Deeks' voice came out husky, "Sure." He eased back from her, but put a hand on her elbow and held her hand with the other.

Kensi's head spun and it had nothing to do with her earlier dizzy spell. His voice always affected her, but her senses seemed to be on high alert today. When they reached the bathroom door, Deeks stopped walking and she went in and shut the door. After she had used the restroom, she splashed water on her face. Kensi had to get her feelings under control.

A sudden idea burst into her head. Maybe she should be honest with Deeks. Obviously, the medicine was affecting her mouth, but it's not like she was saying anything she didn't feel. The things that kept slipping past her lips were her real feelings. Raising her arms, Kensi quickly fixed her ponytail. She would not stand in the bathroom and plan out a scenario, better just to see what happened. Noting her tired reflection in the mirror, Kensi had no idea how Deeks could continue to compliment her. Opening the door, Kensi was not surprised to see Deeks leaning up against the wall.

She smirked at him, "You didn't have to wait for me. I'm not dizzy anymore."

"Humor me," Deeks put his arm out and she linked onto his elbow letting him guide her to the couch.

She collapsed onto it and rested her head against the back, "You are too sweet."

Frowning, Deeks didn't know how to respond. Was this the fever talking? Or was she being serious? He decided he should just be honest, "Uh, I'm not sure what that means."

"You taking care of me, you are very sweet. I haven't had someone to take care of me for a long time," Kensi looked up at his blue eyes that were shrouded in confusion and hesitance.

"Well, I don't know about the first part, but it is nice to have someone to take care of…not that I have you, but you are letting me…not that you need me, but you uh maybe you shouldn't talk while you are sick," Deeks ran a hand through his hair.

Kensi smiled at him in obvious amusement and raised her hand to him. When he took it, she tugged him down next to her. "I don't know how it is possible, but you talk even more when you are confused. And I'm perfectly lucid, I think my fever broke while I was sleeping."

Putting the back of his hand against her forehead, Deeks tilted his head trying to decipher her actual temperature from the heat of touching her, "Feels normal to me. Wait, you're lucid?"

"Yes, Deeks. I'm not accidentally letting things slip right now," Kensi let her head loll to the side and rested against his shoulder.

Deeks' mouth parted just barely in understanding. Airing on the side of caution, he asked, "But earlier you didn't mean to say those things?" At Kensi's nod, he continued, "But you meant them?"

Taking a breath of courage, Kensi raised up from his shoulder and turned to look in his eyes, "Yes."

As if he was unsure what to do next, Deeks opened his mouth to speak seconds before words would actually come out, "Sorry to be dense, I'm really trying to understand."

"I get it, you don't want to jump to conclusions. And I'm telling you, Marty, you don't have to jump because I doubt you are that far from the truth," Kensi prayed she wasn't wrong about his feelings for her. He was her partner, but he was going beyond the duties of just partners while taking care of her. Massaging her legs and neck, walking her to the bathroom, getting her anything she needs, not to mention all of the touches.

Eyes lighting with understanding, Deeks teased, "You are faking your sickness just to spend time with me?"

Kensi shoved him, which was proof enough of her being sick. Her shove lacked its typical power and strength. She strained to stay sitting up straight so she could look at him.

In a serious, soft voice, Deeks asked, "You really want me to hold you and you like me taking care of you?"

"I," Kensi paused, it was now or never, "I want you to hold me and I love having you take care of me. I wasn't kidding earlier when I said I missed your touch." Stopping again, Kensi searched his eyes. He remained quiet knowing she had more to say and he obviously wanted to hear it. He was more than a partner, he was the man that she knew completed her. She saw in those stormy blue eyes of his the reflections of her heart. "Deeks, I ache for your touch and when you aren't around I feel incomplete. Earlier you said it is nice to have me to take care of and I want, need you to know that you do have me." With eyes wide, Kensi bit her lip holding her breath.

Deeks looked back and forth between those beautiful brown eyes of her and drug a knuckle across her cheek, "You have me too. Kens, when you are gone, I can't focus on anything, but thinking about you. I will hold you anytime, sick or healthy. And as far as taking care of you, nothing has ever felt so right." Sliding his hand along her jaw, Deeks smoothed his thumb over her cheekbone and moved closer to her.

Heart fluttering, Kensi could not believe she had finally admitted her feelings to him and he actually returned them. Anticipation swirled in her stomach, her body humming from his touch. Then she put her hand on his chest, "Stop," seeing his confused and hurt expression, Kensi explained, "Deeks, I'm sick."

"Does it seem like I care?"

He moved even closer to her and her breathing faltered. She had dreamed of kissing him and she longed for him to kiss her. Smiling she pushed his chest just barely, "But you are going to get whatever I have."

Deeks rolled his eyes, "Kens, I have been with you all day, I think if I'm going to get your sickness the damage is done. The kiss will just seal the deal and don't you think it will be worth it?"

Kensi bit her lip again, torn between kissing the man who held her heart and keeping him healthy.

A phone rang, Deeks groaned before clearing his throat and answering, "Deeks,"

Kensi could hear Sam on the other end, "How are you holding up with a surly sick as a bear Kensi?"

"Oh you know, she has threatened me once or twice, but otherwise she has been sleeping so I just get to use her cable," Deeks shared an amused glance with Kensi.

Callen shouted over the line, "Do you need us to give you a break from that?"

Deeks grinned, "Nah fellas, Kensi is my partner, I will tough it out." Kensi smiled and rested her head against the couch exhausted from sitting up straight.

Sam spoke again, "Let us know if you need anything."

"Will do," Deeks ended the call and turned to look at Kensi leaning against the back of the couch, "I'm guessing you are taking that ill-timed call as a sign we aren't supposed to kiss?"

Nodding, Kensi took his hand in hers, "Hey I'm disappointed too, but on the bright side I will be a much better kisser when I'm not sick."

Leaning back next to her, Deeks shrugged, "I guess I can wait a few more days." He pressed a light kiss to the top of her head.

Kensi sighed, "I have dreamed of kissing you and just you kissing my head has surpassed my dreams."

Pleased that he affected her so much, Deeks grinned, "I have my moments."

"You have a lot of moments. Now stop being all romantic and patient and pick a movie," Kensi smiled over at him as he moved to her shelf of DVDs.

Starting one, Deeks asked, "Do you need anything? How are you feeling?"

"A popsicle and much better," Kensi relaxed until he returned from the kitchen with her treat.

At the end of the movie, Deeks Kensi outside for a few minutes of fresh air. She huddled against his side against the cool breeze. Wrapping a warm, protective arm around her shoulders Deeks placed another feather light kiss on her head.

They stood together unmoving for five minutes before Deeks steered Kensi back inside. Once indoors, Deeks asked, "Okay, it's your bed time. Do you want the bed or the couch?"

"The couch, but will you stay?" Kensi asked almost shyly.

Laughing, Deeks answered, "Kens, I have been here all day, why would I leave now?"

Kensi stretched out on the couch snuggling against the back cushion and nuzzling her face into her pillow. Deeks covered her with blankets, "Do you need anything else?"

She shook her head 'no', already nodding into sleep. Kissing her cheek good night, Deeks whispered, "I'm glad you were sick today, Kens because I'm glad I have you."

Kensi smiled and gave into sleep.