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Newport City. Once a thriving seaport now is one of the most crime ridden hives in the world. It was once comparable Gotham in crime rate… except it did not have a superhero. Well, at least until recently.

A new hero stood on the roof top of the apartment complex. The vigilante's cloak fluttered in the wind, eyes glowing read, face covered by the hood of the black and blue costume. Anyone watching would shiver at the sight of him. The cowl looked off at the skyline of the bustling city, watching waiting.

"There has to be something out here," the vigilante thought out loud. "Just one thing before the weekend's through." Suddenly, a cry for help could be heard from the alleyway. "That sounds promising", the hero mused, floating above the rooftops.

"Leave me alone!" A poor woman cried. She knew how it would end: with a knife straight through her heart, but she was in denial.

"Now hold still you wretch. I'll make sure you learn your lesson this time." The sinister man with the switchblade moved closer to the young women. It was the last time she resisted. It was time to end her. Just before he was going to commit the horrifying act, he saw a tentacle slyly slip around his ankle.

"What the h-", his curse was cut short by the tentacle pulling him into the darkness of the back of the alley. The wall that the tentacle was protruding from transformed in to the same shadowy figure from the rooftops. The understandably freaked out crook recognized the hooded figure from the tabloids. "Y-y-your…"

"I'm the Nightwalker." The dark figure menacingly interrupted, before head butting the crook's head and giving him the sweet gift of unconsciousness...

When the woman opened her she saw her dark savior- the bellowing cape, the glowing eyes like hot red coals, and an air of enigma surrounding the figure- before the caped crusader vanished into the night.

It took a few minutes for the police department to arrive. The sketch artists listened to the woman's tale as the police took the would-be murderer into custody. Officer Carlos Juarez looked at the scene. "So now do you believe me, Lieutenant?" the police man asked.

Lieutenant George Grantham took the cigar out of his mouth and blew. The smoke made Juarez cough harshly. "Jeez, lighten up Juarez just a little smoke. Anyway, yeah. According to our lady friend here, this is another vigilante sighting."

Juarez looked at him curiously. "Don't you realize? Newport's got its own superhero. Just like Batman or Superman or…"

"Do you ever shut up with the superhero nonsense?" The hardened police officer shouted out of impatience. "Don't you know these 'superheroes' are just a bunch of propaganda made up by cops too lazy to do their real jobs? They're nothing but law breaking, pajama wearing freaks, and it's my civic duty as a police officer to bring them to justice!"

"How do you explain…?"

"Superpowers? Ha! There isn't even such thing as superpowers. Like bigfoot and the Lunch Ness Monster."

"Sir, its 'Loch Ness Monster'"

"I. Don't. Care!"

Juarez looked down to cover up his annoyance. Sometimes, he felt like he could strangle Grantham. He contemplated how just last week, this new hero had subdued an entire ring of smugglers, something the police could not do in years. But he knew that most of the Newport City Police Department was either dirty or just incompetent. Just knowing that he got less respect from the police chief than a stubborn man who couldn't deduce anything except where the doughnuts were located. Juarez maybe a rookie, but he knew he would never give up his city. Who knows? Maybe he would meet this 'Nightwalker' someday.

Alice Black was just an ordinary teenage girl, until she discovered the power of darkness inside her, forever turning her into… THE NIGHTWALKER!

Issue #1 Homecoming Hero

"Wake up, mistress. We have a busy day ahead of us" a caramel hair colored business woman with a dress said. As she turned on the light, she gasped to see a bunch of black tentacles come out from under the covers of her charge's bed. "MISTRESS!" she screamed in a half frightened, half angry scream.

The shadowy tendrils slid under the sheets and were absorbed into the young lady named Alice Black protruding them. She was fifteen at oldest, and with her blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, she did not seem like the kind of person that tentacles would be protruding out of. She yawned and replied, slurring her words "wha? Imup, imup." She got out of bed and noticed the holes on both sides of her pink and blue pajamas. Man, she thought. I like those kitty pajamas too.

"Well get ready. Today is Monday, and we can't have you be late for school." Mrs. Camilla, Alice's caretaker, said in an annoyed tone. She then left Alice on her bed to sulk over the loss of her kitty pajamas.

Alice Black thought about the black tentacles on the school bus. That nightmare… I had it again. She thought bitterly. It was always the same nightmare: she would see her loving parents have their skins ripped away with skeletons and bone underneath. Then some evil clowns with wicked faces, followed by a conversation a mysterious voice in the darkness.

"Why are you scared?" the voice would ask. "Why are you scared?"

"Hey Sweet Stuff! What's up?" a cheerful voice asked. Alice smiled as she saw one her friends. Jack's dark brown hair always stood up on end, and his dry smile always made Alice less brooding.

"Hey, Jack. Did you get the info?

"Oh yeah. The she thought she could get away with it, but nobody hides the truth from Jack Reynolds, ace reporter!"


"What? I thought it sounded cool."

"It sounds dorky Jack…" Alice tried to hold back her laugh. Jack may be full of himself, but somewhere under that ego, he really was an awesome reporter. And as the president of the Newspaper Club, Alice knew that this made him an invaluable member. "C'mon," she said. "That story won't get itself told."

Mandolin Chase was not happy. Her classes had not been satisfactory, her new shoes did not fit her, and the school's newspaper just published something that could ruin her chances of becoming Homecoming Queen. In her high heels, she swaggered down the hallway of East End High School to Room 2004, where she saw a petite girl with glasses typing in front of a computer screen. The little girl's raven colored hair constantly got in her face, causing her to brush it aside every once and a while.

"Martha!" Mandolin screeched.

Martha looked up at Mandolin and immediately shrank. "Eep," she said softly.

Mandolin growled. "I ought to strangle you right now for publishing this." She put down a newspaper that showed Mandolin harassing and bullying several kids at school. "You are going to pay for costing me my title of Homecoming Queen! You are going to beg for mercy or I'll…"

"Or you'll what?" Jack asked as he and Alice walked into the room. "Act like a mental case again?"

"I am nothing like you… you… freaks!" Mandolin said snootily.

"You're right. You're nothing like us. You're worse." Alice looked at her coldly. "If I recall, you're the only person I know who consistently visits the school therapist as well as a professional psychologist, yet hasn't gotten less crazy in over a year. You think you're better than everyone else, but really that's just your big honkin' ego. This," Alice pointed to the newspaper, "is your wakeup call."

Mandolin stormed out, cursing under her breath.

Jack sighed. "Man what a bi- uh I mean bad person. Umm…" he looked at Martha. "So, are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm… fine. I just got finished typing up my history report. So, um, Jack, I uhhhh, was w-wondering ifyouweregoingtoHomecoming." She nervously began to smile.

Jack looked at her puzzled, and then realized what she said and replied. "Of course I'm going. With a hot girl! And by hot, I mean H-O-T hot, baby!" Jack began rush out. "Speaking of which, she wanted to see me right now. Oh boy! Can't be late!" Jack rushed out in a frenzy.

Jack Reynolds, Ace Reporter, Agent Oblivious, and Captain Clueless all in one. What a multitalented guy, Alice thought sarcastically, noticing her best friend's plight. "C'mon Martha, cheer up. He'll come around to you."

"I wish!" Martha sighed, burrowing her face in her hands. "He dates practically every girl in school, yet doesn't notice me. I must be invisible. Either that, or unattractive."

"Don't get down. You just haven't made an effort to get him to notice you. At the Homecoming Dance, when Jack's date inevitably turns him down you go in and sweep him off his feet. I'll be your wingman- er wing girl. What do ya say?"

Martha grinned. "Wow, thanks Alice!" She hugged Alice with such force, it almost knocked her over.

"Not fair, not fair, NOT FAIR!" shrieked Mandolin after school in the courtyard. She was frustrated. They were all the same. Her parents, her psychologists, the school therapist, and now the retarded Newspaper Club, they all were the same. Putting labels like "delusions of grandeur", "textbook narcissist", or just "freak". Huh, she thought. As if those peons have the right to call her things like that. They're the freaks, not me. They are!

What's wrong with that girl? Said a different voice in her head.

Mandolin's eyes widened. Had she… just heard a guy's voice in her head?

Man, I'm going to be late. Coach is going to kill me…

I like chocolate pie…

God, I can't believe I took that dare…

Mandolin heard the voices in her head. Voices of other people, people around her. No, no their voices. Their thoughts. Mandolin clutched her head. The voices would not shut up. They wouldn't be quiet. They drowned out her thoughts. She needed calm. She needed peace. She needed…

"QUIET!" Mandolin shrieked.

Suddenly, the voices stopped. All heads turned towards her. She saw the blank expressions on their face: the slacked jaws, the zombie-like eyes, everything. In one voice, they cried out "YES, MASTER."

Mandolin backed away, losing concentration. In doing so, the students of the courtyard went back to their business, as if nothing had happened. It took a few seconds to connect the dots in her brain. I… I have powers. She thought. Real superpowers, the power to make anybody do whatever I want. She smiled wickedly. Maybe I will be Homecoming Queen. Scratch that, I could be the greatest queen in the history of queens. This year's Homecoming is going to be the best one yet!

So what if she was a freak. She was still better than them. They'll see.